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    An Explanation of Past Life Regression

    Are you haunted by certain negative thoughts, feelings or reactions? Do they recur throughout your life seemingly without reason?

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    Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy. Guided hypnosis ;is used to help a person cope with emotional or mental issues, stress and breaking bad habits. Past life regression utilizes hypnosis to induce memories of our past lives. This often helps the ‘patient’ to recover these concealed memories of former lives.

    Regression is such a broad and complicated topic so we couldn’t hope to cover everything in one article. Here you will learn the basic concept of past-life regression and how and why it is implemented today.

    Why Consider Getting A Past Life Regression Reading

    There are many examples of people recounting vivid memories they have of other lives. In some cases, they can identify their previous name, family members, and hometowns. These conscious memories are primarily found in young children, and can often fade once they enter puberty. Conscious past-life recollections in adults are very rare. The majority of us have to undergo this unique therapy to access our past existences.

    Many people who experience past-life regression therapy report experiencing events from their former lives that seem to explain psychological issues they experience in their current life. Before this, they have never found causation. Not even with the help of traditional/mainstream therapy. These are usually traumatic events that can include heartbreak, abandonment, abuse, or the death of loved ones.

    Where To Start:

    Many books and websites detail methods and experiences of past life regression therapy. If you are looking to jump straight in, these kinds of sessions can be found in yoga and meditation centers.


    Most Past-life regressions are carried out by means of “hypnotic induction”. The therapist uses different tactics to guide their “patient” into a state where they can access their subconscious mind. Unlocking the subconscious is the key to unlocking forgotten memories of former lives.

    “Progressive relaxation” is another technique used alongside hypnotic induction. It is a method of allowing the patient to let go of their unconscious mind so they can re-enter the subconscious. This is usually achieved by soothing the patient. They are made aware of every part of their body until have they are no longer focused on their thoughts, similar to a guided meditation.


    Many therapists will also use deepening techniques to further the hypnotic induction. The most common techniques involve some form of visualization:

    The Subconscious: visualized as a space of great peace and tranquility, often a garden. It is meant to represent the serene inner state of the subconscious. This gives the patient a feeling of security before they move on to past-life regression.

    Descending Staircase: The therapist will audibly lead the patient deeper into their mind. It usually involves a descent by staircase or elevator. Thus representing their “descent” into the subconscious mind.

    Doorways: They are then led through entrances or walkways such as bridges, corridors, doorways, etc.,as they enter the part of their subconscious where memories of past-lives have been retained.

    Grounding: Once they have arrived the therapist will attempt to “ground” them in their new environment. It can consist of visual information or simply feelings and single images. They will ask questions to help make the patient more aware of themselves and their environment in either visual or non-visual ways. This is usually the final step before the subject is fully immersed in their past. Patient and therapist then work together to uncover these memories. They will be recounted and discussed once the patient has returned to the conscious world.

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    Should I Undergo Past-Life Regression Therapy?

    The idea of past lives is tied to the spiritual belief in reincarnation. This is the idea that a soul is reborn into a new body over and over after death. This happens either for eternity or until each soul has fulfilled its spiritual cycle or purpose. The key to knowing whether past-life regression is something that might work for you lies in the difficulties you have on a day-to-day basis. This is particularly connected to emotional suffering.


    Many people seek out past-life regression out of simple curiosity. Many more desire these sessions for the purposes of healing. Sometimes we feel a sense of fear, stress or other strong emotional reactions and pain in certain situations. There may be no obvious or direct cause we can connect it to either in recent memory or childhood.

    Many believe that the soul retains trauma that has been experienced in the past. This is usually conflict that has not been resolved before death, and thus is transferred on to the next life and stored in the subconscious. The effects still linger, but the cause is often never realized.


    The primary use of past-life regression lies in its ability to help people. It allows them to heal trauma and let go of the emotional baggage they have carried from their past existence into the new one. There are countless first-hand accounts where people recall their experiences. They talk about the intensity of experiencing first-hand the life of former selves.


    They unveil previously unknown parts of themselves and the help it has given them to feel and acknowledge the pain they have left behind. For many, the potential to dissolve their negative and impulsive reactions to certain situations is hard to resist. Especially when so many other forms of treatment such as psychotherapy or medication has failed to help them.

    Free Past Life Regression

    Free past life regression can sometimes be found online, usually as part of a provider’s trial service. As with any spiritual service it is always crucial to do your research before trusting any provider.

    My Conclusion

    Being guided through the transformative process of healing and having the weight of these repressed memories lifted has a profound impact on the majority of those who experience it. This is where the true power of past-life regression lies.