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    How To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

    You don’t need to be a natural-born psychic to channel your psychic abilities. Anyone has the power to access the mystical realms and reap the benefits of having a heightened intuition and improved insights. Today, we’re going to explain how you can channel these abilities. Additionally, you’ll learn the signs to watch out for.

    What Does Being Psychic Mean?

    The word itself usually holds a lot of misconceptions. This is because most of us usually picture neon storefronts and the crystal ball when we hear this term. However, it goes far beyond this stereotype.

    Being psychic isn’t just about providing a service or being born with supernatural gifts. It’s about developing your intuition in a way that’ll allow you to pick up on the subtle energies around you.

    We’re constantly exposed to a wide range of stimuli. Moreover, our environments are filled with various types of energies, emotions, and thought patterns. A true psychic can tap into these energies and understand its messages.

    The Different Levels Of Psychic Abilities

    A person’s metaphysical abilities usually come in different ranges and intensities.

    Here’s an outline:

    • First level: This person can usually sense powerful emotions coming off of someone, and can easily relate to other’s pain
    • Second level: Not only can they pick up on your emotions, but they can also sense the room’s atmosphere upon entering it. Additionally, they pick up on various cues such as sounds, smells, and body language
    • Third level: At the third level, the person is generally overwhelmed by the number of stimuli they receive. They can easily sense others' energy no matter how subtle. They can also sense their surrounding environment, including all of its senses. These people usually have a highly developed intuition

    How You Can Tap Into Your Psychic Powers

    There are many ways of channeling your transcendental powers, some of which you may already practice. For example, maybe you’re already practicing meditation or journaling. It’s important to remember that everyone is unique and will, therefore, have a different way of tapping into their intuition. We’ve outlined some different ways below. 

    Analyze Your Environment

    A good way of awakening your metaphysical skills begins with your environment. This method is referred to as ‘’environmental scanning.’’ To accurately practice this method, you must stand in the middle of the room and note the different sights, smells, and energies in it.

    It may feel awkward at first but once you develop this skill, you’ll be able to easily enter any room and quickly pick up on the overall energy and mood. This can be done conspicuously and brings a myriad of benefits.

    Pay Attention To Your Dreams

    Our subconscious holds a lot of information about our lives, so it makes sense that you can tap into your psychic abilities by developing a healthy relationship with your mind.

    A way to do that is through dreams. Dreams are the gateway between our reality and spirituality. By accessing them, you can experience the full spectrum of your supernatural gifts.

    The best way to analyze your dreams is by writing them down. Try keeping a pen and a notepad next to your bed before you go to sleep, and jot down anything you remember upon waking.

    Over time, this will allow you to assess your dreams. Discovering if any patterns or themes run through your dreams can be helpful in your waking life. Once you’ve done this a few times, it’ll become easier and you’ll be able to receive more messages from the spiritual world.

    Turn To Your Intuition

    Your intuition is the key to all of your metaphysical powers. When it’s developed, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the energies surrounding you.

    To tap into your intuition, you must familiarize yourself with it again like you’d with an old friend.

    Our intuition has always been there and was very active during our childhood. Yet, the increase of adult responsibilities and our fast-paced lives have suppressed it.

    A simple way to start involves associating emotions with different colors. For example, picture the last time you felt very angry, happy, or even depressed and pick a color to suit each feeling.

    Keep practicing until those colors become second nature to you. Then watch how the next time your friend talks about her cute coworker, you’ll suddenly envision pink, the color of love.


    Channeling your psychic abilities doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, it’s actually quite simple.

    Generally, it involves a lot of self-reflection and paying close attention to your surroundings.

    Pick three relatable ways of training your psychic powers and practice them as often as you can. In doing so, you’ll soon enjoy a deeper intuition.