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    Making sure you trust our reviews and we maintain our credibility

    Our reviews are as unbiased as possible, and we pride ourselves on that. Our writers have some ulterior motives, but will credit and criticise in equal measure when required. That is what is needed from reviews like this, because customers and people paying their hard earned money for a service deserve to know where it is going before making an informed decision. Our writers also adhere to a policy of deep research before they write an article, so they know what they are writing about when they do so. They can be trusted when giving an opinion. 

    Just how does it work?

    There isn’t much of a limit to what our writers can write about, from reviews to tips and tutorials. A lot of the topics written about are due to visitor requests, which means you can ask for anything you want to write. Check the website to see all of the topics available, and if something comes up that you want and hasn’t been done, feel free to let us know and we’ll get our writers to cover it. Contact us if that is the case, or if you have anything else to say for that matter. Once the article is published, we monitor the view count and watch to see if you are enjoying it. There is an open comment policy and, though you should refrain from being abusive or overly confrontational, you are open to be constructive to help us improve our service.

    What does affiliation relationship mean?

    If we write an article about a psychic website, we will thoroughly review what it offers, crucially not going into detail about the subject matter itself. The focus will be on the pros and cons mainly, but everything you’ll need to know in order to understand if that specific psychic website is the one for you, as there is generally a lot of competition out there for whatever it is we are reviewing. We will also incorporate links to the different websites so you can get a feel of it yourself, and that referral is tracked by the receiving website. Once that link is clicked and they receive a booking or sale, we receive a commission, so it is mutually beneficial for people to buy, but that doesn’t mean our writers are any less impartial. We use the money to then pay said writer and compensate everyone involved in the review.

    The Federal Trade Commission issued new guidelines in 2009 and then again in 2013. These guidelines are designed to make sure the writer or reviewer is giving the honest opinion, making sure there aren’t any untruths in order to get people to pay money that will eventually lead to a commission. The guidelines are geared to protect you, the reader and customer, in order to help you make an informed and unbiased purchasing decision. Below you will find details on our compensation disclosure written to conform with the new guidelines.

    Compensation Disclosure

    This Compensation Disclosure has been written and provided for your protection and to make you aware of the entire relationship between the reviewer of a product or service and the owner of said service. But you are always encouraged to do your own research so you are completely happy with whatever decision you make. The owner of this website is legally required to disclose the relationship between both parties.

    1. Material Connection

    Most mentions of a product or service on this website are made because a relationship between the two parties exists already. It should be understood that any recommendation from this website for a product or service has been made in good faith. As mentioned above, this is usually because the person writing the review has tested the product or themselves. If a website makes a recommendation of such a product, it should be assumed that there is-material affiliation between the two parties.

    1. Product/Service Partiality And Fairness

    Consciously, the writer and reviewer won’t want to be biased. The aim is always to be as impartial as possible to give you the best chance of making an honest, informed decision. But while there will be some criticism involved, the reviewer will be written from a positive point of view because the material affiliation between the website and product owner exists. As mentioned above, the benefits are mutual and regardless of any agreement has been signed or not, this materiel connection is there because a commission is on the line. If this is an issue for you, perhaps it is best to do your own research first hand to get a better idea.

    1. Compensation for reviews

    The owner of the website may also be receiving compensation for their part in this process, whether that be in the form of money, products or services. Should you purchase a product or service on the recommendation of this website owner, you must understand the transparency of the situation. If you click on an affiliate link, for example, and then purchase a product, the website owner may very well receive compensation.

    1. Compensation Disclosure Statement

    This statement of Compensation Disclosure has been made in order to help you understand the situation fully. There is no deceit, but the admission that the reviews of products and services, while as fair as they can be, are not coming from a place of 100% unbiased opinion because there are certain factors that make a positive review more desirable. If you have any questions, you can contact us, while you should also know we have a very strong privacy policy that protects the readers, reviewers and product owners.