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    Universal Energy: What Is It And How Can You Feel It?

    This energy is all around us, and whether or not we see it, it’s a part of our everyday life. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are made from this source. Once you lean into it, it can bring healing, power, and synchronicity in your life.

    Let’s delve deeper into this phenomenon and learn how to get universal energy.

    What Is Universal Energy?

    Everything that exists in this universe is made up of energy. There are no exceptions to this.
    This property is constantly moving and changing. Nothing can get lost in it: no spirit, light, or sound. This powerful, creative life force is vital for maintaining all beings and expanding their consciousness. In short, it’s our true manifestation.

    Since we as humans operate at a lower vibration, we experience life as a physical entity. Therefore, we usually aren’t aware of other surrounding energies.

    Being in sync with this source can bring a lot of grounding and healing into our lives. However, some things such as blocked off chakras and obstructions in the aura can disconnect us from the universal energy, making us feel depressed, unmotivated, and even sick.

    How Does Universal Energy Relate To Our Chakras

    Your chakras are the reflection of the human energy field. When they’re in harmony with the universal force, we feel great. This is because we're living the way the universe had designed us to.

    Chakras refer to our body’s energy centers that start from the base of our spine and finish at the top of our heads. In total, we have seven chakras: the root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. When all of these centers are properly aligned, your physical and mental self is in tune and running smoothly. Although, when one or more are off, it can bring a sense of instability and even sickness in your life.

    They also hold a huge role in your reincarnation process. Your information is coded in the first, second, and third chakra. When we pass away, our fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras copy that knowledge and recreate it when you reincarnate.

    How To Get Universal Energy

    Here we’ve outlined the steps necessary to connect with our life force.

    • If possible, try to find a comfortable spot outside where you won’t be disturbed. A sunny day would be best for this exercise
    • Once you’ve found your spot, try relaxing and breathing deeply. You can even lie down on your back as you fall deeper into your meditation
    • When you’re feeling calm and relaxed, start paying attention to your surroundings. After some time you might notice tiny squiggly patterns in front of you or the sky. They might be quickly moving in one place or jumping from side to side. This is the very essence of the universe
    • Spend some time looking at these patterns and try breathing in deeply as if you’re absorbing them with every breath

    How To Take Care Of Your Aura

    To get in sync with the universe, your energy field or aura must be healthy. If you’re experiencing blocks in your chakras or aura, it can prevent you from getting in touch with the positive surrounding energies. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can heal your energetic vibrations. You can accomplish this healing through meditation, sound baths, and reiki sessions.

    A medium from an online psychic platform can also help since the force fields detected by psychics allow them to understand any imbalances or blockages that you’re experiencing. Clairvoyants can then offer you the necessary treatment to help fix these issues. Some reputable websites to receive a reading include Kasamba, Keen, and Psychic World.


    As energetic beings, we must take care not only of our physical state but of our spiritual one too.

    Our energy field often absorbs negative vibes from the environment and the people we interact with.

    However, by learning to heal our aura and balance our chakras, we’re connecting with universal energy and becoming more in tune with ourselves.