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    How To Smudge Your House To Clear Out Negative Energy

    Smudging your house is a wonderful and effective way to get rid of any lingering negative energy. It also has the added benefit of introducing more positivity back into your space. 

    Keep reading to learn the different ways and techniques used to smudge your house.

    The Materials You'll Need

    Before you begin this practice, you must gather all the necessary materials. By being prepared, you’ll save time and make the experience more peaceful.

    • Container - It’s a good idea to have a fireproof container such as clay or cast iron bowl to keep underneath the smudge stick as you walk around the house. This ensures the ashes don’t land on any flammable surfaces, while also keeping your space clean. It’s best if the container is kept separately for smudging ceremonies only
    • Smudge stick - There are various types of plants you can burn for the ceremony such as sweetgrass, cedar, lavender, and palo santo. You can also opt to buy a ready-made smudge stick that’s bundled with various herbs 
    • Bowl of sand - This’ll be used to safely extinguish your smudge stick after the ritual
    • Candles and matches - It’s best if you keep a candle closeby during the ceremony to relight the smudge stick as needed. Initially, you’ll need matches or a lighter to light the smudge stick and candle

    Before You Start Smudging

    There are some important steps to consider before starting the smudging ceremony. Firstly, you must allow enough time for the ceremony, so try clearing out a portion of the day for it to avoid rushing.

    It’s also good if you begin the ritual with a clear mind, which can be achieved by practicing a quick meditation to calm your mind and connect with your heart.

    If there’s anyone else present, try involving them in the ceremony by having them use a Tibetan singing bowl.

    Lastly, it’s good to set an intention before the practice. You can do that by imagining the type of wishes you want to attract into your home and for your loved ones. During a smudging ceremony, a type of vacuum is created in the space. Therefore, it’s important to fill it with positive intentions. 

    How To Smudge Your Space

    Now that everything is prepared, you may begin the smudging ceremony. It’s best if you start at the front door of your home. This is where you’ll light your smudge stick. You can then proceed to move around the home in a clockwise direction. Make sure to take your time and remain mindful during the whole experience to properly connect with the ceremony.

    As you’re walking, allow smoke to drift into every single nook and cranny. This could be the cupboards, small spaces, basement, attic, and so forth. If you have stairs in your home, proceed to go up and down them, keeping in mind the clockwise motion. You’ll eventually reach the stairs again, which is where you’ll repeat the same action.

    This type of movement is referred to as ‘’circumambulation’’. It originally stems from ancient cultures. Incorporating the movement into the ritual will make the whole experience even more sacred. It’s also helpful if you chant a mantra that you deeply connect with, thus filling the space with even more positive energy.

    Closing The Ritual

    Once you’ve completed the ritual and arrived back at the front door, it’s important to close the ritual by visualizing your home being filled with a glowing and white light. Conclude the ceremony by speaking your final intention into the home. This will seal in all the wonderful energy you’ve created. It’s also a more personal way to end the ritual.


    A smudging ceremony is a great way to rid your space of any negativity. The ritual itself is simple to perform and you’ll only need a few materials. It’s also good practice to meditate before the ceremony and set an intention about the type of energies you want to attract into your home.

    While this ceremony can be practiced at any time, it's good to carry it out at least once a year or every month if possible. To expand even more on the ritual’s power, try conducting a smudging ceremony when moving into a new space or during the lunar New Year.