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    Spritiual Reading: How Can it Help You?

    Spiritual readings can help reveal a unique perspective which can release your worries and increase your sense of well-being.

    Readings can convey messages which may raise a person’s spiritual awareness and help them obtain spiritual guidance.

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    Many of us believe to achieve success requires relentless hard work and intense ambition.

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success outlines such desperate measures aren’t necessary.

    Rather personal success can come from an understanding of basic nature as human beings and how to follow the laws of nature; once we comprehend and apply these laws to our life, anything can be created just like in nature.

    What is Spiritual reading?

    Spiritual readings provide intuitive guidance and clarity assisting you in personal growth and empowerment.

    They can lead to you finding inner truths and help you move your life forward.

    This is commonly known as a ‘spiritual awakening’ where we question our beliefs, habits and social conditioning.

    As part of the process of ‘spiritual awakening’ we must deal initially with spiritual depression.

    Spiritual depression can be a time of confusion, alienation and great unhappiness in your life, possibly emerging from a breakup, divorce, death or illness.

    You will find free spiritual readings online and by browsing you can find spiritual readers near your locality.

    What Can You Expect from A Spiritual Reading?

    Spiritual readings are generally more interactive than psychic readings as they offer better insights about your inner self.;

    In forming a bridge to the spiritual realm some spiritual readers use mediumship, while others rely on psychic intuition for guidance and direction.

    The laws of the spirit world state there are seven realms of existence in the spiritual domain.

    With the first three realms said to be like a hell, where people with bad karma exist, while realm four is like earth where a human begins his journey and his good or bad deeds here will decide whether he his lifted to the upper realms 5, 6, 7 which are heavenly or will go to the lower realms after he dies.

    Some readers also see themselves as a prophet from God to spread the word of the holy spirit and his gifts through spiritual reading.

    How can a reading help me?

    The spiritual guidance you receive during a spiritual reading identifies your inner truths and this insight is a valuable tool to help move your life forward.

    A spiritual reading will help you focus more on ethics and empowerment rather than just day-to-day problems like love or your career.

    There are also many spirituality self-help books which can aid your spiritual awakening and free spiritual help online which can guide your spiritual development.

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

    The seven spiritual laws are powerful principles which can lead to emotionally healthy spirituality.

    The Law of Pure Potentiality

    The law of pure potentially states that the core of our being is awareness, this realm of pure potentiality heralds the infinite qualities within us, this law can be practiced using meditation and silently witnessing the intelligence within each being.

    The Law of Giving

    As everything in the universe operates through dynamic exchange, the law of giving and receiving is based on this fact.

    All relationships are one of giving and taking as giving and receiving are different aspects of the low energy of the universe, you can keep wealth circulating by giving and receiving through care, affection and appreciation.

    The Law of Karma

    The Law of Karma states ‘every action generates a reaction’, a force of energy which can return to us in like kind.

    Negative actions can lead to suffering while positive actions lead to joy and happiness.

    Upon dying a soul will not have worked out all their karma, so the law tells us he or she cannot cease to exist, which leads to reincarnation.

    The Law of Least Effort

    This law is the acceptance of events, people and situations as they occur, taking responsibility for your situation, while relinquishing the need to defend your viewpoint.

    The Law of Attention and Desire

    The law of attention and desire states within the human mind desire is the starting point of all achievement, attraction and manifestation leading to fulfilment. It is important to make a list of desires.

    The Law of Detachment

    In simple terms do not force solutions, uncertainty is essential, and solutions will emerge, bringing a path to freedom.

    The Law of Dharma

    The law of dharma outlines you should seek your higher self and find spiritual enlightenment, helping you find your unique talents to serve others leading to a life of inner peace.

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    Main Topics for a Spiritual Reading:

    There are many different topics available when it comes to a spiritual reading, these topics will be offered as part of a reading by providers in your locality or online.

    Channeling with your deceased loved ones

    The practice of psychic channeling is where the channelers body is taken over by a spirit which can be of a loved one for the purpose of communication and to relay loving and informative messages to you.

    Heart Reading

    Heart reading helps to improve all relationships such as between a husband and wife with children or in the work environment.

    This is the direct line to the truth inside the heart, it can tell if a person is a suitable partner in love or business,;

    Spirit Guides and Angels

    A spirit guide is a soul which has been chosen to guide you throughout your life, most will be with you from birth known as the primary guide or some arrive during your life possibly in times of hardship.

    While angels tend to guide you and protect you during life changing situations, generally we have two guardian angels in the spirit world.

    A reader can contact angels and spirit guides during a reading, the primary guides voice should be familiar to you and will be the main voice heard.

    Crossing Over Ghosts

    A reading can also involve crossing over ghosts, when a person dies their journey is said to involve a crossing over to see the light.

    Some may not be willing to cross over, as they don’t feel deserving possibly due to spiritual depression, a reading may be able to help these spirits to cross over.

    Past Lives

    As part of a spiritual reading delving into your past lives can help current or future decisions, problem situations may be connected to a past life and lessons can be learnt and overcome.

    Lessons Learned

    During life we may find ourselves in the same situations and relationships, not learning from past experiences.

    Spiritual readings allow you learn the intended lesson and grow from it.

    Long Distance Healing

    During a spiritual reading you may come across a known spirit who is in a dark place with cloudy thoughts, a reader may be able to perform ‘long distance healing’ to help this spirit.

    Clearing out negative energies from the home

    A spirit who may not have crossed over can linger in your home, they feel they have unfinished business with you, readings can help clear negative energy from the home.

    Ways You Can Receive a Spiritual Reading:

    One to One Consultation

    One to one is the most preferred method of spiritual reading for psychics, a reading can take place in your home or workplace or at a neutral venue.

    Group Spiritual Reading

    Generally, group readings take place in churches or large auditoriums, a psychic will choose people randomly from the audience, passing on spiritual messages to that person.

    Telephone Spiritual Reading

    Readings can also be performed over the phone you can make an appointment via the providers online website.

    A professional psychic will get his message across clearly and succinctly, you may be charged by the minute and it is worth having a pad and pen handy to take notes.

    Online Spiritual Reading

    There are many online spiritual readers available, a reading will take place over Skype or similar video link, appointments can be setup through the providers website.


    Channeling readings can take place on a one to one basis, in a group or workshop and even sometimes through written correspondence.

    Spiritual Tarot Reading

    Tarot readings  be given in person, via skype or by online chat, they have become very popular as a tool for exploring one’s spirituality.

    Spiritual Books and Other Material

    There are many self-spiritual reading books on the market which can guide you towards spiritual awakening, there are also many free online spiritual guidance articles.

    Free Spiritual reading:

    Free online spiritual reading can be found normally as part of a provider’s trial service, as with any spiritual service it is always worthwhile to do your research.

    My Conclusion:

    A spiritual reading can be a very uplifting experience helping to bring clarity, insight and empowerment to help you see the path ahead.

    Following the seven spiritual laws of success can help you attract a life of fulfilment and harmony and there are many self-spiritual reading books available in stores or online

    An online spiritual reading may help awaken your spirit!