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    How To Spot A Fake Psychic

    People seek psychic guidance for many different reasons whether it be for finances, relationships, or even an upcoming business deal. A reading can help uncover various things about yourself and give you the confidence you’ll need to create the necessary changes in your life.

    However, while there are many trusted psychics out there, it’s also important to learn how to weed out the fake ones. After reading this article, you’ll be better equipped to understand the different ways to spot a fraud, and how to avoid falling for such scams.

    Are They A Reputable Source

    Before meeting with psychics, always do your research to find out just how credible that they are. While it’s difficult to be certain, a quick search should pull up various sources that can be used to determine if they’re fake or not. 

    Some reputable sources include online psychic networks where you’re able to see what their credentials are, as well as their specialties. Additionally, search for fairs where many astrologers, mediums, and psychics will offer their services at. With many options at hand, you can have a reading of your choice. Lastly, if you know a local pagan shop then most likely they’ll have some good recommendations or advice on who’s credible.

    However, be aware of the ‘’too good to be true’’ statement since most of the time psychics won’t live up to it. Sometimes the local old lady down the street can be just as good if not better than the psychic everyone is raving about.

    Did They Say You Have A Curse On You Or Spell Casted?

    One way to determine if a psychic is a fraud is if they claim you have a spell or a curse on you. This ten out of ten times proves to be false. Such a claim is also a sign of a very unprofessional clairvoyant.

    While it sometimes may feel like you’re cursed because you’re experiencing a bout of bad luck, know that it has nothing to do with spellcasting. Throughout life, we all experience periods of hardships and spurts of misfortune. 

    A fraud may mention curses in order to scare you so you’ll keep you coming back to their readings. Some may even offer expensive services to get the curse lifted.

    Preying On The Most Vulnerable

    When you’re grieving or feeling particularly lost, it’s even more crucial that you’re careful in choosing who to go to. A credible clairvoyant will recommend you to a professional if they see that you’re struggling. 

    A fake will exploit your vulnerability and often try to milk you for all that you’re worth. This especially applies to the phone in psychics since they usually charge per minute. Therefore, they’ll say just about anything to keep you on the line longer.

    A reading can offer someone a great deal of guidance and comfort. However, the issue is that people often keep returning to the reader rather than seeking professional help or spending time working through it themselves.

    Take Everything With A Grain Of Salt

    You should also take everything you hear with a grain of salt. While a psychic might provide some beneficial guidance and advice, you mustn’t believe everything you’re told. A sign of a fraud is one that makes huge statements such as predicting when you’ll die or claiming that you aren’t able to have children.

    A fraud will usually resort to such drastic claims to reel you in. No matter what you hear at your reading, remember that at the end of the day you’re the one who’s in control of your future.


    With so many psychics on the market today, it’s difficult to decipher who’s credible and who isn’t. Use the above guidelines to help recognize the difference between a genuine psychic who has your best interests at heart, from a fraud looking to make a quick buck.

    While it’s possible to discover some unforeseen information during a session, it’s also important that you take all information with a grain of salt and learn to trust your instincts. At the end of the day, a psychic’s job is to simply tell you what the cards are showing. It’s up to you how you choose to interpret this information.