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    Which Part Of The Body Does Each Star Sign Rule?

    With its roots in Greek medicine, medical astrology is a system that deals with the long-term health of an individual. In medical astronomy, the signs of the zodiac are associated with different parts of the body. In this article, we discover what an online horoscope reading is, and what the information contained reveals. 

    In order to produce an online horoscope, a medical astrologer will work with your natal chart to determine your body's disposition to medical issues. By understanding your body’s tendencies, you can plan for a healthier future.  

    What Each Sign Means

    As each sign relates to a different part of the body it is important to understand how they interrelate. A reading can highlight some potential weaknesses you might have according to the composition of your natal chart.


    This sign is said to rule the lymphatic system as well at the feet and toes. These sensitive people absorb harmful toxins easily, and their immune system is vulnerable to viruses such as glandular fever and fungi like athletes’ foot. They might suffer from autoimmune diseases or chronic fatigue.  


    Moving up the body, Aquarius takes charge of the circulatory system and the lower legs. Those born under this sign need to be wary of aches and bruises in the legs. Aquarians have a tendency for developing varicose veins and sprained ankles and should protect their legs.


    Your skeletal system and teeth are aligned with Capricorn, as are your joints. A careful exercise regime is recommended. Capricorns often have fine teeth and delicate bone structures that may be vulnerable to fractures.


    Control over the thighs, hips, liver, pituitary gland, and the sciatic nerve is overseen by Sagittarius. Those born under this sign are likely to be injured as they are constantly adventuring. This overindulgence could lead to liver damage if they party too hard.


    Scorpio dominates the reproductive and excretory systems. Women may find themselves battling fertility issues and men may face erectile dysfunction. Scorpios may succumb to diseases where the bowels are inflamed.


    Libra relates to the skin as well as the endocrine system. The many functions of the endocrine system leave Librans open to kidney-related issues such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, and ulcers. This relates to the skin so they may find they are prone to acne as well.


    Born under this sign, Virgos go with their gut instinct as they rule over the digestive system. They will need to clean out their digestive tracts as they strive for optimum health. People born under the sign should be very careful about the food they consume.


    Brave Leos find strength in the sign that governs the spine, and as such could be prone to back complaints and strains. They also take charge of the heart, but have to watch out. They may suffer from heart disease and should be monitored for symptoms of hypertension.


    Sensitive Cancer exerts influence over the chest and stomach. Those born under this sign have to watch their eating habits as they are prone to eating disorders and digestive tract diseases such as ulcers and colitis.  


    This sign reigns over the nervous system which incorporates the lungs. Geminis do worry a lot, and this could lead to breathing problems and anxiety attacks. They must keep mentally stimulated to avoid this. The sign of the twins extends its influence over the arms as well.


    The long neck of Taurus keeps track of the thyroid and the vocal cords. They will have to protect their sweet-sounding voices from being strained. Taurians must also check their thyroid’s activity level to see if it is over or underactive.   


    Those born under the sign of Aries appreciate a head massage as they rule over the head. This includes the face and brain. They are prone to sinus issues and headaches and need to watch out for migraines. Aries should take time to relax and avoid headache triggers.


    Medical astronomy is available to help track your body’s health as the signs are aligned with a function in the body. It is there as part of a system that helps to identify medical prognosis in conjunction with your natal chart. You can use your chart and online horoscope to make lifestyle changes and plan for a healthier lifestyle.