Is California Psychics For You? Find Out in This Review

California Psychics is a different kind of psychic website. Instead of allowing any psychic from around the world to join, they put them through a rigorous screening process.

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    California Psychic Reading

    As a company, California Psychics believes in making sure each user has an authentic and accurate reading from a top-reviewed and highly-rated psychic. 


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    I was a bit hesitant about giving California Psychics a try, but after my experience with them, I felt compelled to tell everyone. I sampled a few of California Psychics’ well reviewed and top recommended psychics, and I'm happy to report that I was completely satisfied. I hope my honest review of California Psychics services and their psychics' readings will help you on your path.

    California Psychics’ Available Readings Reviewed

    While I haven't had reading form all the psychics on California Psychics, I have tried out quite a few. I prefer hearing form many different psychics on life problems and questions I have. I was very happy with every psychic I tried. My trepidation about the lack of video chat was soothed by California Psychics accurate readings.

    I am always wary of a psychic who only speaks about the positive aspects of a reading. On California Psychics I found that the psychic readings were never sugar coated. The predictions made by California Psychics’ top reviewed psychics were some of the most accurate I've ever experienced. The life coaching, guidance, and advice on California Psychics has helped me heal and get on the track to a better life.

    On a phone call with one of the top reviewed mediums on California psychics, I was able to contact my deceased mother. The psychic helped me get the closure I so desperately needed. If you are looking for any type of psychic reading California Psychics offers it. California Psychics has only the top reviewed psychics who give accurate and real readings.

    I decided to write a review of California Psychics after an amazing premonition in one of my readings came true. Although what happened is a personal matter it was such a powerful experience I felt I had to share. It's hard to find an authentic psychic in the world today. Many sites try to scam you out of money or just tell you what you want to hear. I trust California Psychics to provide me with real clairvoyants with gifts who are vetted and reviewed.

    California Psychics Available Readings

    Tarot ReadingsTop rated psychic readings using a wide variety of tarot decks
    Love ReadingsPsychics capable of understanding and predicting changes in your love life using a variety of clairvoyant tactics
    Astrology ReadingsTrained individuals who can map, read, and make predictions based on the science of astrology
    Dream AnalysisPowerful psychics who dissect and interpret dreams using telepathy and dream knowledge
    Psychic MediumsA wide selection of mediums capable of contacting deceased loved ones and pets
    Career AdviceTop reviewed California Psychics who offer readings and advice on money and career using a variety of psychic tools
    Relationship AdviceIn-depth dissection and forecasts into personal relationships, using all manner of clairvoyant abilities
    Life Path PsychicsUsing not just psychics abilities, but also knowledge and experience. These psychics give great advice on where you have been and where you should go
    Past Life PsychicsA detailed look at who you were before you were you
    Numerology ReadingsUsing the ancient skills of numbers, these psychics accurately predict the future
    Crystals ReadingsThese psychics can use crystal power to see beyond the void and recommend crystals for healing
    Clairvoyant Psychics These psychics are blessed with the third eye and can help you see things you are missing
    Clairaudient Psychicswho receive messages from spirits and higher life forms
    Clairsentient Psychics blessed with empathic abilities these psychics can process problems with clarity and offer the right path forward

    What I think about California Psychics

    It was hard for me at first to think a psychic could give an accurate reading without direct eye contact. I've since changed my mind, and I now recommend California Psychics’ top-reviewed psychics to everyone.  I've gotten the best readings of my life through their site.

    I do dislike that there isn't a free trial with California Psychics. A free trial can be a useful tool to experience a psychic before you commit. In the end, I will say that my review of California psychics and their readings is mostly positive. I use the service regularly now. I am very happy with my regular readings from psychics on California Psychics best reviewed psychics.