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    What Is Your Sun Sign?

    For most people, their first foray into the world of astrology is through reading a horoscope. Those people who read their horoscope online are looking at their sun sign. There are twelve familiar sun signs, and they are determined through the month and day of your birth.

    These sun signs are a description of your overall personality traits. They have been popularized over the years, and many people are familiar with the characters, motivations, and qualities associated with sun signs. They are more commonly known as the signs of the zodiac.

    So exactly what is a horoscope? A horoscope is a descriptive prediction a psychic gives about events in a person’s life, in line with the positions of celestial objects and the sun sign.

    Sun Sign Dates

    These dates can shift each year so if you are born on the cusp check which sign you are being represented by.

    • Aries: March 19th to April 18th
    • Taurus: April 19th to May 19th
    • Gemini: May 20th to June 19th
    • Cancer: June 20th to July 21st
    • Leo: July 22nd to August 21st
    • Virgo: August 22nd to September 21st
    • Libra: September 22nd to October 21st
    • Scorpio: October 22nd to November 20th
    • Sagittarius: November 21st to December 20th
    • Capricorn: December 21st to January 18th
    • Aquarius: January 19th to February 18th
    • Pisces: February 19th to March 18th

    The Astrological Meaning Of Sun Signs

    Just as the sun is at the center of our universe, your personality is at your core. Your sun sign is a description of your dominant personalities. Each of the twelve signs is different and will react to situations uniquely. This makes every group so fascinating given we are all so distinctive.

    You can also become more aware of your potential if you read a daily horoscope online. Here you see how your sun sign personality impacts future predictions. Plus, it makes for a great activity to share with friends and colleagues. Those immersed in the practice can often identify a person’s sun sign by their personality traits.

    If you know someone’s sun sign you can get to know them quicker and understand them more empathetically. You will be more aware of both the positive and negative sides of their characters. Whether you have a friendship, a romance, or a professional relationship with this person, you will be able to syncopate with them.

    What Each Sun Sign Means

    All sun signs have both positive and negative attributes.  Accordingly, by getting to know your sign, you can work on yourself to accentuate the positive and turn around the negative.

    • Aries is bold and ambitious. One born under this sign must take care to not become selfish and foolhardy.
    • Taurus is calm and very thoughtful. Taureans are rather dominant figures that can become very stubborn.
    • The twins of Gemini are naturally curious and extremely witty in conversation. On the downside, Geminis can become deceitful as they can be cunning.
    • Cancer is emotional, loving, and intuitive. They are very nurturing people and will protect their charges. They can become moody and indecisive.
    • Leos enjoy being in the spotlight and will not be afraid to hold back their opinions. They make great leaders as long as they curtail the tendency to be pompous.
    • Virgos are practical, intelligent, and wonderfully analytical. However, they could become overly critical of themselves and others.
    • Libras look for balance and harmony and make great diplomats. In weighing up decisions, they may falter so they should be more decisive in action.
    • Scorpio is a passionate sign and people are drawn to their magnetic personalities. Their assertiveness will see them reach their goals but they must avoid being compulsive and obsessive.
    • The Sagittarius seeks adventure and craves freedom. This intelligent sun sign is enthusiastic about all they do but they can be a touch careless about it.
    • Capricorns are very disciplined people. They are cautious by nature and are very cool when put under pressure. This resilience can become selfish if not kept in check.
    • Aquarius is the friendliest sign of the zodiac. These individuals will be honest and loyal to you. Moreover, these independent thinkers can be creative which could lead them to be tactless.
    • A Pisces has a wild imagination which can be a little impractical. This makes them fun to be around. They are open to new ideas but sometimes these are not realistic.


    Learning about sun signs is a fun way to identify people and appreciate their personalities. It will add more meaning to your understanding of your daily horoscope online. Furthermore, comprehending these personality traits is a way of learning how to deal with the many behaviors people exhibit daily.