Kooma: Explore the Options With This Review

Kooma is a middle-of-the-road website that offers a variety of psychic readings from many mediums.

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    It features a host of different readers, some specializing in quite niche forms of divination, and some fairly appealing offers and deals. There are options for readings by phone or text, and it has a nifty system, similar to the ones you find on Mystic Sense or Kasamba, where customer reviews of readers are compiled, and the readers are ranked accordingly.

    Kooma Available Readings – In Detail

    Kooma has a fairly large number of readers, offering between them a vast range of readings. It seems that there is no single focus, and readers from all sorts of backgrounds jostle to lend their services. If you are looking for a niche reading, you may well find it at Kooma, with psychic divination ranging from tarot to dream interpretations.

    While this spread of spiritual experts could threaten to be overwhelming, Kooma has avoided this by using a decent online system to organize and categorize these readers in quite an accessible manner.

    Kooma Available Readings

    Astrology ReadingsSometimes referred to as a horoscope, this is a way of looking at the stars and using them to assess ourselves.
    Cartomancy ReadingsUsing just a normal 52 card deck readers can draw surprising conclusions. 
    Dream InterpretationsA way of looking at your dreams and trying to learn from them.
    Love ReadingsThis style of reading is about looking at your potential futures with different partners.
    Numerology ReadingA numerology reading will look at relevant and repeating numbers and patterns within your life.
    Spiritual ReadingsThis is reading all about you, and about looking within to your spirit.
    Tarot ReadingsTarot is a special deck of certainly decorated cards and can be used for making predictions.

    What Do I Think of Kooma?

    I am rather impressed with the way Kooma presents its readers. An easy to navigate website lets you find a list of readers specializing in the divination of your choice, and a regularly updated rating system allows you to organize these psychics into an order of customer preference.

    However, it does seem that after the first handful of exceptionally rated psychics in every category, the remaining bulk is made up of readers with very few (less than 10) reviews each. This could suggest a large number of the readers are not totally reliable.

    Pros and Cons


    • Kooma has a great looking website
    • There are some readers offering niche services.
    • There is a large range of psychics available.


    • It seems like the majority of the readers are moderately new to the site.
    • This could suggest readers are not properly vetted.
    • There’s no live chat option.

    My Conclusions About Kooma

    Kooma is a decent website with some nice deals, such as the offer to new customers that allows them a twenty-minute reading for £4.99. The website is simple to use, and it is easy to organize readers in a way that shows you who is best at what. This means you could walk away from Kooma with a good value reading, but as many of their psychics are relatively untested, you might be taking a risk. Sites like Bitwine are known for vetting its psychics constantly to ensure quality.