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    What Is A Spiritual Awakening And What Are The Signs?

    The term ‘’spiritual awakening’’ is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Many people are now tuning in to this phenomenon, for good reason. Today, we’re going to talk about some misconceptions that surround spiritual awakening, as well as the signs that you may be going through it.

    What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Awake?

    Being spiritually awake means that you have broken through your ego and have fully embraced your inner being. It also means that you’re no longer living a dream world. You’re more focused on the present moment, rather than being caught up in the future and past.
    It also causes you to experience a deeper connection between yourself and with everything around you, while still remaining separate.

    The common misconception about being spiritually awake is that the person experiences constant bliss and a zen state. Spiritual awakening is a lot more than that. It forces us to look at our negative aspects and face our flaws.

    There’s a possibility that you’re already on the awakening path without even realizing it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to understand some signs that may arise.

    Sense Of Inner Peace

    With a spiritual awakening also comes the desire to slow down and reflect. You don’t feel as rushed anymore. This causes a more profound sense of inner peace to appear in your life. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience a brief moment of anger or frustration. It just means that you’ll have much better control over any fleeting intense feelings.

    Heightened Intuition

    Another thing you might experience is a heightened sense of intuition. This is the feeling that predicts situations before they even occur. For example, knowing who’s ringing before checking the phone or experiencing a surge of dislike for someone you have just met. Being spiritually awakened will allow you to trust your gut feeling and have increased clarity in your life.

    Following Your Patterns

    As you become more awake, you may start growing more aware of specific patterns and habits in your life. As opposed to before when you were living as if in autopilot mode. In the past, you weren’t  paying attention to things like your nutrition, personality, emotions, and other inherent traits.

    Once you start becoming more aware, more questions will begin popping up. You may start asking yourself questions like: Am I drinking too much? Should I stop eating meat? Why am I so emotional? 

    Feeling Connected

    When awakened, a strong sense of connection is also experienced in a variety of forms. You may feel a stronger bond with your community, or you’ll become more open-minded about others’ choices.

    Our ego tends to cling firmly to the superficial self and it often feels alone. When we experience a spiritual awakening, the spirit stops identifying with gender, religion, nationality, or species. It simply is. 

    Experiencing Synchronicity

    During an awakening, it’s also common to experience more synchronicity in your life. It's the universe's way of making things happen. For example, you may have received a holiday brochure about Hawaii, and a friend happens to mention their trip there. All these little signs are gently nudging you into the direction you should take.

    How A Psychic Can Help

    Spiritual awakening is a long process that involves a variety of changes in your life. If you want to achieve this, there are a few things that can help. Try meditation, spending time in nature, volunteer work, practicing gratitude, laughter, and so forth.
    A psychic reading can also be helpful as it can provide you with useful insight into how you should proceed with your spiritual journey. During the reading, the psychic can also explain what’s holding you back from your spiritual development, and what you need to face.

    Today, it’s easy to find a reputable practitioner both offline and online, and some credible online platforms include:

    The good thing about online psychics is that if you wish, you can have full anonymity. Additionally,  many platforms such as Keen offer affordable deals for first-time visitors.


    Going through a spiritual awakening is by no means an easy process. There’s a lot of self-reflection required, and you may discover things about yourself you rather not know.
    However, once achieved, a sense of enlightenment fills your life. This light brings more grounding and awareness, allowing you to feel more at peace with everything.

    These are just some of the signs you may experience when going through an awakening. However, everyone’s awakening is unique so it’s possible to experience other symptoms as well.