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    What Is Spiritual Dowsing?

    The pseudoscience, dowsing, has been around for hundreds of years. However, spiritual dowsing didn’t gain its popularity until the late 20th century. Since then, this practice has continuously become more common amongst psychics and mediums. Keep reading to delve deeper into this topic. Additionally, learn how it can be done.

    How Does Spiritual Dowsing Work?

    Dowsing itself refers to the process of locating buried metals, underground water, gemstones, gravesites, and so on. This ancient practice originated from Germany during the 16th century. It’s a form of divination that’s still carried out today. Other words for dowsing include radiesthesia, rhabdomancy, divination, and doodlebugging.

    During regular divination, the user walks around the chosen area using a tool to monitor its movement. If water or another source is detected, the radiesthesia rod will rotate in their hands and point toward the ground. 

    For example, it was used to help determine where to drill a well. A landowner didn’t want to make such a risky investment without being sure, so he’d hire a water dowser to find a suitable location. A divination tool helped show where the right quantity and quality water will be produced.

    Common divination tools include Y & L-rods, a pendulum, and a lecher antenna. Moreover, these tools were mainly constructed out of metal or specific types of wood.

    The process for spiritual dowsing is very similar. It’s often used to explore spiritual realms and entities such as other spirits and angels. This is done by using a pendulum or by applying senses to analyze the aura or surrounding energies.

    How Dowsing Has Changed Over The Years

    Spiritual radiesthesia is still a reasonably new concept. In the past, it was only used for sensing underground water and minerals.  

    In spiritual divination, it’s also possible to use your intuition or paranormal abilities such as clairsentience. Other practitioners can also sense the energy of what they’re looking for. 

    How To Practice Spiritual Dowsing

    Using a pendulum is a very useful and an easy way to start. A pendulum is a powerful tool of self-insight. When done correctly, it can provide answers to some of your most burning questions. 

    Here are the steps necessary to practice spiritual dowsing:

    • Find the correct pendulum. Firstly, it’s crucial that you find the right pendulum for your practice. It can be a crystal such as an amethyst or rose quartz, or even your birthstone.

    For a simpler option, you can also use a glass bead tied to the end of a string

    • Connect with the pendulum - Once you’ve picked your preferred divination tool, you must establish a relationship with it. You can do so by asking it some simple yes or no questions that you already know the answers to. Your pendulum may swing side to side, backward or forwards, as well as clockwise and anti-clockwise. You must associate each direction with the answer given, by asking it to ‘’give you a yes’’ or ‘’give you a no.’’ Make sure to note these directions
    • Start asking some questions - Now that you’ve established a connection with your pendulum, you can start asking some questions. Before you begin, make sure that you’re comfortable and grounded, with your elbow resting on the table while holding the string between your thumb and forefinger

    Questions can range from almost any topic, no matter how big or small. However, ensure that you aren’t using the pendulum when you’re feeling mentally or emotionally unbalanced as this can bring out incorrect responses. It’s also essential that you aren’t too heavily reliant on the pendulum for decision making. It should only be used as a tool to gently guide you.


    Spiritual dowsing is effective when it comes to searching for answers within, or in the spirit realms. This form of divination relies heavily on your subconscious mind as well as the energies around us.

    Many psychic readings may also involve this practice. If you have some pressing questions about a specific topic, or if you’re searching for something then a psychic can help you achieve that.