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    Numerology: How To Calculate Your Life Path In Numbers

    Have you heard anyone say that they have a lucky number? Most people have heard that 7 is lucky and 13 is unlucky. Numbers are an integral part of our identity as they are assigned to us as times and dates.

    There are numbers everywhere and we can better understand the world around us by looking at the numerical patterns that embroider our daily lives. So, what is numerology? Numerology can be explained as the study and interpretation of the spiritual meaning of numbers.  

    These numbers may come to us in patterns and this spiritual discipline lets us understand the inner world they have been elicited from. You may have many life events associated with a certain number or have things come to you in certain numbers. Numbers have certain attributes and characteristics and their combination reveals different attributes, much like a sign of the zodiac.

    Calculating Your Life Path

    Before seeing how numerology relates to your own experience, you should calculate your life path number to discover which number has been assigned to you.

    To calculate this number, you take your date of birth and reduce each part to its numerical value. If you were born on the 25th of November in 1971, you add the digits together.

    •         The day is 25 so add the digits 2 + 5 = 7.
    •         November is the 11th month so add those digits 1 + 1 = 2.
    •         The year 1971 is added 1 + 9 + 7 +1 = 18. This is further reduced to 1 + 8 = 9.
    •         The three component digits are added until you reach a single figure 7+ 2 + 9 = 18.  Then 1 + 8 = 9.

    You now have discovered a life path number of 9.

    What Does Each Number Mean?

    Now you know how to calculate your number, see how it can help you understand yourself better.

    1. One: This is the number we think of first as it is a getup and go number. Your life path is independent and you are autonomous. This spirited leader might find themselves alone if they are not careful.
    2. Two: There is much balance brought by this most harmonious of numbers. Number two likes to bring about unity through empathy and compassion. The sensitive nature of this number can often feel undervalued as they avoid conflicts.
    3. Three: Socializing and communication are values associated with number three. Their essence inspires others and makes them happy. However, they can become moody and withdrawn if they are misunderstood. They need to remain optimistic in times of adversity.
    4. Four: Number four is a grafter with a very strong work ethic. They are very physical, practical, and hard-working. They do not take enough risks as they are solid and stable. In addition, these individuals can become stubborn and rigid as they can be bound in logic.
    5. Five: They engage in the world with all five senses in spontaneous acts of courage. If they are not on an adventure, they can become bored and restless.
    6. Six: Here we find nurturers and healers. These people have a strong sense of responsibility for their friends and family. Their energy could become overbearing if not tempered with trust and faith that everyone is on their path.
    7. Seven: With a keen eye for details, the analytical skills of number seven could solve most problems. Hopefully, this perfectionist will not find flaws in every project. Let us help them keep an open mind.
    8. Eight: This is the number that places value on material wealth. These hard workers will climb the ladder of success and they lead many with their natural charisma. As long as they know when control is helpful, they can reach amazing levels and help others do the same.
    9. Nine: The emotional depth of number nine helps others reach spiritual maturity given they have a high level of spiritual consciousness. These individuals are flexible and enjoy exploring a huge range of emotions.


    When you start to understand the power and values associated with this form of psychism, you might want to try a full online numerology reading, which can incorporate more personalized details. There are many psychics you can contact for an online numerology reading who can help you uncover your destiny.