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    Why Do I Dream Every Night About My Dead Grandmother?

    Our dreams are powerful indicators of what’s on our minds, as well as giving us clues to our wants, desires, and any issues we are facing in our lives. To have recurring dreams is usually a sign of something in our life that is unacknowledged. The dreams can persist until we take action, let go, or make our peace with someone or something.

    Some dreams can be taken at face value, whereas others require interpretation to help us get to the heart of their meaning. The simple process of dreaming can help us deal with the activities of daily life, but it can also connect us to the unseen energies of the universe.

    Dreams of Someone Who Has Passed

    Losing a loved one is hard. Processing the emotions and the distinct feeling of loss can be challenging. These feelings can arise in different ways, sometimes in our dreams, and they’re part of letting go of a loved one.

    When a dream features someone close to you, such as your grandmother, and they have died, it can be a sign that you are having a hard time letting go. If there were unresolved issues in your relationship, the recurring dreams could be a sign that you need to make peace and move on.

    Saying Goodbye

    Many steps of the grieving process are there to help us say goodbye to the departed so that we can both be at peace. This may happen at a funeral or a memorial. However, if there are more things that you wanted to say to someone, or you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, you might find yourself dwelling on your loved one who’s gone.

    Another way to express your feelings is to get the help of a clairvoyant. They can connect you with someone who has passed and can deliver your messages to them. This allows you both to be at peace. You may find you have one or two more fond dreams of the person, but it should set your mind at rest.

    Dealing With Loss

    Coping with the death of a loved one is a difficult time. If there is something that you need to say, or even if you just want to say goodbye properly, finding someone that can help connect you to their spirit can help you to process your emotions and let go.