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    What Is Your Moon Sign?

    Many of us know our star signs and enjoy reading our horoscopes. Sun signs can reveal a lot about our personality traits and what we project into the world. In contrast, your moon sign is more associated with your inner self.

    The moon will pass into your sign for a couple of days each month and exert its influence. During this time, your innermost fears and private ruminations that make you unique will come to light. 

    To calculate your moon sign, you will need your date, time, and place of birth. Enter the information into an online calculator to see which moon sign influences you.

    Understanding Your Moon Sign

    When you have worked out your moon sign, you will have more of an understanding of how you are, what drives and motivates you, as well as what may be holding you back. The moon sign can also be a good indicator of how someone functions in a relationship.


    An Aries is emotionally brave and will rise to the occasion and overcome any challenge. There is a tendency for them to be impatient with people as they move at a fast pace. In a relationship, an Aries will be the dominant one but can get bored if their partner does not challenge them. Life with an Aries will be full of surprises.


    These moon signs are very protective of their own space. This means a Taurean likes lots of space and somewhere to build a secure home. In a relationship, someone with a moon in Taurus will need to connect physically with someone before inhabiting a personalized space together.  


    These thrill-seekers are always on the lookout for something to intoxicate them. They are very flirty people and need to be distracted from the humdrum and routine. Geminis can be seen as superficial as they do not like to delve into their feelings. The biggest obstacle to overcome in a relationship with a Gemini is the feeling that you always need to keep up with them.   


    Super sensitive Cancer is ruled by the moon which makes its moon sign empathetic and very compassionate. They are deeply in tune with many emotions around them. In a relationship, they will nurture and love a partner deeply. Cancerians are loyal and will serve their partners faithfully and expect the same in return.


    Fiery and passionate Leo is very protective of those they are close to. Leo exudes exuberance and love. They are very dramatic and even the most mundane of tasks can turn into a lavish affair. In a relationship, they need to be adored by their partner. In turn, they will offer you the passion and protection that will make you feel safe and loved.


    Virgos like to organize everyone in their life. This most highly strung of the signs cannot get stressed out when things do not follow the pattern they are setting. A Virgo should find a fun partner to help them decompress as they can be fun to be around when not overwhelmed by life’s stresses.


    A Libran will over-analyze things so they can then compartmentalize them. In the pursuit of fairness, emotions may be dropped by the wayside. In a relationship, this tendency to overthink may lead to a disillusionment around love and romance. 


    The insight a Scorpio has into you is uncanny. People who have a Scorpio moon sign can be very intense. Scorpios love power and dominance. They will want to express their passion physically. When you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you will feel that desire and hunger but be wary that they might become jealous and possessive.


    Those born under the influence of the moon in Sagittarius will keep looking for freedom and adventure. They like to live in the moment and enjoy spontaneity.  If you have a relationship with a Sagittarius do not smother them as they are looking for a fun partner to explore life with.


    Capricorns like to have everything under control so they keep their emotions well hidden. People may find you distant and reserved. When you do smile at someone it is really special. In a relationship, a Capricorn needs an equally hard-working soul mate to forge a serious tie.


    One word is often associated with Aquarius and that is quirky. They will have a wide social network with a few precious people they allow to get close to them. People are attracted to them for their uniqueness. In a relationship, a partner may never get to understand the real person and it may become frustrating.


    Sensitive Pisces let their emotions flood out. It is easy for a Piscean to express what is going on internally but it can also become too much for them at times. They may need to hide away until the pain stops. In a relationship, they will put your needs first and are known to be gentle and loving.

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    Many factors influence us and we need to pay close attention to our emotions. When it comes to relationships, whether it is personal, familial, or professional, it is important to understand those we interact with. Knowing how a moon sign adds to our psychological make-up is something a California Physic could help you with, either online or in person.