Make Meaningful Psychic Connections With Our Oranum Review

Oranum is an interesting choice for those on the search for online psychics as it is one of the only services out there that offers a free trial chat with your chosen psychic. The Oranum free credits make the site ideal for anyone new to the world of psychics since you can try any of the advisors out risk free.

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    A free reading isn’t all Oranum has on offer though, and in this review, we’ll take a look at the services on offer and some of the key pros and cons of using the site.

    Oranum Available Readings: In Detail

    As well as offering an Oranum free reading, the site has a pool of hundreds of psychics to choose from. A whole host of services and readings are available and you’re sure to find dozens of psychics who specialize in the type of psychism you’re looking for. If you’re new and unsure what type of reading you’d like, Oranum lets you quickly find what you’re looking for with a handy list of categories to choose from.

    If that wasn’t enough to get started with, you could dip your toe in the water and try the Oranum daily horoscope, a free service provided via the Oranum blog. If you like the sound of the readings there, you can go ahead and book a free trial chat with a psychic of your choice.

    As well as common readings you might find on similar sites, like tarot reading, astrology, and dream interpretation, you can also request psychic rituals, numerology readings, and sound healing. Sound healing is an interesting choice that isn’t available on a lot of other competitor sites. It’s a form of reading that uses vibrations, like when tuning forks and gongs, to relax the mind and body and to restore the spirit.

    Another unique service on offer is coffee readings. Here the psychic will interpret the leftover coffee grounds in a cup to predict potential futures.

    The free chat is one more reliable feature. It’s clear on the site when a psychic is online and you can join their chat room for free, and they’re available to answer questions and chat freely with others in the chat room. You can then choose to move into a private chat for a reading, the paid-for service.

    If you’re looking for a reading from the best psychic on Oranum, this is made easy too. It lists out the top 100 psychics at any one time based on ratings, skills, and the site’s points system. What’s more, the awards Oranum gives out are a clear sign that a psychic has been doing this for a long time.

    Oranum has a host of blogs and articles you can read to introduce you to various psychic readings, so if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, you can browse through the love horoscopes and learn more about how each type of reading works, for example.

    Once you’ve chosen your psychic and the type of reading you'd like, it’s really easy to get in touch. Simply see who is online right now, jump into the chat room and see if they’re available. Alternatively, if they’re offline, you can check their calendar and look to book an appointment in advance.

    Oranum Available Readings

    Angel card readings

    Angels and other spiritual beings will guide the psychic to the answers to your questions and divine your potential futures.


    Using your zodiac sign, this reading will predict possible futures following the movements of the stars and planets. Why not check out your free love horoscope tomorrow to see if it’s accurate for you?.

    Career and finance readings

    Whenever you’re unsure of an important career decision or find yourself in financial trouble, the psychic will attempt to guide you through it.


    You can speak directly with channeled spirits, sharing messages.


    The best clairvoyants can see the multiple futures that are laid out for and can help guide you. 

    Coffee readings

    This form is the interpretation of leftover coffee grounds to map out potential futures.

    Contacting deceased loved ones

    For those who are bereaved, the psychic will attempt to contact lost loved ones to pass on messages of love and support from the other side.

    Dream interpretation

    Your dreams are a window into your subconscious. Dream interpretation will tell you the messages they’re trying to send to you.


    If you’re in emotional pain, an empath can help absorb negative emotions.

    Finding lost objects

    If you’ve lost something valuable, the psychic will help you retrieve it.

    Love and relationship readings

    We all worry about love and relationships so who wouldn’t want a little guidance? Bring your questions to the psychic and they’ll see what the future may hold.


    By using your birth date as a starting point, the numerologist will map out the significant connections of these numbers to dates and events in your future.

    Pet readings

    This reading will help you communicate with your pet and understand what they’re trying to tell you.

    Psychic rituals

    These rituals can range from healing and energy renewal to general predictions of the future. This will depend on what the psychic is skilled in and the type of tools they use.

    Sound healing

    By using vibrations from meditation bells, tuning forks, and Tibetan singing bowls, the psychic will restore your energy and spirit.

    Spirit guide readings

    We all have a spirit guide. They aim to protect and guide us each day. Unfortunately, some are more attuned to their spirit guide than others. In this reading, the psychic will attempt a connection with your spirit guide to pass on messages.

    Tarot readings

    Through the interpretation of a deck of cards faced with a number of images, the psychic will guide you to possible futures.

    What I think of Oranum 

    Oranum makes things incredibly easy to quickly connect with a psychic and get the reading of your choice. It has one of the biggest pools of psychics out there,, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to find a reading of your choice.

    The free trial means sign up is risk free. When registering, you get $9.99 in free credits that you can use on your chosen psychic. However, this may go further with some psychics than others. Each psychic sets their own rates and you might find $9.99 only gets you a couple of minutes to chat with some of the more premium psychics on the site.

    This is also one of the few downsides of the site. You must purchase blocks of credits, rather than simply paying by the minute. Plus, you may find yourself in a situation mid-chat with a psychic where your credit suddenly runs out. So, keep an eye on how many credits you have available.

    Another downside is the lack of transparency in the screening process. Psychics sign up via the Oranum psychic center and it promises that anyone can start performing readings very quickly. These risks are mitigated, though, by the number of reviews the psychics have alongside the reward system Oranum operates. However, as with any similar site, you should take care when picking a professional.

    Oranum doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee but it does offer a resolution process where you can get in touch via email or the website if you’d like to discuss a dispute over a bad reading.

    Oranum Pros & Cons


    • A free trial just for registering
    • Free online chat with psychics via chat rooms
    • A huge pool of psychics to choose from and available the world over in multiple languages
    • Psychics have their own walls to share content giving a social media feel
    • An awards program where the users vote for their favorite psychics
    • Available 24/7, you’re guaranteed to find psychics online any time


    • You can only purchase blocks of credit as opposed to time per minute
    • The website can sometimes be a little difficult to navigate and find the FAQs
    • Unclear screening process
    • No satisfaction guarantee

    My conclusion Of Oranum 

    Overall, Oranum is a great site to get a reading from. They have psychics from all over the world operating in multiple languages and each advisor has their own personal board where they can post information, list their skills, and interact with fans. It has a feeling of a social media site to it, giving a more personal touch to the psychics.

    Also, you can also easily contact psychics via the Oranum app and can chat with them for free. This allows you to build up a level of trust before you decide to take the plunge on a reading. With free credits available too, you’ve really got no excuse to ignore Oranum.