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    Tarot Readings Compared: BitWine Vs Kasamba

    Spiritually gifted people can bridge the gap with other realms to find answers via tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, and other props. When it comes to card reading, it’s important to find a reader service that’s credible, convenient, and multifaceted. 

    Read on to uncover the background behind tarot readings along with its benefits in addition to an in-depth comparison of BitWine and Kasamba. 
    Afterward, you can use our quick checklist to pick the reading that matches your needs.

    What Is Tarot Reading?

    Believed to have originated in 15th Century Italy, tarot cards weren’t used for divination until the 18th century. While the techniques have changed over the years, the essence remains the same. 

    A tarot card reading, also known as tarocchi, is a type of cartomancy that involves picking and interpreting cards to answer questions that describe an individual’s past, present, and future.

    How Does It Work? 

    1. The reader energizes the deck of cards
    2. You ask the question
    3. The reader picks a spread of cards that signify the past, present, future, reason, and potential
    4. Listen to the interpretations and share what comes to your mind 
    5. Thank the reader for their energies before closing the session

    What Can Tarot Reading Do For You? 

    Tarocchi decks can bring about a multitude of changes for the recipients of readings. Take a closer look at the benefits and uses below.

    • Awareness: You will find clear reasons and answers to your issues 
    • Make Choices: A good reading can help you identify the things you’re missing to make better overall decisions 
    • Improve: Readers can help you identify your weaknesses so that you can start improving in these areas
    • Relax: Once you receive the answers to stressful questions, peace and positivity come along naturally 

    How Much Does Tarot Reading Cost? 

    Along with demand, reputation, and experience, there are many factors that contribute to the price of a good tarot reading. While there are many readers who offer free sessions when they’re starting out, a good psychic card reader comes at an affordable price per minute, or in intervals of ten, fifteen, and so on. 

    For example, at BitWine, the cost of picking three tarot cards for one question starts at $0.89 per minute and can stretch up to $8.99 per minute and more. On the contrary, tarot card readers on Kasamba start at $3.98 per minute and can go as high as $30.00 per minute.

    BitWine Vs Kasamba

    When it comes to the top tarot card reader service providers, is Kasamba better than BitWine? Read on to compare each provider’s features below. 



    Price Range
    $0.89 per minute$3.98 per minute
    Total Readers478064
    Money-Back GuaranteeNo Yes
    Communication ViaPhone/ChatEmail/SMS/Phone/Chat


    Launched in 2006, this service provider features hundreds of tarot card readers that you can filter according to different  keywords like accuracy, type of healer, and types of readings. 


    Launched in 2006, this service provider features hundreds of tarot card readers that you can filter according to different  keywords like accuracy, type of healer, and types of readings. 


    • Free introductory session and $10.00 for 10-minute deals 
    • Has a vast variety of tarot readers from around the world 
    • Hosts a forum for like-minded individuals to connect
    • PayPal available for quick and easy  payments 


    • No money-back guarantee (readers may offer separate guarantees)


    An easy-to-use app, Kasamba is 7 years older (est. 1999) than BitWine and features an exclusive selection of tarot readers who use various reading techniques. 


    • Receive 15% discount when registering- 3 minutes for free, and 50% off the first reading 
    • Depending on the reader, Kasamba tarot readings can be done via the phone, text messages, email or live chat 
    • 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee 


    • No $1.00 a minute readings 
    • No option to pay via PayPal 

    What To Consider 

    When considering signing up for a tarocchi session, it’s important to check the qualifications of the reader based on the parameters below. 

    • Establish a budget such as $10 to try a service 
    • Ease of use refers to the availability of features such as payment gateway integrations, smooth navigation, and other aspects that ensure you can use the services without any hassle
    • The reputation of the reader and the brand you choose are vital for receiving an accurate reading
    • Bonus deals such as free minutes, discounts, and offers are typically offered across tarot card reading service providers  


    Tarot card readings are an ancient technique that selects and interprets cards with the help of spirit guides and other psychic abilities. When choosing a psychic reading, it’s important to look at all the factors listed in the article from price to types of psychics. Once you do make your decision, you’ll be well on your way to achieving spiritual awakening in no time.