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    Spiritual Healing Methods

    Spiritual healing covers a wide range of practices ranging from Reiki ‘the laying of the hands’ to release blocked energy, to reading and working with auras, to elaborate ritualistic sessions.

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    Healing of a spiritual nature was practiced in temples of worship from ancient times in Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Jerusalem and the Orient.

    In these modern times, healing is performed by a psychic spiritual healer who can use many different tools including crystals, tarot cards, pendulums and aura soma bottles.

    Spiritual healing is reliant on a belief in the ability of a practitioner to channel healing energy into the person seeking help through different methods.

    If your body is telling you enough is enough there are many spiritual healers online that may be able to help you.

    What is Spiritual Healing?

    Spiritual healing stretches beyond medical treatment incorporating spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures and other interventions.;

    An online psychic healer allows the energy of spirit to flow through them which can help guide, rejuvenate and empower others.

    Spiritual healers have been known to be able to cure back pain, sciatica, depression, stress-related disorders.

    It is also possible to self-spiritual heal by tuning into our energy body which allows the body to heal from inside to out.

    Psychic healing methods and techniques:

    There are distinct types of psychic healing including: spiritual healing, pranic healing and touch healing.

    These are all unique healing types and offer the healer different benefits.

    Psychic healers use many different methods to bring psychic healing to its most beneficial level.

    Some of the most popular techniques used are:

    Crystals: Which possess unique natural properties for healing.

    Acupuncture: Releases negative energy blocks in the body.

    Reiki: Known as ‘laying of the hands’ to heal an affected area.

    Spiritual Healing Methods and The Cosmic Law of Attraction

    One of the core principles of successful spiritual healing is the all-powerful ‘cosmic law of attraction’.

    This pertains before a patient can receive a healing, they must become resonant with the energy of healing.

    A spiritual healer must have the psychic abilities to create such an energy shift within the patient, which allows them to heal.

    Clairvoyant psychics have the power to heal remotely through ‘visualisation’ formulating positive energies and directing it to the person that requires healing.

    Self-Spiritual Healing

    Self-healing refers to the process of recovery, motivated and directed by the patient.

    For psychic self-healing to occur there must be a desire to tap into our natural energies allowing the subconscious mind to heal the body directly.

    As outlined, this occurs from the inside of the body out, our bodies naturally have the capability to heal themselves for example cuts and scratches.

    Self-healing forms the foundation which can help you grow to live a healthy and content life.

    A Spiritual Self-Healing Exercise

    Self-healing exercises energise the body and help to pinpoint imbalanced areas enabling us to attend to our own well-being.

    All exercising should take place in a quiet area and the person should be in a relaxed state.

    Simple techniques include the release of emotions by translating negative energies into positive ones through the mind, our emotions can weaken the immune system.

    Through meditation we can focus on the affected area of the body envisioning a light entering the body, which can encompass this specific area allowing the healing energy to replace the health condition.

    This method of exercise allows healing energies to be received by the body.

    What Does It Mean To Be A Channel For Spiritual Healing?

    A spiritual healer acts as a channel for the patient receiving the healing.

    Channelling is a spiritual healing art where a psychic healer(channel) receives and promotes love, healing and guidance from the higher realms.

    Intuitive healers like clairvoyants perform such healing connecting to the superconscious and divine sources, in performing energy healing by removing negative energy from your energy field.

    All human beings can become a healing channel as we are all spirits and healing is spiritual in nature, many healing channels can also work with spirit guides.

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    Recognize Your Energy:

    There are some common experiences people feel that can help you recognise your energy.

    Temperature changes: You will feel change in your energy field as the neutral spirit energy passes through your system, if healing is focused on the core you may feel cold or when blocks are released you may feel hot as they are removed.

    Movement: You may have the sensation of movements inside the body and feel a cool light breeze or a wave of heat washing over you.

    This is a sign of energy being released from the body.

    Body Sensations: Healing sessions encourage the body to release unhelpful energies.

    There are many innate ways it does this which includes coughing, sneezing or yawning these are all signs that the spiritual energy is working and catalysing changes within your system.

    Physical Sensations: You may feel physical pain or discomfort as spiritual energy works to clear imbalances in the body.

    Whether it’s psychic interactive healing or medium readings for healing, the control of energy is important for all.

    Main Spiritual healing methods:

    Spiritual healing is all about feeling harmony within, so if there is a method of psychic healing that you feel works for you, it is worthwhile developing this technique and making a connection with those who specialise in it.

    Outlined below are some of the main spiritual healing methods.


    One method of spiritual healing is healing touch which uses gentle hand techniques which help re-pattern a patient’s energy field accelerating healing of the body, mind and spirit.

    This method works on the basis humans are energy fields who have constant interaction with others and the environment.

    Healing touch also complements main medical practice used by doctors.

    Therapeutic touch is performed by therapists placing their hands on the patient’s body with the intention to heal, the focus here is to balance the energies of the person to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers.

    While the technique to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness through the life force energy is known as quantum touch, quantum healing is extremely powerful.

    Balancing Chakras

    Practicing chakra healing techniques can be a very powerful way to balance the energy in the body and in doing so create vibrant health in every level.

    Chakra alignment can lead to you feeling healthier, happier and vibrant throughout daily life.

    Healing through the root chakra located at the bottom of the spine can help improve your self confidence and allow you to feel a deeper sense of relaxation.

    Root chakra stones such as bloodstone can help with healing, this semi-precious stone helps with removing negative energy from the body.


    Thoughtforms are energetic patterns which are by products of belief that exist within our aura, they are created by our own thoughts.

    Negative thoughtforms are the product of trauma and incessant negative thoughts, while positive thoughtforms allow for a more effortless, exciting and fulfilling life.

    Combining scientific and metaphysical principles to remediate mental blocks in the subconscious mind, thoughtform healing is a powerful and transformative healing modality.

    Negative thoughtforms can be identified and removed from the mind, leading to positive transformation taking place which can help in all aspects of one’s life including health.

    Pranic healing

    Pranic healing is an effective system of no-touch energy healing.

    It is based on the principles that the body possesses the ability to heal itself and the healing process is accelerated by a life force that is available from the sun, air and ground which can address emotional and physical imbalances.

    Given this principle pranic energy can be found all around us, this surrounding energy which interpenetrates and sustains the physical body can also affect our emotions and relationships and our ability to handle stress.

    A healer can draw on this pranic energy during the healing practice.

    Pranic healing was developed by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and in Sanskrit Pranic means ‘life force’.

    There are many online providers who practice in pranic healing and by browsing you can find one near you.

    Free Spiritual Healing:

    There are many providers of spiritual healing practicing different methods online, some offer free online sessions but generally these come as an overall package of readings which come at a financial cost.

    My Conclusion:

    Due to the recent reports showing spiritual healing helps a person when combined with their traditional medical treatments, these holistic methods of healing are becoming increasingly popular.

    Spiritual healing can be a rejuvenating and uplifting experience during traumatic and trying times for many.

    There are many online providers who practice in different methods of spiritual healing so there is a huge amount of choice, dependent on the type of healing you seek.

    As a bright and welcoming field spiritual healing may just be the treatment for you!