Finding the Best Psychic For You

Various individuals and websites are offering all kinds of supernatural advice and psychic services. Our mission is to help users find the best psychics providing services matching their needs. We do so so that users can save time, get the best service, and avoid scams.

Are you short on time, or know exactly what you’re looking for in a psychic website? Our dedicated team at has provided a table of our ten best psychic website picks, and we even give you a great rundown of the best features of each website. Take a look through the table to find our best picks for sites that offer things such as online love readings, religious readings, spiritual readings, and more. Many of these sites come with excellent customer support, many years of experience, money-back guarantees, and even some free time for your first session!

Our 10 Best Picks Of Psychic Websites

  • 5 free min. for 1st. session
  • Diverse readings available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Best Love Readings online
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  • Sign-up code: 25308
  • $0.66 per min. + 3 min. FREE
  • 325 of psychics available
  • 30 Years of experience
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  • 3 free min. for 1st. session
  • Love Forecast 2021
  • Refund possible
  • Religious Reading
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  • $10 Deals For 10-20 Minutes
  • Free 3-Minutes with any Psychic
  • Over 3000 Psychics to Choose From
  • Largest Online Community
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  • Frequent Sales With 50% Discount
  • Over 700 Psychics to Choose From
  • 85.5% Prediction Accuracy, Rated by Our Users
  • Live Sessions Via Texting or Video
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  • Money-back guarantee
  • Psychic avaible 24/7
  • Very acurate horoscope
  • Good spiritual readings
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  • 80% Off Your First Reading!
  • Offering Psychic Readings Since 1995
  • Psychics Available 24/7 via App or Phone
  • Toll Free Phone Numbers Available
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  • A free trial for registering
  • Free online chat with psychics
  • Awards program
  • Available 24/7
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  • Loyalty discounts
  • Psychic screening process
  • Best for career and finance psychics
  • Free session playback
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  • Large list of available psychics
  • Great tarot readings
  • Huge portfolio of psychic articles
  • Variety of free readings and trial offers
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What Are Psychics And How They Can Help Me?

So, we’re sure that some of you are new to the world of psychics and psychic readings. We at are here to help! So what is a psychic, exactly? Well, a psychic can be many different things. However, overall, a psychic is in tune with the supernatural world and can glean information from the universe that most normal people have no idea even exists. They can channel the forces at work from otherworldly sources and use that information to help guide you through whatever troubles you have, find the answers you seek or guide you down the true path that is meant for you. 

A psychic can help you delve deeper into your own feelings, grant insight into your life path through your horoscope, or even help you connect with loved ones who have passed away. Psychics can help you see the positive side of things, give you ways to prepare for, and inspire you to live a better life, find your life’s purpose, or bring you closure and peace of mind, even. No matter your place in life, a psychic can definitely help you in some way!

Best Online Psychics

How To Decide Between Different Types Of Psychics?

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to work with a psychic and get a reading, the next step is figuring out what kind of psychic will work best for you. There are several different types of psychics, and they all have other processes for doing readings, and all offer different types of insight. 

To decide just what type of psychic will work for you, our team at suggests that you first determine what you’re looking to get out of your psychic reading and then narrow your choices to trusted psychics that offer those services. A horoscope reading can give you insight into your future based on the relative position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth. 

A tarot card reading can help provide guidelines to help you make decisions about your future, whereas a love reading can help you through a turbulent time in your relationship or help you find your true love. Past life regression uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or reincarnations, and chakra realignment can bring your mind and body back into balance with the universe. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a psychic that can help.

Types of Psychics

Visiting A Psychic vs. Getting An Online Psychic Reading

When you think of getting a psychic reading, many people envision a woman dressed in flowing robes, hovering over a crystal ball, with candles and whatnot scattered throughout the room. Thanks to the internet, getting a reading without going through the theatrics of some in-person psychics is readily available to everyone! 

Seeing a psychic in person can be a truly remarkable experience, but there are some downfalls. Especially now, it can be challenging to get an appointment in person when you need one, and instead, you’ll end up waiting weeks or months for the answers you’re seeking. Online psychic readings are much more available and accessible and are just as accurate as meeting with an in-person psychic, medium, clairvoyant, or fortune teller.

