Psychic Source Reviewed: The Best Source For Psychic Support?

Psychic Source is an online chat-based psychic website that offers a whole host of different services.

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    Psychic Source

    Generally speaking, the psychic entity is incredibly wide and cannot be pigeonholed. People use sites like this for different reasons; some are desperate to get their fix of a specific type of psychic reading, others are people who want to learn about the services and some are sceptics who want to be proven right or wrong. 


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    In this review, I will look at the website in detail and decipher how well it stacks up against its competitors. As someone who is open to the idea of psychics and their readings, this could be very interesting.

    Psychic Source Available Readings - In Detail

    It doesn’t take long to realise that Psychic Source offers more readings and variety than most, if not all of its competitors. One of the many things that makes them stand out from the crowd is the fact that they break down the different readings, and even the different types of Psychics. I would say that I am relatively experienced with this topic, both in the wider sense and more specific sense, but even I have been learning about it.

    If you are a novice looking for an in-depth lesson on how Psychics and different readings work, I would definitely recommend a visit to Psychic Source. And that brings us on to the services they offer.

    In terms of the readings, they cover all of the regular ones such as Astrology, Love and Relationships and Tarot, but their variety is better than most I’ve seen and so is the attention to detail.

    Not only will they find you the perfect reader for your needs, but they’ll tailor it so it fits for you regarding how you contact them (via video, chat messenger etc). They also offer services on Energy Work, which is the notion of getting through to the depths of your soul, Past Life Readings, if you believe you may have met someone in a different life and you would like to contact them, and Lost Object Readings.

    I think that could be quite helpful if you have misplaced something sentimental. Another unique reading I have only seen on Psychic Source is Cartomancy; this uses a deck of playing cards to tell your future, and differs from Tarot in that sense, because, according to the website, playing cards are more cut and dry in readings, making clearer judgements.

    Psychic Source continues by saying that some may find Cartomancy too honest, which leaves less room for interpretation. The cards can also tell you hidden truths about your past and present.

    Psychic Source Available Readings

    Angel Card ReadingsA way of connecting with beings that surround us that cannot be perceived
    Astrology ReadingsMost commonly known as the horoscope, this is the notion of detailing personality traits and future choices based on your Zodiac sign
    Cartomancy ReadingsThe use of a deck of cards to tell you about your past, present and future
    Dream InterpretationsAnalysing dreams and telling you what they mean. It is believed that your dreams are the way your subconscious communicates with you
    Energy WorkThis is the idea of achieving complete mind, body and soul alignment
    Lost Object ReadingsExactly what is says on the tin; asking a psychic to help you find a lost object
    Love Readings
    A psychic look at life, romance and compatibility.
    Numerology Reading
    The belief that certain numbers bring good luck
    Past Life Readings
    Attempting to connect you with someone you met in a past life. Also known as “deja vu”.
    Spiritual Readings
    Connecting you with the deepest depths of your soul.
    Tarot Readings
    Card readings that can decipher the future.

    What do I think of Psychic Source?

    I haven’t hidden my admiration for Psychic Source throughout this review, because it is excellent. With other sites, their service is good and their readers are easy to find, well rated and fairly priced, so you know what you are getting. But they still fall short because of a number of different reasons. First, the professional look of the website, and how easy it is to navigate. Everything is itemised, and not just the readings and readers either. You can get a detailed account of Psychic history, horoscopes, how to contact the website, the different options at your fingertips for doing so; not only is it the most detailed and varied, it is also the most helpful website I have seen.

    Even one of the perceived negatives I have thought of when it comes to Psychic Source can be spun as a positive. They have so much information on offer, that some people could see that as overwhelming. It is the best way to learn as I have already mentioned, though thy could do more to make it more accessible from a multimedia standpoint.

    There is no obvious route through to social media, with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram valuable tools they can use to expand themselves more. Also, they could branch into creative an app for IPhone and Android users.

    To conclude, I think this is a fantastic website. It is the most democratic for every level of Psychic enthusiast and should be seen as the go-to place for all of them.