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Purple Garden is an app offering a variety of different psychic readings, with most aspects of the field covered including love and relationships, tarot, astrology, fortune telling and more.

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    Primarily chat-based, most of the service can be done on the go. But unlike most of their direct rivals, they have an app, where most of the contact with each of the readers can be established and the majority. In this review, I will dissect the pros and cons of the website and give my honest opinion of how it stacks up against its competitors, as well as outlining exactly what kind of service they offer.


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    What is Purple Garden?

    Purple Garden helps bridge the gap between the internet and psychics, and aims to help dispel the naysayers, who do not believe in the art of psychics and the supernatural. ‘Psychic’ doesn’t just mean one specific service, but a whole notion, with many different aspects. I searched through the Purple Garden website to see what they offer, and they do cover a lot of the options, from fortune telling to the talk and relationship and career forecasts. Their expert readers are given star ratings, so it is easy to know who trust.

    Purple Garden’s Available Readings

    AstrologyThe notion of telling your future and certain personality traits depending on what your Zodiac sign is. Usually through Horoscopes.
    TarotFinding out information from your past, present and future with the use of cards and the images that can be seen on them
    Love and relationshipsConnecting you with your soulmate or helping you decipher whether marriage or divorce may be a good idea.
    Dream AnalysisAnalysing dreams and telling you what they mean. It is believed that your dreams are the way your subconscious communicates with you.
    Psychic MediumsA wide selection of mediums capable of contacting deceased loved ones and pets
    Career forecastHelping you see whether you should make a particular career move or whether a promotion could be in order.
    Angel insightsA way of connecting with beings that surround us that cannot be perceived

    Purple Garden’s Available Readings in detail

    As I have already mentioned, Purple Garden covers a host of different aspects of the psychic belief. Most of their competitors offer similar opportunities for help with career forecasts as well as Tarot card readings. I would say these are probably among the most ridiculed of the readings available, but they are dealt with in a huge amount of detail on Purple Garden, which is a huge plus for them. Where they stand out most is their palm readings; you may look at this at think it is crazy, just as I did, because let’s face it, how can you get a palm Reading from an online service? Well, the live video chat option, which other websites don’t have, allows the readers to replicate it and get accurate results. It is certainly very impressive.

    Relationship and career forecasts are more therapeutic than they are psychic, but each of the readers are experts in their fields, as their star ratings and reviews will suggest. They are trained and will be able to help you decide whether you should make a step in either aspect in your life, or if anything is going to change. Dream analysis is something that can be incredibly helpful, too. If you’ve had a particularly disturbing sleep, or you believe your subconscious is trying to tell you something, then you can get extensive help for this. As someone who has had issues with bad dreams and nightmares, I would find this to be particularly helpful. Purple Garden are an an American-based company, so another area they excel in is Angel insights. The USA is statistically the country which most believes in Angels, and these readings can be particularly helpful if you are wanting to contact a spirit from the other side. For example, if you have just lost somebody close to you. Ghosts are also covered, which is handy.

    As for fortune telling, arguably the most popular and common form of psychic service, found at fairgrounds as well as on specialist websites and parlours, that is something that certainly features very heavily on Purple Garden. You can find out what you want about your future, and the beauty of these different elements is that they often cross over. Your fortune can be about marriage, or a job, or your future happiness.

    Crucially, you don’t have to be an expert when it comes to exploring what it means to be psychic or believe in psychics. Purple Garden doesn’t make the entire ideology seem ridiculous, and you can test the water by checking out any of their readers.

    What do we think of Purple Garden?

    Overall, I was happy with what I saw from Purple Garden. It is easy to find the right person to fit your needs and you can really tailor your own experience. But they should really look at constructing a genuine website as currently, only an app is available.; while I said you didn’t have to be an expert to enjoy the service, and it can be a very good way to learn all of the tricks of the trade, it would certainly help to know what you are looking for before you reach the website itself. The search bar at the top doesn’t give you much help in navigating it. There is also no way on contact the website directly, and it does feel as though it is just an advert for the app which, in itself, is very good. But I did feel that Purple Garden may be marginalising a lot of potential customers by focussing so much on the app. On the flip side of that, using the app made it easier to get my psychic fix on the go. They could also work on their social media use; Facebook seems to be used a lot, while Twitter and Instagram, the most popular and quickest to use, are not getting the attention they perhaps should.

    In terms of the content itself, dream analysis is something that I personally would find very helpful. That is something that you cannot get elsewhere, unlike love and relationship advice. I would find it very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring it all. Personally, I think there is a lot to work on for Purple Garden on their production, but their service is first class.