The best online psychics are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get the answers you seek in real-time and not have to wait for an appointment to become available. Also, readings over the phone, video call, or online chat are far less intimidating and fearful than in-person meetings, so you’ll have a much easier time being entirely honest with your psychic and get the most out of your reading.

Psychic Reading

How To Find A Good Psychic?

You’ve decided what kind of psychic you want and what you’re looking for out of your psychic reading. The next step is finding an excellent psychic. We have spent a great deal of time researching just what you should look for in a psychic and the most important factors you should consider.

  • Know What You’re Looking For - We know it goes without saying, and we’ve covered this already, but we can’t stress it enough. To get the best experience out of your psychic reading, it pays off to know what you want in your psychic. Before you choose one, understanding your needs will help you get the most satisfaction out of your reading.
  • Beware of Things That Seem Too Good to Be True - When looking for a psychic, we firmly believe that you need to find an honest, trustworthy individual. Look out for psychics that make grandiose promises to get you to commit to a reading.
  • Read Reviews - Online reviews are one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re getting a good product, whether you’re buying an item online or looking for a psychic. It pays to check out your chosen psychic online and read reviews about them to understand just what you’re getting for your money.

The 10 Best Psychic Websites

#1 Mystic Sense - Best for Angel Card Readings

Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense offers an incredibly diverse variety of readings for you to choose from. They provide phone readings, video call readings, and chat readings, so you can connect in whatever way suits you. One of their specialties is being rated as one of the best online love reading websites available. Their plans range from $0.99 to $10.00 per minute depending on your chosen psychic, psychics can be sorted by price or rating, and they offer five free minutes for your first session.

  • Site available 24/7
  • Set the length of your chat before you start
  • Pick your psychic from an extensive list
  • Only online chats
  • Your psychic may not be available 24/7

Bitwine Psychics site is easy to maneuver around and simple to navigate. With the large number of psychics offered and their great pricing, they’re an excellent start for someone looking to get an initial reading.

Want to know more? Read our in-depth Mystic Sense Review.Mystic Sense

#2 Psychic Source - Best for Cartomancy

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is one of the most trusted online websites for psychic readings, with many trusted psychics available and many years of experience. They offer almost every kind of service you could ask for in a psychic. Psychic Source offers online, video, and live phone readings. One of the big draws for Psychic Source is their flat $0.66 per minute rate, and when you sign up for one of the offered value packages, you can get 3 minutes free.

  • Pricing
  • Number of available psychics
  • Sign-up code: 25308
  • 30 years of experience
  • Too many choices
  • Some have less experience

Psychic Source is one of the most trusted websites for psychic readings for a reason, and it’s been proven by their longevity. We think they’re a great option, and the price is a huge selling point.

Need more info? Find out how we reviewed and rated this brand in our Psychic Source Review.

Try Psychic Source

#3 Kasamba - Best for Astrology


Kasamba pairs expert psychics of all abilities with anyone that’s seeking out guidance. With a three-minute free trial, you can learn all you need to about your chosen professional with that all-important first impression; and this applies to every new psychic that you choose. Between career struggles and love and relationships, you’ll find answers to all your problems here.

  • A wide selection of psychic readings
  • Valuable discounts and free minutes 
  • Detailed profiles
  • Substantial difference in prices between psychics

Kasamba has been providing much-needed guidance online for over 20 years, making it one of the first choices for reliable support out there. With such a wide selection of psychic specialties available, you’ll find everything you need in one place.

More details needed? Visit our Kasamba Review and see how we tested and rated this leading psychic brand.


#4 Bitwine - Best for Spiritual Coaching


Bitwine Psychics offers access to experienced, accurate, and knowledgeable astrologers, tarot readers, and medium psychics. They give access to some of the world’s most gifted psychics and clairvoyants. Bitwine offers online chats with top psychics starting at $0.50 per minute, usually only up to $3.00 according to their site, and once you’ve chosen your psychic, they’re yours.

