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    6 Incredibly Effective Ways To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks

    Psychic attacks are an unpleasant experience. Such intrusions in your energetic space can cause negative symptoms including feelings of lethargy, weakness, or even illness.
    Today, we’re going to provide you with six effective ways to protect yourself from these threats. In addition, learn what symptoms are associated with these attacks. 

    What Is A Psychic Attack?

    This attack is a mental or spiritual intrusion that enters your energy field or aura. During the assault, the individual feels as if their energy has plummeted. The victim will also experience anxiety and other dark thoughts. 

    This form of attack can be unintentional. For instance, someone gossiping or having negative thoughts about you. On the other hand, it can be intentional. For example, someone directly insulting or belittling you.

    These mental intrusions can also occur in the dream world. These threats are even more difficult to pinpoint. If you’re feeling down for no reason or often experience emotional or spiritual paralysis, this could all relate to a psychic attack.

    How To Protect Yourself From A Psychic Attack

    Our auras already do a good job of protecting us from negative entities. However, now and then a chink can appear in the armor and some darkness will get through.
    Usually, it’s difficult to know who these enemies are. It may even be the person you least expect. Since it isn’t possible to point out the exact person, we must develop some ways to counteract these attacks.

    Strengthen Your Aura

    Your aura is the energy field that’s surrounding your body. It’s your essence, and it protects you from harm while also reflecting the core of your being. Auras can also appear in multiple colors, each hue reflecting the type of vibe you’re putting out.
    To strengthen your aura, try envisioning it as a rainbow-colored protection shield surrounding your entire body. You can even picture it repelling any negative intentions away. This process can act as a psychic attack protection.
    Other ways to protect your aura include:

    • Meditation - Practicing mindfulness is a very effective form of psychic attack protection. To create an even stronger shield against threats, try listening to meditation music or using singing bowls
    • Swimming - Taking a spiritual bath or going for a swim in the ocean can help to strengthen your aura
    • Nature - Spending time in nature is an effective, cheap, and easy way to get in touch with your spirit and cleanse your aura


    Crystal use is also very effective in preventing psychic attacks. These objects draw in divine energy and strengthen your aura. You can wear them as jewelry, place them on your nightstand, or carry them in your purse. These beautiful stones will protect and empower you. 
    Luckily, there are a variety of types of crystals to choose from, some of which include: Dragon’s Eye, Garnet, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline. These stones will help purify your surrounding energy.

    Let Go

    Sometimes letting go of someone can help our spiritual wellbeing. Cutting cords with someone you’re no longer emotionally invested in can bring a sense of relief and lightness.

    An example of this exercise would be to imagine a cord stretching from your navel, connecting you to the other person. Imagine yourself mentally cutting this cord while saying,  “I’m letting go of my  emotional attachment to (name).’’

    Ask For Help

    Connecting with your spirit guides usually brings a sense of relief and peace. It can even help prevent or deal with psychic attacks. These spiritual beings are around us at all times and act in our best interests.

    Clear Out Bad Energy

    The best way to get rid of negative vibes from your space is by burning special herbs. For example, sage is very popular for expelling destructive energies or spirits. Other purifying herbs that can be burned include cedar, sandalwood, rosemary, palo santo, and myrrh.
    Simply walk around your home with a smudge stick, filling your space with good intentions. You can also chant simple affirmations such as “I’m protected’’ and “I’m filled with positive energy.”

    Use A Dream Journal

    To protect yourself against psychic attacks during your sleep, try keeping a dream journal close to you during the night. Before bed, jot down a few positive intentions and ask your dreams to be filled with positivity and light.


    Psychic attacks affect everyone differently.  Some of us may bounce back up quickly, while others experience these assaults much more intensely.

    Therefore, we must take the time necessary to strengthen ourselves against these potential threats by using the aforementioned methods.
    However, if you still aren’t getting any relief and would like further guidance, look into receiving a reading.

    A psychic session can be very helpful when dealing with negative forces in your life.