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    Q&A: How To Select Crystals For Good Energy

    Crystals have always been an impressive source of power that can be used to promote positive energy as well as physical and emotional healing.  Not only that, certain crystals such as quartz, are even used in technology such as phones or computers as conductors of electricity. 

    Additionally, it’s important to know that various crystals possess different types of energy that can be used for love, grounding, confidence, and more. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some common questions regarding the power of crystals and their specific uses.

    Question: What Power Do Crystals Hold?

    Answer: Crystals are known to vibrate at their own frequency, just like the way our chakras or cells do. This kind of power allows them to be the perfect conduits of pure energy and can change easily depending on the environment they’re in.

    Moreover, because they’ve been around for millions of years, crystals are seen as endless databases of information that can be passed to anyone coming in contact with it. This could also be the reason why our ancestors were so attracted to crystals and included them in most of their rituals.

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    Question: How Do You Select Crystals?

    Answer: Before picking out a crystal, it’s important to know where it came from, ensuring that it isn’t carrying any negative energy with itAdditionally, a crystal may ‘’speak’’ to you if it’s the right choice, usually through physical sensations such as tingling in your arm or even through heat. This is usually a good sign that the stone has picked you, whereas if you have feelings of doubt, trust your instincts and try choosing a different stone.

    Question: How Do You Take Care Of Crystals?

    Answer: It’s crucial that our crystals are regularly cleaned in order to rid them of any stale or dense energies they may have been picked up by the environment.  Generally, the stones should be cleaned weekly if they’re worn or used often and cleansed monthly if they're used in altars.

    You can do  so by:

    1. Burning Sage- Passing your crystal through the smoke when burning sage is a simple yet effective purification method
    2. Moonlight- Leave your stones out in the moonlight three days before or after the full moon as this will both cleanse and recharge the crystals
    3. Salt Water- Washing your crystals with salt water will also rid them of any negative energy. However some crystals can’t get wet, so make sure to research your crystal type before doing so
    4. Bury Them- You can also bury your crystals in the dirt for about a week, allowing them to be recharged and purified by earth’s vibrations.
    5. Use A Cloth- Using a soft cloth, you can wipe down your stones with isopropyl alcohol, removing any visible dirt and bacteria

    Question: What Are Some Popular Crystals And Their Associated Benefits?

    Answer: Let’s go over some of the more commonly used crystals starting with Amethyst.
    This beautiful, purple stone can get rid of any bad energy or ‘’energy vampires’’ from your space. It also represents the third-eye and crown chakra, so it can be useful during meditation.

    Next comes the Obsidian, the root chakra stone. This crystal helps you feel more grounded and can be kept nearby or even in your hand while sleeping. 

    The orange Carnelian crystal represents our sacral chakra and often provides emotional support for females during menstruation or when suffering from reproductive issues. 

    Rose quartz is known to promote feelings of positivity, love, self-confidence, and general feelings of bliss. This pink gem also activates our heart chakra.

    Clear quartz crystals are powerful healing properties. It represents the crown chakra and can be used for connecting with your higher self and spirit guides.

    The stunning deep blue Lapis Lazuli crystal is helpful for public speaking since it’s connected to our throat chakra. It can be held in your left hand during a speech to help you feel more confident and speak with grace.

    Lastly, the chrysocolla crystals are associated with the heart and throat chakra and are otherwise known as the ‘’Goddess’’ stone. It helps you connect with the divine feminine, and can bring forth prosperity, confidence, and analytical thinking in business.


    Using crystals for reading, healing and promoting positive energy is becoming more and more popular and it can be an exciting first step to take in the world of spirituality. However it’s important you learn the different processes involved in keeping them clean as well as the various types of stones and the benefits they possess.