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    What To Do If Your Psychic Reading Is Wrong

    Psychic readings are done to empower and fortify you. They are taken from your questions and responses to the psychic’s channeling of your thoughts and beliefs.

    When you have a psychic reading, your experience and outcome are based on your energies during the reading. Once you have left the meeting or closed it out if you used an online psychic, you have to digest the information you have been given and this can be confusing.  

    There may be times when you start to think that the outcome is never going to happen, especially if it does not match the reading you have heard.

    Get A Longer Reading

    Outcomes are not always instant or even apparent. A longer astrology reading gives a psychic more time to delve into their psyche and help people process what is happening in their lives.  

    Why Your Psychic Might Be Wrong

    A psychic may not always give you an accurate reading. With a bit of self-reflection, one should ask why it occurred and review what did not become clear. Consider the following points when you are having a reading.

    1. You may not like what you hear. A psychic does not predict the future and if they see something negative, listen to what you are being told.
    2. The future is subject to the free will of those connected to the reading and it could change. Your psychic reading is there to help you make informed decisions so you can change your plans.
    3. A psychic tries to remain neutral, but if they tune into sentiments the reading can be wrong. In a past life reading, they might hone in on the sentiment surrounding an event rather than the event itself and that can skew the outcome.
    4. If your psychic is too close to you, they might want the outcome you hope for and not what they see. The emotional bias can make a reading even harder to accomplish.
    5. Bear in mind the reading may not have fully played out before you decide that the reading is wrong. If you ask whether you will marry your partner, the love reading might say that you will but the psychic might not pick up on the fact you will have to work overseas for three months. This event may seem like it will derail the relationship when in fact it might make it stronger.

    Remember that psychics are not infallible. They are people and they make mistakes. Sometimes they misinterpret the information they should be describing. They should be communicating information for you to feel empowered by and avoid unnecessary suggestions. 

    Remember that a psychic can become exhausted and saturated with the information they receive, so they can make mistakes.

    What To Do

    Ask yourself these questions to help you decide if the reading was wrong or whether something else influenced the outcome.

    • Was your question asked in the right way? Questions should be directed to yourself as the psychic is working with you.
    • Was the answer just something you did not want to hear? See if your inner voice was avoiding the truth.  
    • Were you listening to your inner voice or were you blocking that spirit guide?
    • Remember there is no blame in these situations. It is not helpful to apportion blame, even self-blame. This is an experience where you can grow and learn something about yourself.


    Whether it is a face to face or online psychic reading, remember that a psychic is working off your energy to help you reach conclusions about your future. Try to ask questions that allow them to make your reading meaningful and helpful. Most importantly, be open to what you hear.