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    Learn How to Properly Interperate Dreams

    A dream is made up of a succession of images, emotions, ideas and sensations that happen in the mind of a person involuntarily during specific stages of sleep.

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    By understanding the combinations of these elements, you can understand the meaning of the dream and determine how the individuals mind works and their thinking while dreaming.

    Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams.

    Findings in modern research have found that dreams we have are about things that have preoccupied the mind.

    A dream character who helps the dreamer with exploring the dreamworld is known as a ‘dream guide’.

    Dream guides are very supportive for those who have nightmares in their sleep, they can help you control dreams and become lucid or get you out of dangerous, painful situations when dreaming.

    As dreams can sometimes be compelling and be linked to our everyday life many believe there is some meaning to our dreams.

    This has led dream interpretation to become very popular and led people to try and understand what do dreams mean.

    What is dream analysis?

    The therapeutic process of dream analysis examines the contents seen in a dream by the dreamer known as the ‘manifest content’.

    From this ‘manifest content’ so the hopes and fears from the dream can be determined which is known as the ‘latent content’.

    Dream analysis is the process of examining the ‘manifest content’ of a person’s dream to determine the ‘latent content’.

    Dream analysts perform this process to help us understand our dream meanings.

    There are many online dream analysts providing a ‘dream analysis’ service, which can help you understand the true meaning of your dreams.

    Psychic Dream Interpretation

    Seeing or perceiving future events through extrasensory perception is known as ‘Precognition’.

    This Phenomena occurs mainly in our dreams.

    Psychic dreams can be visions while dreaming of actual events taken place before they happen. 

    Generally psychic dreams involve people who we know and are close to, some people do have psychic dreams on tragic events around the world known also as ‘warning dreams’ but these are a rarity.

    It is common after a person has a ‘psychic dream’ that they can come true in the future days, months or years ahead.

    When it comes to understanding a psychic dream’s meaning an analytical approach using dream interpretation can help give guidance to determine firstly it is a ‘psychic dream’ and what its true meaning is.

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    Main Types of Psychic Dreams:

    Our dream content maybe the first sign of psychic ability.

    There are different types of psychic dreams which can foretell a future event or happening in our life.

    Most of these psychic dreams can be literal and symbolic, you may dream about a meeting or event exactly as it will occur or a family relation you may not have seen in a while and meet them the next day.

    Below outlined are the different types of psychic dreams:

    Clairvoyant Dreams:

    Clairvoyant dreams can be literal and symbolic and normally give information about the past or present.

    For example, you may dream about something that might be a news item the next day, or your dream maybe about a historic event or an occurrence in a past life.

    Like a lot of psychic dreams these dreams are generally connected to someone or somewhere you know or an object you saw or touched.

    If you have had clairvoyant dreams it is worthwhile to go to have a reading with a clairvoyant medium.

    Their psychic abilities may help you understand the true meaning of the dream.

    Precognitive Dreams:

    A precognitive dream predicts a future event, it maybe you dream about a friend that you meet the next day or you dream of winning the lottery days before you buy the winning ticket.

    These dreams can have both positive and negative meanings, some people can dream about a death of a loved one or friend before their passing.

    Symptoms of precognitive dreams is that normally they are among the most vivid dreams one can have and some can also continue to reoccur, while the main symptom is that they occur after you have the dream. 

    It can sometimes be difficult to interpret the meaning of a precognitive dream as some predicted events may not happen for many years later.

    A person with precognitive abilities may have the following signs: you have vivid dreams, déjà vu is a common occurrence for you, you know and can interpret things that haven’t been explained to you.

    Clairaudient Dreams: Clairaudience is the psychic ability of ‘clear hearing’, clairaudience tends mainly to occur when we are dreaming.

    A person who is known as a clairaudient tends to have these psychic abilities.

    The dreams involve the hearing of distinct clear voices or sounds, the voice can appear out of nowhere in the dream with no physical source.

    To understand the true meaning of the dream, it is important to pay attention to the message conveyed, or sound you hear.

    After having the dream, it can be useful to write down the message.

    Telepathic Dreams: Telepathy is the ability to be able to transmit words, feelings or images to somebody else’s mind or to communicate with someone mentally.

    Telepathic dreams occur when a person communicates with another person while dreaming.

    You may have a conversation with a person or share a dream with a person, telepathy in dreams can take place with pets also not just humans.

    Lucid Dreams: Lucid dreams are dreams where the dreamer becomes aware, they are dreaming.

    As part of a lucid dream the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, the narrative and the environment.  

    How to contact Psychic Dream Analysers Online:

    You can discover the meanings of your dreams by contacting a dream analyst online.

    Reputable online dream analyst providers include Kasamba, California Psychics and Keen.

    Dream Interpretations for Free

    Dreams are there to tell us something. In most cases, it will be enough that you interpret them yourself with the help of a guide. 

    Not always, though. If there's a dream you can't quite understand, or that keeps recurring, you may want to talk to a professional and get to the bottom of it.

    However, life is busy and expensive, so visiting someone well versed is not always an option. Don't despair in that case, but get a free psychic reading. Most often, these offers exist online to sway the cynics into the fascinating world of the mind.

    Even if you do believe, take advantage of this. Think about it - you get an absolutely free psychic reading that helps you dive deep into the subconscious world of your dreams. Even if you're not persuaded, don't disregard them. 

    As we just explained, dreams are much more than meets the eye. Understanding them could help you resolve many issues and set you on a path to betterment.

    My Conclusion:

    Understanding what our dreams mean is becoming more and more popular.

    With dream interpretation it is now possible to understand what types of dreams we are having and what the meaning behind them is.

    If you are interested in finding out the meaning behind a specific dream there are many psychic dream analysers online to help you determine what’s in your dreams!