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    Get Information on The Types of Spells and Their Benefits

    A Spell is a magical formula which can be spoken, sung or chanted, intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or objects.

    Spells are intended to influence physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of the real world.

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    When casting a spell, the required need is identified, and the ultimate goal of the spell is determined.

    There are many different types of spells including love & attraction spells and money spells.

    Psychic real spells are generally divided into black and white, with white spells aiming to produce beneficial results, while black spells are used for more evil purposes.

    What is a Spell?

    A spell when used as part of an act of magic can influence or cause a particular set of events.

    The use of spells and the belief in them is universal since ancient times, methods vary according to culture, but all spelling is based on ritual.

    Love spells can empower you to attract love, find new relationships or even return a lost love into your life.

    There are many types of spells of magic ranging from Voodoo magic to Egyptian Spells to Wiccan magic all are divided into two main categories Black and White magic.

    For those looking for a positive change in their life without affecting or harming anyone else a Wiccan spell maybe for you, Wicca is based on the idea of harm to none.

    Common wiccan spells include those used for healing, protection, fertility or to banish negative influences.

    Change your life spells are also very popular they can help uncover your purpose and help you live in alignment with your true self.

    Spell Levels:

    Level of spells are an attribute of functional magic, where each known spell is categorised based on its power.

    Magic also permeates fantasy gaming worlds and often appears in the form of a spell.

    In dungeons and dragons(D&D), warlock (male witch) spell levels in 5e range from zero to nine and on casting a warlock spell of 1st level or higher a spell slot is expended.

    For example, a Warlock with level 3 spells has 2 slots and they know 4 spells and they are casted as if they were 2nd level spells.

    This spell level is a good indicator of how powerful the spell is with the lowly ‘Sense Emotion’ at level 1 and the earth shaking ‘Imprisonment’ at level 9.

    Types of Spells:

    There are many different types of spells from banishing spells which is a ritual to cast something or someone out of your life, to binding spells which stops someone behaving in a certain way.

    There are also the afore mentioned love spells, money spells and career spells which can help lead you to a life of prosperity and tranquillity.

    While spiritual protection spells can make one feel safe or can help protect loved ones from illness or death.

    Magic spells can be separated into two categories: white and black magic spells.

    ‘White’ magic is generally used for healing and positive change such types include High Magic and Low Magic spells which are aimed towards spiritual growth and higher purposes.

    While ‘Black’ tends to be much more dangerous in trying to manipulate the free will of people.

    Spell Slots

    Spell slots refer to how many spells can be cast, a spellcaster can only cast a limited number of spells before a rest.

    In D&D 5e spell slots include a spellcasting class description which use a table showing how many spell slots of each spell level a character can use at each character level.

    For example, a fourth level wizard has four 1st level spell slots and three 2nd level spell slots.

    While a level four warlock has 2 slots and they know 5 spells and they are casted as if they were 2nd level spells.

    Clerics combine the magic of healing and the power of inspiration with their spells which may harm or hinder foes.

    In D&D a level four Cleric has four 1st level spell slots and three second level slots.


    Cantrips in D&D 5e are spells which don’t use up spell slots, they can be cast at the same time a spell is cast using a bonus action.

    Each character in D&D 5e has a list of cantrips they can use at each specific level, a wizard at level 1 starts with 3 cantrips.

    While druids focus their spells on nature and life, in D&D 5e they have two cantrips at level 1 available to them.

    Love Spells:

    Psychic love spells are the attention desire or wish performed through a ritual or chant to produce effects related to love – help find a partner or new relationship.

    A spellcaster can conduct a love spell simply by charging a candle and communicating your wish to it through words, song, dance or telepathically before lighting the wick.

    Love spell chants take on the form of incantation that refer to a set of magical words.

    Do love spells work? Research shows that the success of spells in mending a broken heart is connected to the placebo effect.

    Beginners are advised to start with simple love spells using spell candles, there are many online providers offering free love spells, who can help you find your true love.

    Money Spells:

    Since the birth of civilisation money has played a fundamental role in society.

    Money spells can help change our views and goals regarding our expectations when it comes to our financial situation.

    Spells include ones which can attract money instantly such as the ‘money-doubling spell’ which can help you double your monies or ‘the money spell’ using a green candle representing money.

    Simpler money spells include ‘the money bag’, this simple money bag attraction goes on the premise money attracts money, while making a batch of money soap may also bring prosperity.

    White magic spells:

    White magic spells are referred to as the use of super-natural powers for selfless purposes, they usually refer to healing or helping to obtain a positive change in life.

    Spells include those to bring prosperity, radiant good health and can also help to bring love into one’s life.

    White magic love spells for beginners include casting a love spell during a waxing moon preferably on a Friday, as Friday is dedicated to Venus the goddess of love and a waxing moon favours attraction, it is also recommended to start with spell candles or candle magic.

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    Ritual magic is one of the oldest conceptions of magic, it is the method of casting spells based on the performance of words, actions and offerings at specific places and times.

    Rituals using sea salt can attract money, by spreading some salt on the front and back door of your property this is believed to bring wealth.

    Through rituals you may also be able to attract love, wiccan love rituals recognise the powerful energy contained in the universes four elements; earth, wind, fire and water, to cast effective love spells.

    Casting a Spell:

    The most widely known characteristic of a witch is to cast a spell consisting of a set of words, a formula, verse or ritual action through the release of energy.

    One of the most popular spells witches cast is a circle of protection which can protect you from negative energies that are commonplace in the world today.

    In D&D there are three different types of spellcasting, warlocks use Charisma, while wizards and tricksters use INT and druids and clerics use Wisdom.

    The spell description includes the spell's name, level, school of magic, casting time, range, components, duration and the spell's effect.

    To cast a spell as a ritual in D&D 5e, a spellcaster must have a feature that grants the ability to do so, both clerics and druids have such a feature.

    Casting Time:

    When it comes to the best time to cast your spells, magic rituals vary but all are based on the four phases of the moon – New Moon, Waxing Moon, Waning Moon and the Full Moon.

    The best time to cast a love spell is during a waxing moon which favours attraction, moon spells and love spells are known to move in unison.

    In D&D 5e each creature has a spellcasting ability for example a druid’s is Wisdom, since their magic is drawn upon devotion to nature, wisdom is used whenever a spell refers to a spellcasting ability. A spell attack bonus in D&D 5e is your spellcasting ability modifier plus your proficiency bonus.

    Free Spells:

    There are many free spellcasters online some do offer both free love and money spell readings online, which are generally part of an overall package of readings.

    But when searching for free online spells it is worth remembering to always do your research well.

    My Conclusion:

    Psychic spellcasters can provide spells that work and yield results which can help with love and relationships, financial issues or to protect you or loved ones from illness and death.

    Magic also permeates fantasy gaming worlds and often appears in the form of a spell.

    If you are interested in finding out more there are many online spellcasters waiting to hear from you!