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    What Is A Third Eye And How To Open It?

    Do you often feel intuitive? Perhaps you feel like you have an inner eye. The truth is that we all have an inner eye.

    In the mystical language of chakras, this is called the third eye and is located between your brows.

    Once opened, it can help you tap into intuition, clairvision, clairvoyance, and more. 

    Read on to discover the meanings of the third eye and how to harness its hidden energies on your own. 

    Understanding Chakras 

    Wondering what a chakra is? You might have heard about it from an online psychic or Reiki-practitioner.

    While chakra itself has many meanings, the core meaning comes from Sanskrit and refers to the points from which energy flows within the body. 

    The first use of the word chakra can be traced back to the Indian Hindu Vedas from the 1st millennium A.D. It’s described as the energy center or the circle of energy. 

    In fact, there are over 114 chakras in the human body, out of which 7 are called primary or major chakras.

    On the contrary, Buddhists believe in four chakras which excludes the third eye and crown chakras. 

    The Third Eye

    The sixth major chakra in the human body, the third eye chakra pertains to enlightenment. It brings insight or knowledge beyond ordinary understanding. Located just above your nose bridge over the pineal gland, this energy point is called the brow or Ajna (eye) chakra. 

    According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva and the moon are the rulers of the brow chakra. Represented by the color indigo, Ajna chakra is the power chakra of Cancer-born people. 

    Some of its benefits include but are not limited to: 

    • Amplifying and toning intuition
    • Communicating telepathically with others
    • Soothing eyes, ears, nose, throat
    • Boosting memory power
    • Providing insight and perspective
    • Enhancing the senses
    • Clairvision and fortune-telling
    • Embracing bravery and valor

    How To Open Your Third Eye

    Ajna chakra is the seat of your intuition, knowledge, or gate to higher consciousness. The same is why it’s called the mind’s eye or inner eye too. Find out how to open your mind’s eye with the step-by-step method outlined below. 

    1. Breathe 

    Breathwork reqiores breathing deeply to prep the third eye and regulate the flow of energy around the brow chakra. Cooling the energy around your eyes, nose, and throat will strengthen the powers of this chakra. 

    You can do breathing exercises by closing your left nostril with the pinky finger to breathe in, succeeded by closing your right nostril with the thumb to breathe out. Switch the inhalation/exhalation nostril and repeat the exercise. 

    2. Meditate     

    Breathwork is a fine technique to enter meditation where you can visualize the activation of the brow chakra.

    Keep in mind that the Ajna chakra is represented by a lotus with two petals and a five-legged star when letting through visuals to concentrate on this chakra. 

    Observe the images that run through your mind when you fixate the focal attention of the meditation to activate the chakra in between your brows.

    3. Remember Dreams 

    While it’s true that dreams can be hilarious or even disturbing at times, there’s knowledge hidden upon close observation. Switch your attention to all your dreams. Try to remember them or use a journal to record them after waking up. 

    Dreams are crucial because they can give you a peek into the energy of the brow chakra by deciphering the images and signs of the subconscious. 

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    4. Kundalini Yoga 

    When you perform kundalini yoga that uses kriyas and mudras of the third eye, it can also empower the Ajna chakra. While kundalini energy is located in your abdominal chakra (sacral chakra), it can awaken your brow chakra energy by fusing your personal ego with cosmic ego. 

    If you’re just a beginner, ask your yoga instructor to teach you asanas that focus on the pineal gland. Keep in mind that these are typically very intense for the mind and the body.

    5. Regular Yoga 

    Sometimes kundalini yoga can be too much. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to stop yoga altogether. Yoga combines breathing, meditation, mudras, and kriyas that are physically and spiritually uplifting. 

    The vital force or prana is the Sanskrit word that yoga instructors often use when requesting pupils to draw-in deep inhalations. The following include some of the best asanas for practicing third-eye yoga. 

    • Child’s pose (Balasana)
    • Downward-facing-dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) 
    • Hero Asana (Virasana)


    The third eye represents the sixth primary chakra that stands for enlightenment, intuition, and knowledge. It can impart powers of clairvision to telepathy and fortune-telling. 

    In order to open it, you need to start breathwork or meditation to focus the energy of your thoughts. Try also remembering dreams, or start with yoga right away. 

    Additionally, sign up for a chakra reading online today to discover if your third eye chakra is weak or strong.