Get the Guidance You Need With This Psychic Elements Review

Psychic Elements is one of the smaller online psychic sites out there, with a lesser pool of advisors operating from its site than competitors. But does this mean it can’t offer the same level of service or variety of psychic readings?

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    I’m going to answer this question in detail and run through everything you need to be aware of before trying them out.

    Psychic Elements: Available Readings In Detail

    I can put your mind at ease initially by saying that despite the smaller number of psychics, Psychic Elements still offers a solid and reliable range of readings. It has all of the traditional readings we’d expect to see from such a site like tarot, love and relationship advice, dream analysis, and astrology.

    However, there are a few other interesting readings thrown into the mix too that you might not expect from a smaller talent pool, including, oracle cards, crystal, destiny, pet readings, and numerology. 

    In fact, numerology readings aren’t that common to find across competitor websites, despite its popularity, so Psychic Elements certainly stands. Numerology can be really interesting if you’ve never tried it before as it takes a look at numbers and their observable relationship with events. So, if you’ve got some important events or financial decisions coming up, it might be worth checking out what the numbers have in store for your future.

    Oracle cards are also an interesting alternative to the more traditional tarot reading. They’re a more freestyle version where the psychic has agency to decide what cards go into the deck. They’re made up of various images and words that are used to interpret your future.

    The site has several useful filter options when searching for your Psychic Elements online reading, and you even have the option for the top staff picks that week. However, you’ll have to click through into individual profiles if you want more detail on the types of readings on offer. The psychic star ratings and reviews aren’t displayed on the search page and you’ll have to dig into the profile to find out more.

    One of the greatest things about Psychic Elements, though, is how accessible the site’s advisors are. Each one has their schedule clearly listed pride of place, clearly showing the days you’re able to contact them and the hours they’ll be available. 

    You can even choose any time zone across the US and the schedule will update to your local timezone. It’s then a case of a few simple clicks to set up your appointment.

    Unfortunately, though, it seems you’re only able to contact your chosen psychic via phone call at the moment, and other sites offer many more options to communicate.

    Psychic Elements’ Available Readings

    Angel card readings

    In this reading the psychic is guided by angels and spiritual beings to interpret the future from a series of cards.
    AstrologyOne of the oldest methods to predict your future using your zodiac sign and the movements of heavenly bodies as guidance.
    Career and finance readingsIThe psychic will offer guidance and advice if you have any tough career or financial decisions to make.
    ChannelingThrough direct channeling, a spirit will speak through the psychic performing the reading to offer advice and guidance.
    ClairvoyanceThose skilled in clairvoyance are able to see possible futures and predict events. 
    Contacting deceased loved onesThe psychic will contact lost loved ones and channel any messages of love and support they may have for you.
    Crystal readingsYour advisor will choose from a number of crystals to perform a reading. Each crystal has its own energy and specific meaning. The psychic will be able to interpret them to provide insights on questions you have about life.
    Destiny readingsA general view of what life has in store. This reading will map out the major events in your life and help you prepare for them.
    Dream interpretationDreams are your mind’s way of helping you deal with issues and the problems of daily life. In this reading, the psychic will interpret the images and give you the answers you’re looking for.
    EmpathsAn empath is able to sense emotions in others and absorb their pain.
    Finding lost objectsAs simple as it says. The psychic will help you find lost objects and valuables.
    Love and relationship readingsIf your love life lacks direction or you’re having relationship problems, this type of reading will get you back on the right track.
    NumerologyStarting with your life path number, based on your date of birth, numerology can determine personality traits and possible futures. Seeking to discover the relationship between numbers and events, the psychic will guide you through future predictions.
    Oracle cardsAn interesting alternative to tarot cards. The psychic has a great deal of freedom to choose which images and words will be placed in the deck before they interpret your future.
    Pet readingsIf you’ve ever wondered what your pet is trying to say to you,you’ll have these thoughts translated for you.
    Spirit guide readingsEach day our spirit guides try to aid us. Some people are more attuned to them than others, however. This reading will help bridge that communication gap to better access love and support.
    Tarot readingsTarot is a practice that’s hundreds of years old. The professional interpretation of a set of images on a deck of cards is used to interpret your future.

    What I think of Psychic Elements   

    Psychic Elements has a good range of readings and services on offer, despite being one of the smaller sites around. The site itself is easy to navigate, has a handy scheduler, and makes it simple to get in touch with your chosen psychic.

    It also won’t break the bank, either. It has a good introductory offer and you can get your first 30 minutes for just $30. After this, each psychic charges their own rates with most of them averaging just $3.50 per minute, with the highest rates going up to around $5 per minute. 

    Each psychic has a very detailed profile with many of them listing their past experience and going into more detail on their skill sets.

    If you’re still a little unsure, you can sign up to the Psychic Elements horoscope completely free. This is a daily horoscope sent out via email, and while you don’t speak to a psychic directly, it’ll give you a good idea of how accurate the predictions are.

    There are definitely a few areas for improvement, though. While the FAQ section is detailed, it’s difficult to find since you have to click through a couple of different links to get to it.
    I couldn’t find any information on a satisfaction guarantee and it’s not clear what the dispute process is for when you have a bad reading, other than contacting customer service. Psychic Elements does have a helpline open 7 days per week but the opening hours are buried within the FAQ and aren’t clearly listed.

    In addition, Psychic Elements doesn’t note its hiring and vetting process other than stating criminal background checks are done. Some of the psychics do have hundreds of positive reviews listed within the site, but you have to dig into the profile to find them as the review ratings aren’t listed in the main search screen.

    Psychic Elements Pros & Cons


    • Good range of readings for a small site
    • Offers some interesting readings such as crystals and numerology
    • Convenient scheduling service
    • Helpline open 7 days per week
    • Chat support is available via the website
    • Good introductory offer on rates


    • No psychic vetting procedures listed
    • The website can be difficult to navigate and it's not easy to find clear information
    • No satisfaction guarantee
    • Reviews and star ratings aren’t clearly shown when searching.

    My conclusion of Psychic Elements 

    Generally speaking, Psychic Elements does offer a decent range of readings and the psychics do seem to have a lot of legitimate reviews. Plus, the very reasonable introductory rate will give you a chance to try out a couple of the psychics for yourself at no great cost. That is, of course, always the real test and you won’t be losing out by giving them a go.

    If Psychic Elements can make a few changes including updating their website, providing clearer information, and going in-depth into their vetting procedures, then they definitely have the potential to be one of the better sites out there.