Psychic Sofa: Reviewed in Detail

Psychic Sofa is a website that offers many types of readings for those wanting to gain guidance and clarity. The Psychic Sofa psychics are genuinely there to guide you and help you find the answers you need. 

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    With readers specifically chosen for their incredible talents and psychic abilities, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. So if you're looking to get a clairvoyant, medium, tarot, astrology, numerology, or angel card reading, Psychic Sofa readings are for you. 

    In this Psychic Sofa review, I’ll explore the pros and cons of the website and the services offered so that you can find the connection you need that will take your energies to the next level. 

    Psychic Sofa Available Readings - In Detail

    Psychic Sofa online readings are a great place to start if you’re looking for an alternative way to navigate through life's obstacles. Because you have so many readings to choose from, you’ll quickly get the answers you’re looking for; depending on the goal.

    Psychic Reading

    To start, the most common reading you can get on its site is a psychic reading. Here, you can ask questions you haven't found the answers to and also gain a new perspective you might not find elsewhere. Stuck in your career and not sure which direction you should take it? With a network of highly skilled psychics, this reading will provide you with the confidence you need to take control of your life. 

    Love Reading

    If you’re looking for advice in the romance department, a Psychic Sofa love reading could do just the trick. Ever have thoughts like: “When will I find the love of my life?”, “Why don’t my relationships last very long?” or “Why can’t I seem to find anybody who treats me well?”. In this case, getting love advice to boost your self-confidence from a Psychic Sofa expert is highly recommended. 

    Medium Reading

    Looking to connect with the spirit of a loved one? Seek comfort in knowing you can communicate with them at any time through the help of a psychic medium. They’ll relay messages and information from important people in your life who have passed away. 

    Clairvoyant Reading

    Get a clairvoyant reading to receive clarity in your life, especially if you feel like you have unfinished business or problems coping with the present. By using their third eye and extra-sensory perception, a clairvoyant reader can tap into information and events that you need more information on. This way, you'll be able to see the big picture and take the steps you need to progress in your life. 

    Tarot Card Reading

    Try Psychic Sofa tarot readings to uncover problems in your life and get guidance on how to move forward. For example, issues in relationships, careers, and investments can be understood clearly and thus resolved more easily with this card reading. 

    Astrology Reading

    Another popular reading is the Psychic Sofa horoscope. By using the date, time, and place of your birth to determine the position of the sun, moon, and stars on that day, you can have tremendous insight into your personality, future fortunes, and life plans.

    Angel Card Reading

    By accessing the nurturing energy of angels whose only intentions are to provide you with love and support, an angel card reading will leave you feeling loved, empowered, and shining with positivity. For this type of reading, open-ended questions are encouraged. 


    This involves complicated calculations to reveal your life path number. This number dictates a whole host of things in your life including how successful you’ll be, your personality type, impulses, talents, and, essentially, your life's purpose. 

    Psychic Sofa Available Readings

    Psychic Reading

    Answers to your burning questions will finally be answered with a psychic reading

    Love Reading

    Find out what your love life has in store for you or get romantic advice

    Medium Reading

    Communicate with someone in your life who has passed away

    Clairvoyant Reading

    Get insight on specific events, people, or places in your life

    Tarot Reading

    Using a deck of tarot cards, insights are revealed in your present life as well as your future

    Astrology Reading

    Also known as a horoscope reading, learn more about your personality and future events to come 

    Angel Card Reading

    Tap into the nurturing energy of the angels to seek comfort and peace in times of trouble


    Get a better understanding of who you are and your path in life

    What I Think Of Psychic Sofa

    I think Psychic Sofa is a top-notch website when it comes to psychic readings and free resources. Aside from its talented psychics and readings offered, the Psychic Sofa customer service chat is there to answer any questions you may have so you feel like they’re with you every step of the way.

    I like that you have two different options to communicate with your psychic of choice. You can either have a telephone call or send them an email and get a response within 48 hours. It’s super easy and makes sense if you don't have the time to be on a call. They also have a place on the website where people can ask a question and have a psychic potentially answer it for free. 

    Psychic Sofa Pros & Cons

    Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of Psychic Sofa free readings.



    • Talented psychics that offer a variety of accurate readings
    • Free daily horoscopes for you to read on a regular basis
    • Ask a question to get a potential free answer in the “Ask a Psychic Section” of the site
    • Every week you can enter to win a free psychic reading
    • Articles covering many psychic topics
    • You can have a telephone call with a psychic or send them an email


    • The psychic email service takes 48 hours to reply so if you’re in a rush, this can be a problem
    • The website is only offered in English
    • No mobile applications available for busy ones on the go

    My Conclusion About Psychic Sofa

    In general, Psychic Sofa’s best psychic online readings are of high quality. It's nice that it offers daily horoscopes and other free activities before you even commit to readings.

    The way Psychic Sofa chooses its psychic readers, as well as the content it publishes, gives you the feeling of professionalism and that the advisors know what they’re doing. This is especially important when you enter the world of psychic readings. I would definitely give them a try if you want to get a reading from a qualified and gifted professional.