Get Professional Guidance With This Kasamba Review

Kasamba are an online, mainly chat-based psychic network, which is in its 20th year having been started in 1999. They offer a wide range of different services from having your Fortune told, general Psychic Readings, Love Readings, Personal Astrology and Tarot.

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    Kasamba Psychics

    With so many options, you certainly are not going to be disappointed, with many different people willing to offer you their talents, so you won’t be out of options, while those options are then itemised by both price and a star rating, with reviews for each person attached to their profile.


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    Kasamba’s Available Readings In detail

    Kasamba offer many different options throughout their site. Psychic Readings are the most common of their services, testing the readers’ extra-sensory perception. This could mean using clairvoyance, viewing/seeing the future, claircognizance, knowing without being told, clairaudience, hearing what is inaudible, and clairsentience, feeling something in the air.

    With their Love Readings, I know that if want to get married, their service will help me decide if and when is the best time to pop the question. Different experts can give you what you need on heterosexual and homosexual relationships, whether you’re single or dating, soulmates and connectivity and more.

    Tarot readers use cards to tell your future, as well as your past and your present. They will be able to tell you your life story with a pack of cards, and though this has been the most criticised form of Reading, Kasamba are very convincing. They also offer Dream Analysis; some believe dreams are your subconscious speaking to you, projecting either your deepest and most intense desires or your greatest fears.

    They play out different scenarios that can happen, or must not happen, depending on which side of the fence they fall on. Often, it can be spirits from the other side that are trying to contact you, or your spirit guides looking to forge your path. Waking up feeling all hazy and confused can be frustrating, but that is no more with Kasamba Psychic. Their readers will help you make sense of anything you may have seen, analysing what it could mean. Astrology is a fun and entertaining way of testing the water with psychic reviews, especially with Kasamba.

    If you know your star sign, derived from what month you were born in, and your specific date of birth, you can find out lots of different things about yourself, including your personality, your struggles, your gifts, your future purpose and daily predictions. Finally, with Career Readings, much like with Relationships, Kasamba will give you some great advice and future predictions with your job and career prospects. They will offer you unique psychic analysis and guidance to make sure you are successful in your future endeavours. They are perfect if you are fearing losing your job and need guidance to give you peace of mind.

    Kasamba's Available Readings

    Psychic ReadingsA prediction made by the reader who is looking into your future
    Love ReadingsA psychic look at life, romance and compatibility
    Tarot ReadingsCard readings that can decipher the future
    Astrology ReadingsMost commonly known as the horoscope, this is the notion of detailing personality traits and future choices based on your Zodiac sign
    Career ForecastsHelping you see whether you should make a particular career move or whether a promotion could be in order.

    What do I think of Kasamba?

    Overall, I found this to be a great place to come for everything I wanted to experience with psychic readings and predictions. Kasamba are a trustworthy network and definitely do help dispel the idea that this is a scam.

    There are some obvious shortcomings and I certainly have some misgivings about the website, but they don’t hide anything and gave me the full opportunity to experience what they have on offer. Most of my questions are also answered on the site, too. I would recommend checking them out.

    Within the wider branches of psychic options Kasamba, there were many different choices for me to choose from. For example, each reader on relationships is stronger with a specific type of relationship, while others corners of the psychic picture, such as neurology, universal laws and the paranormal have been explained.

    Ghosts, spirits and karma are also covered in great detail, so whatever your psychic needs, Kasamba has you covered. I found that really helpful.

    Each Kasamba psychic reader is reviewed with a star rating and a description of how they have helped a particular customer, and the more reputable they are, the more they cost, which made it easy for me not to be disappointed. I was willing to pay more money, and I got a much better experience for it.

    If you’re not, you do run the risks that are made clear to you. Each psychic is an expert in their particular field. So whatever your need, you’ll find the answer is tailor-made for you, just as I did.

    As soon as I signed up with Kasamba, I got three free minutes with a reader which, depending on the kind of service you want and need, could be enough for a free session. After that, there are opportunities to get knock off prices to speak to a reader, with 15% off your first real session, which I thought was a fair price. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, nothing will. I certainly found this to be enticing.

    Because the system is online chat based, predominantly at least, I didn’t have to be sitting by my computer or my phone at all times. Whether you are on a train, drinking coffee or whatever, you can get your Kasamba psychic fix. The company is based in America, and the easy access means that won’t make a difference whether you are, or if you are in the UK for example.

    It also means you can pick it up and put it down as much as you like, and get as involved as you like. I think that really helped me get in to it, knowing how much freedom I had.

    Despite the easy access, it does come at a cost. While individual psychic readers have good prices to their names, Kasamba encourages you to deposit $50 dollars credit, which may restrict the number of people who can afford to give it a go. Also, I didn’t find it as easy to make payments as I would have liked because there doesn’t appear to be a quick way of making transitions, like PayPal for example.

    I found that there isn’t much that stands out about the website on first viewing and more crucially a lack of professionalism, too. It didn’t appear as something that can be perceived as trustworthy and I needed a degree of patience to see what it has to offer. Also, with no search bar at the top, it was hard to navigate my way around the site, so it is better that you know what you are looking for before you go on, especially because the font size and style hardly makes your life easier either. If I was a complete novice, I think I would have really struggled.

    While there may be great opportunities to talk to your readers and future deciphers, you will never get a chance to see them.

    Chemistry is a huge part of what makes psychic readings so exciting and intriguing, and I felt robbed of the chance to fully develop that because of the lack of video chatting. If the reader can’t see you, surely it casts doubt over the authenticity, too. Again, I think this is something that really needs improving.