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    Lost Object Readings

    One of the most common requests for a psychic reading is to find a lost object.

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    Psychics use many different tactics for locating a lost object. If you've been searching for something that you no longer can find then a lost object reading may help you locate it.

    But, what is a lost object? How do psychics help find misplaced items? Does a lost object reading really help? We decided to address these questions and go a little deeper into what a misplaced object reading is, and the abilities psychics use to find them.

    What Is a Lost Object?

    A misplaced object can be any item that you no longer can find. Psychics can help you find objects that are recently misplaced or long-lost. If you're looking for a memento left you by loved one, in a house that you don't know, a psychic can help you locate it. Valuables long since missed placed in a filthy basement.

    Perhaps you believe something was taken from your home or misplaced out in the world; psychics can help you located using various means of clairvoyance. A reading can last anywhere for a few minutes to several sessions, depending on the connection you have to the item.

    What Powers Does the Psychic Use to Find Lost Objects?

    Psychics use a variety of different powers; depending on the type of misplaced item you may need various types of abilities. If a lost object may be found through connection with a deceased loved one then the item may be found quicker if you use a medium. However, if no one dead or alive knows where the object is then you will probably need psychics with different abilities. Here are a few of the various methods psychics use to find misplaced objects.


    Psychics use a pendulum to talk to the universe. If you believe that you have a connection to the mystic arts you may even be able to do this at home. There are two ways of using the pendulum to find a lost object.

    The first utilizes the yes-no method. By telling the universe which direction yes is and which direction no is and letting the pendulum swing on its own, you can get answers to yes or no questions.

    Another method of using the pendulum is to let it swing over a map. The map does not have to be a real map; it can even be a drawing of a home or room. Let the pendulum swing over the map and where it falls, there will be the misplaced object.


    Psychics use clairsentience for many kinds of readings. If you are blessed with this gift, then you can use it to find lost items. This gift is hard to learn because it requires you to turn off your logical mind and only feel with vibrations and psychic ability.

    If you believe you possess this extraordinary power you can try it by closing your eyes, clearing your mind, and feeling only with heat and vibrations. Ask aloud or internally where the item is and feel with your clairsentience.


    Many psychics use Clairvoyance to find misplaced objects. Clairvoyance is the ability to see what is-to-be clearly. If you believe you possess the unique skill you can attempt to use it to find your lost item.

    Sit perfectly still close your eyes and meditate upon the object. Open your eyes and ask the question aloud or internally. Use your clairvoyance to see clearly where the item is. A picture will form letting you know where it waits for you.


    A medium can help find a misplaced item that was previously owned by someone who is now deceased. A medium is a connection between the veil of the living and the dead. By asking a medium to help you find your loved ones lost valuables it can make searching much quicker.

    A medium may also be able to find personal belongings. By talking to the spirits who surround us everyday mediums often are able to find misplaced objects.


    Tarot cards can be used to get answers including those of lost things. Other cards that can be used to get guidance in finding lost objects include angel cards and cartomancy. By utilizing a deck of various guides you can receive answers to questions. It takes years to develop an understanding of these cards. If you want to learn this skill we suggest asking an established reader to guide you.

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    Tips for Getting a Better Reading

    Psychic energy feeds off of emotion. No matter which tool a psychic uses you will get a better reading the more emotional you feel. Psychics should stay calm, but the person who lost the object should get in touch with their feelings. Even the best psychics need to ask one of their colleagues for help in finding misplaced things. Here are a few hints to help you get a better reading on a lost object.


    By giving detailed and accurate responses, psychics will be able to tap into the energy around the item. Some questions psychics may need are:

    • how often would you use the object.
    • How close were you to the objects.
    • What are some things you could tell me about the item?
    • Can you describe the item?


    Your psychic may ask you why the item is important. By explaining the emotions, and what you feel around the object just psychic can have a better connection to it. Importance of the item is a key insight into where the thing may be hidden. The energy surrounding all things is amplified by the emotional or physical importance of the object itself.


    Although it may be counterintuitive, feeling emotion can help us psychic make a connection with the lost item. The feelings don't have to be strong, but, especially with empaths pendulum and mediums, emotions can help draw the mystic to the object. Simply express how you feel. If you feel distant and cold, tell the psychic. If your emotions are sorrow or loss, let it be known. No matter what your feeling you will get a better result if you express your emotions.

    Free Lost Object Readings

    A good psychic can help you with a lost object reading and some providers, both genuine and fraudulent, will at times offer a free lost object reading and these offers can prove tempting but make a point of reading the fine print in terms of any such agreement.

    My Conclusion

    There are various ways of finding a misplaced item using psychic abilities. Whether you possess them yourself or you are reaching out to a psychic, you should try to make a connection with the object itself. Psychics who are trained in finding lost objects will help you through the process. It takes years to develop the skills that psychics possess. If you are trying to develop the ability on your own be patient.