Psychic Stars: Learn All You Need to Know in This Review

Psychic Stars is a prepaid psychic reading service that was established back in 1990. Having provided guidance and insight for 30 years, the psychics on its website are extremely gifted and have years of experience in the field.

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    You can be sure to trust the Psychic Stars network as it has a proven background and solid expertise in delivering accurate readings.  

    Its 24/7 customer service representatives are available by phone or email to answer any questions you might have. There are various welcome offers to enjoy, such as your first reading at $1 a minute. It also offers a special bonus of 5 minutes free after your first paid reading.

    Psychic Stars reviews and testimonials by its customers are clearly listed on the site and can be easily found by clicking the testimonials tab in the main navigation menu. 

    while its readings are affordable, Psychic Stars promises to give your money back if you are not satisfied with a reading. It is risk free, so it really makes trying it a no-brainer.  

    Psychic Stars Available Readings - In Detail

    Psychic Stars have a variety of reading to suit anyone looking for guidance and clarity in their lives. You never have to feel hopeless as Psychic Stars online psychics are available 24/7 and can give you a reading whenever you feel you need to talk something through, or simply need to hear a unique perspective.

    Psychic Star readings can provide you with information to improve your life, relationships, careers, investments, family and so much more. The psychics will use a range of different tools and techniques to give you the most helpful readings possible.

    Interested in getting a tarot card reading? Ask a psychic a question and then draw cards. The psychic will then interpret the cards as it pertains to your own life. 

    Want to get a reading based on your star sign? Get an astrology reading to find out more about your destiny. 

    Want to get specific insights on your future, the people in your life, or the place you should live? Try out a clairvoyant reading to provide you with a crystal clear vision or to unblock any energies that are keeping you from moving forward. 

    Psychic Stars Available Readings

    Psychic Stars offers many types of readings for you to take advantage of. Its gifted psychics will help to answer all of your questions. 

    If you are not sure which type of reading to go for first, try the one that resonates or speaks to you most. 

    Psychic Reading

    This type of reading is perfect for anyone who wants to get perspective on their past, present, or future. It is a great first reading to try if you are new to the world of psychism. 

    Tarot Card Reading

    This card reading has been around since ancient times. It relies on the psychic to interpret a deck of tarot cards. You then take the interpretations from the cards drawn and apply it to your life. 

    Clairvoyant Reading

    A clairvoyant psychic will use their third eye to see into specific aspects of your life. They usually tend to focus on particular times, people, and places. They can also uncover repressed memories or help you move past situations that have made you feel stuck. 

    Medium Reading

    If you have ever lost a loved one, a medium reading can help you communicate and receive messages from them. It is a great way to heal yourself from the pain of loss.  

    Spiritual Readings

    Get a spiritual reading that will help you tap into your higher consciousness and give you the tools you need to start your journey of spirituality and self-improvement.

    Astrology Reading

    A psychic will use your birth information as well as the planetary positions on that day to give you an astrological reading. This reading will give you more information on your personality and your life’s path. 

    Love and Relationship Reading

    If you are having trouble in paradise or are simply lonely and want to find your one true love, this type of reading will give you the strength and knowledge you need. 

    Energy Reading

    This type of reading uses crystals and other tools to sense your energy and restore balance. Try this along with reiki for maximum results. 

    What Do I Think Of Psychic Stars

    I think Psychic Stars is a well-trusted website to find talented and gifted psychics. As it has been around for plenty of years, this makes me more inclined to try its services. The Psychic Stars psychics offer many types of readings and have extensive experience in their fields. 

    Also, I like that I can try out different readings at a low cost. The offers available make Psychic Stars risk free, so you can try out the various readings until you find the best match. 

    Psychic Stars Pros & Cons

    These are the different pros and cons to getting Psychic Stars readings


    • Clearly displayed testimonials on its website
    • Quality psychics with years of experience
    • Money-back guarantee
    • 24/7 customer service via phone or email
    • Psychic blog with excellent articles to read
    • Specializes in love and relationship readings


    • No Psychic Stars chat in case you prefer not to have a telephone reading
    • No mobile app for iPhone or Android
    • No daily horoscope readings

    My conclusion about Psychic Stars

    In my experience, Psychic Stars is a useful website if you are looking for quality readings and psychics. The experience of the psychics is key and should be your priority when choosing a reliable psychic service. Therefore, it would be one of my first options for getting a reading online. 

    Though the website does not look the nicest and it is not that easy to navigate, this is the place to go to get an accurate reading and start on your path to success. Take it from me, you will not be disappointed.