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    Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Balls

    We typically associate these mystical spheres with traveling gypsies and mysterious fortune-tellers. However, these precision gems actually serve many purposes. For instance, they can reveal your deeper subconscious and have great healing qualities. 

    Read on to learn how to use a crystal ball and discover what these spheres are and how they can help you. 

    What Is A Crystal Ball?

    A crystal ball is usually depicted as a glass shaped sphere that shows us our future and can even foretell our doom. Although, a real crystal ball, such as a white quartz ball, is crafted from gemstones such as amethyst, onyx, obsidian, and jade. 

    They possess the same powers as regular crystals but they’re even more powerful due to their round shape. This shape allows energies to be emitted equally throughout the whole ball.
    These shaped gems go back thousands of years, having made appearances during religious and mystical ancient civilizations.

    When you gaze into this object, its crystal element will help you enter a deep state of mind. Due to their unique properties, these gems are used during fortune-telling, scrying, and healing. Some individuals even use these spheres as stress balls.

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    How To Tell The Difference Between Glass Ball And Crystal Ball

    There are a few ways in which to tell if a crystal ball is real. A simple, clear glass ball is also used for scrying and gazing. They’re much cheaper and easier to find. However, they don’t come close to a genuine crystal sphere. Balls formed from real gemstones not only look pretty but also come with plenty of healing benefits and unique energies. 

    Fortunately, there’re a couple of ways to know if the crystal is real or fake. First, a fake glass ball is almost clear and contains small air bubbles. Moreover, the biggest giveaway is the price itself, which will be much lower.

    A genuine crystal sphere, on the other hand, has small dips and markings on the surface and its angles are symmetrical to each other.

    How To Charge A Crystal Ball

    These gemstones should also be frequently charged, especially if they’re used often. A simple way to charge any crystal is to place it in front of full moonlight. It’s best if you do this multiple nights in a row so it can absorb as much moon energy as possible. 

    You can also soak your sphere in rock salt for up to 48 hours. Salt is a great purifier and even has charging properties.

    Lastly, you can take advantage of the earth’s energy. To do so, bury the crystal in the soil or surround it with plants.

    Different Ways To Use Crystal Balls

    These objects aren’t limited to just gazing or fortune-telling. In fact, they come with many other uses which we’ve outlined below:

    • Stress relief - They prove great for stress relief, especially if your ball is made of amethyst or aventurine stone. Try to find spheres that are one to two-inch in size. You can easily keep these on your desk at work or in your handbag
    • Massage - Another way to relieve stress is by having a crystal massage. Their smooth, round shape is effective against tight muscles, especially when used together with essential oils or lotion
    • Healing and meditation - Due to the stone’s powerful properties, they prove to be healing during meditation practice or chakra balancing. Simply sit with your chosen stone and imagine its healing energies surrounding you from within. It’s extra beneficial if you choose a crystal depending on what you want to focus on
      For example, agate is good for healing your aura and promotes inner stability, while tourmaline is effective for grounding and protecting yourself against negative entities
    • Scrying - Scrying involves using the gemstone sphere as an object medium. It allows the scryer to access various methods of divination and spirit communication. Moreover, scrying is a form of crystal gazing that takes a while to master. It requires the user to sit still for long periods of time with the sphere, noting any symbols or images that may appea
    • Focus - Placing a crystal ball in the center of a study group or meeting creates a sense of group harmony. It balances and evenly disperses the energy, which can help with focus.
    • Design - This may not be the most spiritual thing on the list, but it’s still worth noting. These spheres’ unique beauty and colorful exterior make them a significant addition to any room. Just make sure to carefully choose where to place your crystal ball at home

    How To Cleanse A Crystal Ball

    The way you cleanse your sphere depends on its type of stone. If it’s a selenite or angelite, then you should avoid placing them in water. This is because these gems have a complex structure. However, gemstones such as amethyst or quartz can withstand being soaked and can even be used with normal glass cleaners.

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    It’s without a doubt that these precious gemstones bring a lot of healing and beauty in your life.
    They can also offer a lot of clarity during meditation or scrying sessions. In addition, they’re extremely effective for chakra balancing

    Now that you know how to use crystal balls, you can find the right stone for your individual needs.