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PsychicVOP is a chat-based website that allows you to connect with different types of psychics.

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    It offers a variety of personal readings including dream interpretations, tarot readings, astrology readings, and many more that will give you the inspiration to find contentment in the future.

    Psychic VOP prides itself on three main features. First off, it claims to have psychics with the highest accuracy based on client feedback. Second, PsychicVOP offers free credit towards your first chat session with any psychic. If you are happy with the reading you can then switch to a paid session. Third, you are able to download your chat sessions and also delete them if you are concerned about privacy. 

    PsychicVOP psychics are always on hand, and when it comes to selecting from the many readings, you are able to filter them according to a number of parameters. This helps you narrow down your research, so you can find the right psychic and get started with your spiritual journey straight away.

    PsychicVOP Available Readings - In Detail

    Taking a closer look at PsychicVOP, the services and psychics it offers appear to be of high quality. It is a good sign that it gives you free credits towards your first session. If you are not satisfied, it is not a big deal, as you can simply try a reading with another psychic. This is a huge plus point that gives PsychicVOP an advantage over many other services. If this is your first time getting a psychic reading, then you have nothing to lose by using your free credits. Getting started with your PsychicVOP free reading is easy. You click on ‘Let’s Chat’ and then register. You can then enjoy the free reading of choice. 

    The psychic readers’ profiles are pretty detailed. You can see a bunch of information on them including their rating, the number of sessions they have delivered, reviews, their rates, as well as a very extensive bio. You are also able to see which psychics are online, offline, or busy, and they usually reply to messages within 24-48 hours. 

    The psychics are able to perform a range of different readings. If you are interested in getting a love and relationship reading to get some insight into your connections, it has many experts on the site to help you. If you are a Christian, it even has spiritual Christian readings, which are not commonly offered on other psychic sites. 

    PsychicVOP Available Readings

    Unfortunately, the website does not provide any summary of the readings on offer. So here is a breakdown and explanation of the types of readings available..

    Astrology Readings

    Get a PsychicVOP astrology reading based on your birth chart and horoscope

    Christian Readings

    This is a unique reading specifically designed for those of faith 

    Dream Interpretation

    Have a psychic interpret your dreams so you can decipher what they mean and apply the lessons to your everyday life

    Life Questions

    Have a burning question you can not find the answer to? Let one of PsychicVOP’s best psychics answer the questions that are holding you back

    Love & Relationship

    Wondering if you have love in your future or if a relationship will survive? This type of reading will help you find out 

    Psychic Readings

    If you have any general questions about your past, present, and future, a psychic reading is the best choice for you 

    Spiritual Readings

    Get this type of reading to tap into your spiritual side and higher self

    Tarot Readings

    Receive insights about what the future has in store based on tarot cards

    What Do I Think Of PsychicVOP?

    I think PsychicVOP online readings are a great start if you are looking for high-quality psychics that offer a range of different readings. You can easily sort through the different psychics and their information is clearly listed on the website. This makes it feel like they are not hiding anything.

    A minor downside is that the only available option to contact them is through chat. It is nice to have the option to speak to someone on the phone for a few reasons. Hearing someone's voice over the phone makes the meeting more personal. Also, if you are not tech-savvy, and do not know how to use chat, a phone would be a better option. 

    Chat can be a good option if you are not able to speak on the phone or the room you are in is noisy. At the end of the day, when you are seeking crucial answers to important questions, it is all a matter of preference. 

    My favorite feature is its welcome offer as it gives you free credit towards your first chat with a psychic. The fact that I do not have to commit to one particular psychic and can try out different ones at no risk is really appealing to me and I am sure others as well.

    PsychicVOP Pros & Cons

     Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of getting a PsychicVOP online reading.


    • A clear website that is easy to use
    • Free welcome offer towards your first session
    • Download and delete your chats
    • High accuracy of psychic readers
    • Variety of psychic readers
    • Active social media presence


    • The types of readings are listed but do not have explanations
    • You can only have a session with a psychic via chat
    • No mobile app for iPhone or Android
    • No PsychicVOP customer service chat on the website

    My Conclusion About PsychicVOP

    PsychicVOP psychic readings are a good option for those who want a chat-based psychic reading. If you prefer to talk over the phone and not chat, then this website is probably not for you. However, if you do decide to try it out, you get free credits towards your first chat session. That is definitely a plus in my book. 

    To conclude my PsychicVOP review, I want to stress that the psychics offered are of high quality and are able to provide accurate readings. I can not stress how important this is when choosing a psychic. You want someone with extensive experience as well as plenty of positive reviews. 

    In today’s day and age, where online privacy is becoming a big issue, being able to delete your chat history, especially with something so personal, is so important, so this is another big plus for many.