  • Site available 24/7
  • Set the length of your chat before you start
  • Pick your psychic from an extensive list
  • Only online chats
  • Your psychic may not be available 24/7

Bitwine Psychics site is easy to maneuver around and simple to navigate. With the large number of psychics offered and their great pricing, they’re an excellent start for someone looking to get an initial reading.

Still not convinced? Check out our Bitwine Review and find out why we recommend this brand.


#5 Keen Psychics - Best for Horoscopes

Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is the perfect place to look when you’re searching for advice on love, relationships, or spiritual readings. Not only do they offer readings for love and relationships, but they also provide general psychic readings, tarot readings, and spiritual readings. Their main pricing plans run from $1.99-$9.99 a minute. Keen also offers a money-back guarantee and offers online and phone readings.

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Psychics available 24/7
  • Very accurate horoscope
  • Good Spiritual Readings
  • Not all psychics available all the time
  • No video chat option
  • Limited Bilingual Advisors

Overall, Keen Psychics have been around for over 20 years and have stuck around this long for a reason. They’re a great place to go if you know exactly what you’re looking for and don’t mind spending a bit of time searching for it.

Want to know more? Find out all necessary info about available psychic services, readings, prices and more in our Keen Psychics Review.


#6 California Psychics - Best for Love Readings

California Psychics

California Psychics has been around for over 25 years and is one of the leading sites for horoscope readings. We’ve also found they have a great vetting process for their top psychics, making them extremely trustworthy. Their best american psychics are available by phone or chat. They also offer tarot readings, love readings, astrology readings, dream analysis, and much more. Each psychic sets their own price, and those range from $1 to $10 per minute.

  • A large variety of psychics
  • Bonus rewards program
  • Many years of experience
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Only available by phone or chat
  • No free trial

California Psychics is rated one of the most accurate horoscope readers out there, and their american psychics are top-reviewed. Overall, they’re a great choice if you’re looking to get a reading of what the stars have in store for you.

More info needed? Read our research and opinion about this brand in a comprehensive California Psychic Review.

California Psychics

#7 Oranum - Best for Tarot Reading


Oranum is one of the leading online sources for tarot readings. Oranum offers chat, webcam, and email readings for its users. They also offer sound healing, numerology readings, palm readings, dream interpretation, and many other services. Many of the best psychics available on their site offer from 2-5 minutes free and prices range from $1-$10 per minute.

  • Extensive range of languages available
  • 24/7 access to psychics
  • Psychics can share original content on their pages
  • No phone readings
  • No satisfaction guarantees

Oranum’s tarot readings are by and far one of the best in the business, and they’ve become a worldwide source for psychic readings. If you’re looking for a tarot reading for guidance in your life, we recommend their site.

Want to know more? Get a honest overview of this brand in our Oranum Review.


#8 AskNow Psychics - Best for Cheap Psychic Readings


Asknow Psychics is known as one of the leading sites offering both online and especially phone readings. One of the perks of Asknow Psychics is that their experts are specialized in essential readings only. They provide tarot readings, astrology, energy healing, spirit guides, love and relationship readings, and dream analysis. Their prices range from $3.99 to $13.99 per minute, which can be a bit pricey, but they’re worth it for the money, and you can get 5 minutes free as a new user.

  • Great filter options
  • Five free minutes
  • Great online reviews
  • No video or email readings
  • Limited search functions

If you’re looking for a specific type of reading, Asknow Psychics is the first place you should start looking. With their tiered level psychics, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.AskNow

#9 7th Sense Psychics - Best for Career Psychics

7th Sense Psychics

If you’re searching for spiritual guidance on life, love, and relationships, 7th Sense Psychics is the first place you should look. Their readings by top psychics in the realms of the heart are unparalleled. They offer tarot readings and horoscopes as well. 7th Sense Psychics offers readings over the phone or via chat online. They offer tiered pricing based on what plan level you sign up for, and you can get your first 7 minutes for just $7! 

  • Free session playback
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Psychic screening and vetting process
  • Plans can be pricey

More info needed? Visit our 7th Sense Psychics Review and find out what we liked about this popular psychic brand.

