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    The Connection Between the Moon and Love

    The moon has a dramatic effect on our emotional and physical state. Humans are made up of about 70% water. In a similar way to how the moon affects the tides, it influences us as well. Both men and women are influenced by this power due to hormone levels increasing. But, women do experience this at a higher level.

    There has always been a connection between the moon and romance. Humans intuitively know and understand this fact. To better understand your cycles, consider getting a personal love reading.

    It’s possible to have love readings done online or in person. No matter how you go about it, you’ll gain valuable insight into your relationships. We’re going to cover some basics here, but a personal love reading is a good idea if you’re intrigued.

    History of the Moon and Human Behavior

    During ancient times, humans were more connected to moon cycles. Consider our animal counterparts. Many aquatic animals sync with the full moon. The increased light and high tide improve visibility. It also ensures eggs laid above the high tide line will not get washed away.

    Humans exhibit the same behaviors under a full moon but in different ways. We feel the increase in energy between the moon and our planet and this causes us to become more extroverted and experience a higher sex drive.

    Due to the high percentage of water in our bodies, the moon affects childbirth. There are more babies born during a full moon than at any other time of the cycle. Plus, any classroom teacher can tell you when it’s a full moon due to student behavior. They’re much more energetic during this time.


    There are many ways to harness this energy to improve your love life. Heightened testosterone and estrogen levels make this the perfect time to take advantage.


    This is the time to let your creativity flow! Plus, the full moon signals it’s time to mate and explore our sensuality.

    If you’re currently single, take a class that’s always interested you. What about a cooking class with a type of cuisine that’s always intrigued you? Or that tango class you’ve been considering? Now’s the time to try it out. You may find a great dance partner.

    Take the time to let your partner know how much you care. Plan a special event for the two of you. During a full moon, our sexual energy is increased. Take advantage of that pull.


    At work and in our relationships, we’re afraid to display any vulnerability. Often, we keep parts of ourselves hidden for fear of others' reactions. Yet, nothing can hide under the light of the full moon.

    Don’t be alarmed if you feel more emotional or past issues seem to bubble up. This is the time to deepen your self-understanding as well as the connection with your partner.

    Stay Grounded

    With hormones elevated, it’s possible to overreact in a situation. Through grounding ourselves, we can maintain a balance.

    Try spending more time outside, meditate, or engage in an activity you find stress-relieving. Anything that helps you feel balanced and connected to nature.


    The moon has an impact on our bodies through its gravitational pull. You can find out more about your love reading online with a psychic who can help you understand the personal specifics. Delve into emotions that arise and explore yourself.

    We become more vulnerable and emotional during this time. It’s something we can plan for best if we know how the moon affects us personally. Avoid situations where you may feel the need to argue. Get more grounded in nature.

    Also, enjoy the creativity it brings! Take a chance on an activity you’ve been too shy to try. Plan something extra-special for your significant other. You never know what may happen. Chances are, something good!