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    How to Know if Your Chakras are Aligned

    Chakra healing is essential for achieving wellbeing and inner peace but not everyone recognizes the benefits or that their astral body exists at all. The truth is, though, we all have seven chakra points running up our spines, known as the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras. Each one is connected to a gland in our bodies and radiates specific energy that needs healing from time to time. 

    There are certain techniques we can use to make sure our chakras stay open and are always in perfect alignment. Thankfully, chakra healing isn’t difficult and can be done by everyone with just a few easy tips. 

    Aligning Your Chakras

    The Food You Eat: Understanding the colors of your chakra points is key to certain methods for aligning them. You can give attention to the different chakras that are closed up and congested by paying attention to these colors, like with what you eat, for example. Choosing nutritional foods that are the same color as your closed chakras will help you balance them. 

    Third Eye - Indigo
    Crown - Violet
    Root - Red
    Sacral - Orange
    Solar Plexus - Yellow
    Heart - Green
    Throat - Blue

    Essential Oils: Essential oils provide a host of benefits but most importantly, they can be used to help you balance your chakras. Whether you apply them directly or inhale them, their inherent properties resonate with our chakras and can cleanse them with little to no effort on your part. Be sure when applying oils directly to your skin that they’re first diluted accordingly. 

    Sounds: This one might seem surprising, but our chakras also respond to the frequencies of sound and each chakra has its own unique note. This might be a lot easier for the musically trained people out there, but listening to music in these particular notes will stimulate and open the relative chakras. Listening to your favorite music plays a significant role in chakra healing and is generally good for improving your overall wellbeing.

    Third Eye - A
    Crown - B
    Root - C
    Sacral - D
    Solar Plexus - E
    Heart - F
    Throat - G

    Last Words

    Even if you don’t believe in it, chakra healing could be the answer to what’s going wrong in your life and it doesn’t take much effort to do. Some tips can easily become a part of your everyday schedule or with just a bit of planning before the day starts, like what colors to wear or eat, for example. These few simple steps can make sure your chakra points stay open and perfectly aligned, bringing much-needed harmony into your life.