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    Discover the Benefits of Crystal Reading

    Crystal readings are a spiritual and empowering way to rediscover your inner self.

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    Readings help to release energy blockages and bring healing and balance into your life..

    Crystals reflect our emotions and feelings and each stone radiates a different energy and has its own vibration.

    They can also be used as protection stones to help protect from negative energy and evil spirits.

    What is Crystal reading:

    Crystal readings focus on the energies which you will work with in the coming cycle of your life and guide you on how best to work with those coming energies.

    There are different types of crystal readings, a crystal energy reading delves into your intuition exploring your chosen crystal energies in understanding what the deepest realms of your mind is trying to communicate and can also identify energy blocks which can inhibit your personal growth.

    While a crystal spiritual reading can help protect you from negative energy and evil spirits.

    Life Cycle Evaluation

    Crystal readings help evaluate a person’s life cycles and how those cycles directly influence not just their current status but also what will happen in the future.

    Crystals can also protect from evil spirits and remove negative energy from spiritual forces by introducing positive forces in you.

    The best stones for protection include:

    Black Tourmaline: Creates an electrical force field around an individual’s aura repelling evil forces.

    Amethyst: Helps protect from psychic attacks.

    Fluorite: Guards against any negativity nearby.

    Crystal Healing:

    Crystal healing is where the practitioner places crystal stones on the body creating an ‘energy grid’ which surrounds the client with healing energy.

    Crystals can be used for healing purposes helping a positive energy flow into the body which causes negative energy to be drawn out.

    Effective healing stones include; Amethyst: for peace, healing and intuition, Rose quartz: for forgiveness, love and self-esteem and Tiger eye: for courage, clarity and strength.

    Gemstones also aid healing and different ones have different meanings including an Actinolite which has metaphysical abilities and Agate which offers protection, while Citrine helps open the mind.

    Who does the crystal energy readings?

    Crystal energy readings are performed by certified practitioners.

    These readings deal with the here and now and allow you create the future outcomes you desire.

    The practitioner uses crystals and spiritual protection stones in the reading which can help you discover personal power, breaking free of negative energies.

    How long does the crystal energy reading last?

    Crystal energy readings can vary from one hour right up to 80 minutes.

    Readings generally involve crystal stone analysis, personalised intention and identifying strengths that serve a soul purpose, removing belief systems that no longer serve you.

    This all leads to goal setting and a plan of action which can help you create the best possible future outcomes.

    Is crystal reading and psychic reading the same?

    Crystal reading differs from psychic readings in that psychic readings give future predictions and outline future outcomes.

    Whereas crystal reading focuses on the here and now and outlines coming energies and how you deal with these best.

    Crystals also offer protection with black stones like the black tourmaline this is the most powerful stone which offers you protection.

    • 80% Off Your First Reading!
    • Offering Psychic Readings Since 1995
    • Psychics Available 24/7 via App or Phone
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    How to select a crystal:

    Most crystal healers will state that you don’t choose a crystal, a crystal chooses you, intuition should guide the acquisition.

    If you are purchasing from a store, place the crystals and stones in your hand and see which one makes you feel energised or if buying online explore the intrinsic properties of each one to determine which suits best.

    Crystal stones which protect you from spirits and evil sources are popular these include the black tourmaline which provides all-round protection from harmful forces while jasper can support the bearer through times of stress bringing stability.

    EMF protection crystals have become very popular ‘EMF’ stands for electromagnetic frequency radiation.

    Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy which takes different forms such as radio waves, microwaves and x-rays.

    EMF crystals can help eliminate or reduce EMF’s the most popular of these crystals are ‘Indigo Grabbo’ which can absorb as well as transmute EMF’s.

    Main Types of Crystals:

    Clear Quartz:

    This white crystal is known as ‘the master healer’ and can also aid concentration and memory

    Rose Quartz:

    This pink stone encourages love, respect and trust within all types of relationships.


    A smooth crystal which is known as ‘the supreme nurturer’ it empowers the body and supports you through times of stress.


    A protective stone which forms a shield against all physical and emotional negativity, it also promotes strength, clarity and compassion and cleanses you of emotional blockage.


    This yellow coloured stone helps to release negative traits like fear from your life and promotes optimism and warmth, it can also enhance concentration and a creative mind.


    A blue crystal known as a good luck charm, which balances your emotions with finding spiritual peace. This crystal is known for its healing powers of the mind, body and soul.

    Tiger Eye’s:

    A golden stone which can rid the body of fear, anxiety and self-doubt providing a timely powerful motivational boost.


    This purple stone is the best crystal for protection and healing, it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts bringing forth humility and spiritual wisdom; it can also help with sleep for those who suffer with insomnia.


    Moonstone is known for ‘new beginnings’ encouraging growth and inner strength, while soothing feelings of stress and instability.


    Living up to its name bloodstone cleanses the blood by drawing off negative environmental energies and improves circulation, it also promotes creativity and selflessness.


    This stone attracts prosperity, happiness and peace and is one of wisdom and royalty, while it can also heal eye issues and blood disorders.


    The ruby red stone restores vitality and energy levels, promoting sensuality, sex and intellect.


    Flourite can increase your concentrations powers, self-confidence and improves our decision making, it absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress.

    Fire Agate:

    Known as the ‘spiritual flame’ of absolute perfection it promotes decisive action in unclear circumstances, it increases passion, emotions, stamina and circulation in one and can also help overcome all mental blockages.

    Jet Stone:

    This black stone is used as a stone of protection and is excellent for healing purposes curing migraines and enhancing the healing of traumatic injuries.Jet is also used as a cleanser for other crystals by placing them in a bowl with smaller pieces of jet.

    Free Crystal Reading

    There are many online practitioners who offer free crystal psychic readings, but one must always be wary of services of this nature. It is common place for a free reading to be offered as part of a package deal which can prove financially viable.

    My Conclusion:

    With more and more people striving for natural ways to improve both their physical and mental state, crystal readings offer such an opportunity.

    Finding the right combination of crystals has been a life-changer to many allowing them to understand current energies to help choose the future they desire.

    Combining healthy lifestyle choices with crystal readings can help promote positive energy within the body and mind and use it in the best possible ways.

    Crystals offer both protection such as the black tourmaline which repels all evil forces and black agate which can protect you from nightmares, stress and anxiety.

    While crystals EMF can help eliminate and reduce electromagnetic frequency radiation.

    Something that can potentially offer so much is well worth pursuing, your online crystal reading is just a click away!