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Elizabeth Rose is a moderately sized website that claims to be large enough to cope, but small enough to care.

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    It has a fairly loyal fanbase as it started in 1990, and has been holding readers to the same decent standard ever since. It is a UK site that features weekly horoscopes and special offers for cheap reading deals, along with access to many trusted psychics.

    Elizabeth Rose Available Readings – In Detail

    Elizabeth Rose offers online, on the phone and even text readings, and has a system whereby you can take these readings anonymously if you would care to do so. A fairly large range of reading styles means that Elizabeth Rose offers quite a few different forms of divination, so unless you have some very specific tastes and requirements, it is likely to cater to you. Unfortunately, the wide range of reading choices does lower the number of readers available for each psychic style.

    Elizabeth Rose Available Readings

    Angel Card ReadingsThese special cards can be used to attempt to communicate with angels, beings that are amongst us all the time.
    Astrology ReadingsThis style of reading looks upwards, and uses planetary alignment to make predictions on the past, present and future.
    Dream InterpretationsA reader here will listen to any recurring or vivid dreams that you have been wondering about, and attempt to translate their hidden meanings.
    Love ReadingsThese kinds of psychic readings are all about your loved ones and romantic relationships.
    Numerology ReadingSome numbers can bring good luck, and others can be used to learn things and make predictions.
    Spiritual ReadingsAn attempt to connect you with the depths of your soul.
    Tarot ReadingsThese special cards can be drawn and used to make judgments and predictions.

    What Do I Think of Elizabeth Rose?

    The Elizabeth Rose website certainly has some redeeming qualities, such as the proud and large reputation, and the praise and loyalty of some of its customers. However, for such a long-standing organization, there is not a great range of options available, and perhaps they could do with taking on some more readers.

    Pros and Cons


    • A wide range of reading styles means that you are likely to find at least one psychic who can help you.
    • Elizabeth Rose has a long-standing good track record.
    • Very well known, with Elizabeth Rose herself having appeared on various television and radio shows.


    • The number of readers compared to their areas of expertise is quite small.
    • This means if you are after a certain reading style, you may only have one or two psychics to choose from.
    • There is not much information or articles for learning on the website.

    My Conclusions About Elizabeth Rose

    Elizabeth Rose has been delivering the same quality readings to many happy seekers for over thirty years, some of whom have been coming back for most of that time. This clearly indicates its quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. However, Elizabeth Rose simply doesn’t have the number of readers necessary to compete with better websites, such as Mystic Sense or Bitwine.

    Having said that, Elizabeth Rose is a reasonably priced and well-known website, which is very simple to navigate and sign up to. Keeping an eye on its various offers could leave you walking away with a steal.