Psychic World Reviewed: Is it the Site You're Looking For?

Psychic world is a platform that aligns people with professional psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants the world over. It has some solid credentials, having formerly been owned by the American Association of Psychics.

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    Now with new owners and guiding independently, Psychic World operates its own manifesto that aims to live up to empathetic values and bring the divine into people’s daily lives.

    Psychic World is  welcoming to anyone that’s new to psychic readings and has clear options to help you get started, whether that’s with popular types of reading like tarot or less common varieties like Mayan astrology. 

    In this review I take a look in detail at all of the services on offer, the pros and cons of using the site and whether it’s worth your time and money.

    Psychic World’s Available Readings - In Detail

    Psychic World offers an incredibly wide range of services; some of which you might not find from other psychic websites.

    Several of the niche ones I found were graphology readings, spirit channelling and psychic healing. If you’re brand new to the psychic world, are a little skeptical or are just looking to give it a go for fun, Psychic World offers a 50% discount introductory offer to try out one of their psychics and see if the reading was what you were looking for. Currently, the offer is only $10 to chat for 15 minutes with one of the site’s psychics.

    A number of contact options are also available for you like video chat, phone call or email. Psychic World offers 100% anonymous readings via text message too. 

    After the introductory offer, the readings aren’t too pricey either, with most psychics starting from around $2 per minute for their time. Each psychic sets their own rates based on experience and the amount of readings offered, so bear in mind you could be paying a premium for the more experienced advisors.

    Depending on what you’re looking for, Psychic World online readings are broken down into a few basic categories like ‘tarot specialists’ and relationship experts’. You can easily search through dozens of psychics that are always available, however. Psychic World has such a wide array of services it would be very surprising if you couldn’t find the reading you were looking for.

    Psychic World Available Readings

    Angel card Reading TypesThe psychic will seek answers to card readings guided by angels.
    AstrologyPredicting your future through your zodiac sign and the movements of the stars and planets.
    Career and finance readingsIf you’re looking for guidance on a career or financial choices, these psychic readings will typically help you make the correct decisions.
    ChannelingThe psychic channels spirits directly through them to pass on messages to you.
    ClairvoyanceThe clairvoyant will read what the future holds for you. You may have specific questions or be looking for a more general prediction of what might be in store for you.
    Contacting deceased loved onesThe psychic will channel messages from lost loved ones.
    Dream interpretationThe psychic will interpret your dreams to help you make sense of your subconscious and the world around you.
    EmpathsThose with the ability to sense and absorb adverse emotions and physical symptoms of others.
    Finding lost objectsThe psychic will help you find any lost valuables and objects. Nice and easy.
    GraphologyYour future will be interpreted and you’ll be offered guidance and advice following the analysis of your handwriting.
    Love and relationship readingsFind out what the future has in store for your love life and relationship.
    Pet readingsThe psychic may tell you what your pet is thinking or feeling and you can even reach out to deceased pets.
    Photo readingsBy reading the photo of a loved one, a psychic can reveal hidden feelings and gain insight and answers to any questions you have.
    This is a type of healing that involves transferring energy from the psychic to the one receiving the healing. This can be done with the assistance of a spirit guide or via the psychic directly manipulating the cells of the one they are healing.
    Psychic healingWe each of us have a spirit guide. This service lets you tap directly into their guidance and advice.
    Spirit guide readingsSymbolon cards readings draw out deeply hidden thoughts and uncover past lives.
    Symbolon card readingThe use of specialist cards to read your future in a practice dating back hundreds of years.
    Tarot readingsThe use of specialist cards to read your future in a practice dating back hundreds of years.

    What I think of Psychic World

    Psychic World truly has an amazing array of readings available – perhaps one of the largest of any online psychic reading site. They really do have just about every type of reading available so can definitely cater to everyone. It's a solid site for both those brand new to psychic readings and those who know exactly what they want. The site makes it easy for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

    Coming from a strong pedigree of the American Association of Psychics, it also has access to some of the world’s best psychics online. Much like many similar sites, each psychic has a profile with a number of attached reviews. However, one of the real standout features is the sheer number of reviews the psychics have on Psychic World. Many individually boast hundreds of five-star reviews, while the site itself claims over 73,000 satisfied users.

    Psychic World also operates a strong vetting procedure. Background checks are carried out on each advisor before they’re allowed to operate on the site, alongside social media checks and a review of a particular psychic’s online presence. Finally, each affiliate must undergo an interview and test reading and is also subject to ongoing testing in order to remain on the site.

    There really is little to fault with Psychic World, and if I had to pick some minor issues, they would be that some of the psychics can be a little pricey, the profiles could stand to contain more details and the policy isn’t completely clear on what to do if you have a bad reading. Other than that, there really isn’t anything else to complain about.

    Psychic World - Pros & Cons


    • Excellent range of readings and services
    • Strong vetting procedures for psychics
    • Variety of methods to connect with psychics, including phone, live chat, email and text message
    • Bonus introductory offers
    • Free weekly readings on offer via social media
    • All major credit cards accepted


    • The policy isn’t completely clear on disputes over bad readings. Psychic World asks you to email to discuss your case
    • The psychic’s profiles could stand to be a little more detailed
    • No satisfaction guarantee

    My conclusion Of Psychic World

    Psychic World is definitely up there near the top of the list of online psychic sites. The high quality vetting procedures and large number of positive reviews for each psychic guarantees you’ll be getting a good service. 

    In addition, the variety of readings on offer means you’ll be able to find the service you’re looking for. While the dispute process isn’t completely clear, Psychic World does aim to resolve any problems you have within 24 hours and it relies on its good reputation to ensure customer satisfaction.

    If you’re looking to give psychics a go for the first time, the low introductory rates make it largely risk free to try out. And for those who are regular visitors to psychics, you’ll be able to find reasonable rates to keep you coming back.