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    What Is An Angel Card Reading & How Does It Differ From Tarot?

    While most of us have heard of tarot cards, it’s not so often we hear angel cards being mentioned. However, opting for an angel reading will offer a fresh perspective that you may not even get from a tarot deck.

    Today, we’re going to delve into the origin of angel cards, what they mean, and how they can help you.

    What Is An Angel Card Reading?

    Angel cards are like tarot cards in that they’re a powerful tool used to gain insight into your life and receive spiritual guidance. However, unlike tarot, the cards themselves feature an angelic theme usually accompanied by written encouraging messages.

    During an oracle card reading, the practitioner will try to open direct communication with the guardian angels around you. They’ll do so by using their intuitive feelings and by paying attention to any emotions or visuals that come up.

    The Difference Between An Angel And Tarot Card Reading

    The primary goal of an angel card reading is to offer positive messages and allow you to become more aware of your spirituality. We’re often surrounded by our spirit guides and guardian angels whose major purpose is to protect us and offer guidance should we seek it.

    By using angel cards, you’re opening a direct communication pathway with these beings. Moreover, you allow yourself to receive any messages from these spiritual guides. This is the principal aim of this reading.
    Tarot cards are the original and most common form of divination.

    These cards follow a certain structure. While they’re open for interpretation, we still must first consider their original meaning.

    Whatever the client is going through at that moment, tarot cards will reflect and guide them to the answers they seek. While firm in structure, the cards rarely miss their mark.

    Therefore, angel cards are a great way to achieve open communication with spirit guides. By welcoming their presence into your life, you’ll receive positive affirmations and words of comfort.

    Tarot readings are best for getting direct answers about specific questions, and delving deeper into the past, present, and future.

    Our Guardian Angels

    Our guardian angels are constantly near us, ready to offer their guidance or even spiritual healing. They’re assigned to us at birth and even act as our personal messengers. You can think of them like a nurturing mother that’s following your earthly journey closely and whose love for you is unconditional.

    It’s possible to communicate with your guides through meditation and other spiritual practices. However, angel cards are an easily available method that you can call upon at any time.

    The Benefits Of An Angel Card Reading

    There’re many benefits when opting for a reading, some of which include:

    • Guidance: An angel card reading will offer you support, guidance, and serenity so that you’re able to better face challenges in life. This type of guidance is useful for increasing your chances of success or improving the quality of existing friendships and relationships.
      Additionally, this reading can guide you towards making better and empowering decisions
    • Peace: These cards help to deepen the connection between you and your spirit guides. Moreover, they bring you closer to experiencing heavenly energy. This will allow you to feel more peace and comfort in your life
    • Answers: Lastly, getting supportive answers to any of your questions regarding relationships, finances, or career will allow you to make better choices. By tapping into the positive angelic presence, these readings offer you invaluable insight into various aspects of your life. They can also boost your confidence in your own decisions

    Fortunately, there are many reputable online sources where you can get an angel card reading. Platforms such as Mystic Sense, Kasamba, Keen, and 7 Sense Psychics all provide affordable and reliable spiritual readings.


    Angel card readings aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to open your heart and your soul, you’ll be surprised at the wonderful, empowering messages that’ll come through.

    Since we’re constantly surrounded by helpful guardian angels, opting for a card reading will allow them to communicate openly with you and offer their loving guidance.