7th Sense Psychics

#10 Trusted Tarot - Best for Tarot Love Reading

Trusted Tarot

Trusted Tarot is the self-proclaimed leader in online tarot reading. It is one of, if not the only online site that uses real tarot cards for every reading. They offer live tarot readings for $1.80-$4.50 per minute and have many different tarot resources online. They even provide free tarot readings through an online portal.

  • Free tarot readings through the portal
  • Free online resources
  • Hand-shuffled real tarot cards
  • Very few live tarot readers to choose from

Trusted Tarot is a phenomenal source for anything tarot related that you seek. We especially love the free tarot reading portal, as it’s a quick way to glean insight into your life quickly and at no cost.

Trusted Tarot

5 Tips How To Prepare For A Psychic Session 

Our best tips for preparing for your psychic session:

  • Do Your Research - No matter what top rated psychic websites you decide to use, make sure you spend some time researching the psychic you choose by reading their bio on the website, what types of readings are their specialty, and any reviews posted about them.
  • Honesty Is the Best Policy - Make sure you’re honest with your psychic. If the psychics don’t know exactly what you’re going through, how can they give you an accurate reading?
  • Know your Expectations - You need to understand what you’re looking for in your reading and let your psychic know what you want to get out of it.
  • Write your Questions Down - In the days before your reading, write down any questions you want answered, so you’re not scrambling during your session.
  • Sometimes the Truth Hurts - Be prepared for some of what you learn from your reader not to be what you expected or wanted to hear. Sometimes those truths can be brutal to hear, so prepare for that ahead of time.

What Are Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them?

As is the case with almost anything you encounter today, there’s always a possibility of the person on the other end of the line being a con man, just waiting for someone to take advantage of. Our team wants to make sure that you are not only 100% happy with the online psychic you choose but that you don’t run into something that will cost you extra money for nothing in the end. 

Be on the lookout for broad or generalized statements in what is called “cold readings” that can apply to almost anyone, such as “I see you’ve just lost someone” or “I see you’re going through a difficult time right now.” These cons will try and keep you coming back time and again for more of their “insightful” words, bleeding you dry without actually helping you with anything. 

Another commonly-used scam is curse removal. A phony psychic will keep you coming back, learning more and more about you until their guesses are more than just educated. They’ll gain your trust, then say they feel you have a curse on you and offer to remove it for a large fee. By keeping vigilant with the information you give and looking out for these scam techniques, you can save yourself and your pocketbook safely in the online world of psychic readings.

Trusted Psychics

Bottom Line

The goal of any psychic is always to make sure you’re happy with your reading and gain real insight into your life during your time with them. Make sure you search out a psychic that’s a great fit for you and what you’re looking to learn about yourself and your life and make sure that you keep your eyes and ears open for signs of being scammed. Lastly, it’s never a bad idea to install a great antivirus software when doing any kind of live or chat-based online activity, such as psychic readings. You can find the best antivirus software for your needs with us.

To sum up, our #1 recommended psychic site is Mystic Sense

Read Mystic Sense's Review | Visit Site | See All Our Psychic Reviews


1. How does a psychic reading work?

Your psychic will work with you using objects, tarot cards, or by tuning into your energy to find perspective into your life and will talk with you about what they’re thinking, feeling, and seeing in relation to you and your questions.

2.  Can psychic readings online be trusted?

Most definitely, they can be! Many people have had tremendous success with their online readings and have gained great personal insight from their readings. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s any less insightful.

3. How to find the best psychics online?

Start with checking reviews and using our website, It will help you search for trusted online psychics. Many are backed by money-back or satisfaction guarantees, as well.

4. Can I get a psychic reading for free?

While some websites offer free psychic readings, many only provide a certain number of minutes for free before you have to pay for your time.

5. Which type of psychic reading is best for me?

The type of psychic reading that’s best for you is entirely determined by what you’re looking to get out of your reading. By spending time on our website looking through the different types and kinds of readings, you’ll determine what’s best for your situation.

6. What should I ask during a psychic reading?

You can ask anything and everything! Good things to start with are the problems that are genuinely at the forefront of your mind but don’t forget to write down questions before your reading and anything you think of during or afterward in case you decide to have another reading.