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    How COVID-19 Is Pushing Palm Reading Online

    Due to today’s pandemic, many people are turning to online psychic readings, including palmistry.

    Some people think that palm readings can only be carried out in person.

    However, many practitioners have switched to virtual platforms to read palms via intelligent software, with no contact necessary.

    Before we delve deeper into this, let’s look at the history of palmistry and how it works.

    What Is Palmistry?

    Palmistry or chiromancy is an ancient divination practice stemming from India. It also has roots in China, Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Tibet. Every culture has its unique method and belief system they follow when practicing palmistry.

    This mystical art is mainly focused on your hands. Psychics determine your past, present, and future based on the shape of your hand, quality of the skin, finger length, and lines.

    The fundamental principle of palmistry lies in the belief that your hands are the signature of the supreme creator. They’re an ever-changing masterpiece that you’re born with and they constantly transform depending on the path you take.

    Why Are More People Turning To Online Palm Readings?

    Right now the psychic industry is experiencing a tremendous boom, with many seeking answers to their most pressing questions. Whether it’s about finance, relationship, or health - more of us are turning to psychics for help, palm readers included.

    A palm reading can offer the guidance, clarity, and empowerment you need to move forward. Luckily, palm reading online has gained popularity with the development of new software. All you do is take a snapshot of your palms and send them to the reader. They’ll then study the image and create a detailed report based on what they see.

    In-person readings are generally preferred by most psychics, especially palm readers, although online readings are easily available during these tough times. 

    Benefits Of A Palm Reading

    A palm reading session holds many benefits that help answer questions you may have, some of which might include:

    • Decision-making: When faced with a big decision, chiromancy can offer more confidence in the decision-making process
    • Personality traits: Your hands carry two different readings. One relating to the traits you’re born with and the path you’re meant to follow, whereas the second reading shows how much your life has changed, leading to alternative paths forming in your future. Nothing is set in stone, and the same relates to palmistry. You may even notice new lines or grooves appearing on your palms - often relating to life changes
    • Finding your purpose: We’re all looking for a purpose in our life, and a palm reading helps to uncover your inherent traits that lead to your destiny
    • Gain insight: During chiromancy, the practitioner will outline your weakness, strengths, and fears. Knowing more about your personality will highlight the changes that you must make in order to build a more fulfilling life
    • Move forward: The current circumstances are leaving many of us confused about the next step to take. Therefore, online reading can empower you enough to make the necessary changes. Chiromancy reminds you that life goes on, even during a global pandemic, so, you must continue to have ambitions and work towards your aspirations

    Where Can I Get An Online Palm Reading?

    In-person palm readings are widely available. However, if it’s your first time and you’re feeling nervous or if you’re facing pandemic restrictions, then a palm reading online is a good choice to consider. They’re easy to carry out and require little effort on your part.

    Fortunately, many online platforms feature credible palm readers that are ready to help you. These include MysticSense, Keen, Psychic Source, and Kasamba.

    These websites are home to experienced psychics who are highly skilled in many fields such as astrology, tarot, and so forth. You have the option of live calls or even a simple chat, depending on your comfort level and preference.


    With so many things going on in the world, an online palm reading could be just what you need to gain more clarity about your life.

    Whether it’s about your finances, family, health, destiny, or relationships, you’ll be able to gain more perspective on burning questions.

    An experienced reader will provide you with the guidance and empowerment you need to move forward.

    However, it’s important to remember that no matter what you hear, you’re in charge of your destiny and can make the changes necessary to alter your path.