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    What are your dreams trying to tell you?

    Have you ever wondered what your subconscious is trying to tell you? The best way to find out is through your dreams. When we sleep, our subconscious doesn’t need to battle with our conscious mind and our emotional side is not challenged by our logic, so it’s easy for our subconscious to break through barriers. However, it is not always easy to understand what our dreams are trying to tell us. One method of understanding your dreams is through psychic dream interpretation or dream analysis which is the interpretation of dreams using its symbols and content, which upon waking, are reflected upon with the aim of gaining insight into their meanings and messages.

    This interpretation of dream meaning experienced during sleep can play an important part in tackling everyday situations.

    Many people get psychic impressions from their dream and there are two distinctly different types of psychic dreams: Prophetic and Recurring. Prophetic dreams give us a glimpse into the future, these dreams involve seeing images, symbols or events surrounding the future. It is worthwhile to record these dreams as they may be close enough to alert you to upcoming events.

    Recurring dreams are ones you have repeatedly where the same theme and series of events played out. These dreams tend to signify psychological or emotional issues, where your subconscious mind is telling you that there is a fear or worry you need to examine within yourself. Other dream categories include Warning Dreams alerting one to the possibility of danger ahead in our lives. These dreams mean we can be prepared for a future crisis and may even help stop it happening.

    If you are having a difficult time at work you may have Inspiration or Factual dreams which may give you an insight into how to handle a specific situation, these dreams tend to leave you with good feelings when you wake up. Sometimes deceased loved ones want to visit us to relay a message, a Visitation dream is a visit from a soul or a spirit, these tend to occur commonly around birthdays or anniversaries.

    Common dreams we have can also be interpreted, many people dream about falling this can signify a need for a rethink or new direction in an area of your life. While the awkward public nudity dream tends to mean a fear of revealing your imperfections and shortcomings. Dreaming about being chased is a sign you are trying to avoid something in your daily life, while dreams about losing teeth mean you are worried about your appearance or may have said something embarrassing recently.

    Death is another common subject of dreams, dreamers dream of the death of a loved one or of dying themselves, dream interpretations suggest that such dreams reflect anxiety about change or a fear of the unknown. Understanding what our dreams mean is becoming more and more popular.

    With dream interpretation it is now possible to understand what types of dreams we are having and what the meaning behind them is.