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    The Spiritual Way: How To Deal With Sadness During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    The world is a little messy right now, which is probably a big reason why many of us are experiencing sadness or feeling down. As the coronavirus pandemic is raging throughout the world, we can’t help but feel the effects, especially if you’ve lost someone or know someone who has.

    Keep reading for some techniques that may help you deal with the negative emotions.

    Honor Your Sadness

    A lot of the time people tend to suppress their feelings of sadness. They may view this emotion as irrelevant or unnecessary. In the long run, this can harm your overall emotional and mental stability. Therefore, you must take the time to honor your sadness and learn to sit with your feelings without judging or condoning them.

    When these feelings creep up, many of us try to ‘’fix’’ them by covering it up with an activity. These activities may distract us at the moment, but they won’t resolve anything. 

    When these emotions come up again, try to fully experience them. Feel the sensations, observe them, and evaluate any patterns. Allow yourself to feel and then try to understand why you’re feeling this way. By doing this, you can start slowly building a deeper connection with yourself. 

    Connect With Your Inner Child

    When you start becoming overwhelmed by your emotions, it’s a good moment to connect with your inner child. This inner child is essentially your truest self. This self is concealed over time with negative experiences. 

    By reconnecting with this version of yourself, you’ll be able to tell yourself that everything will be okay. Moreover, you’re opening yourself up to healing and to better understanding what’s needed at that moment.

    You can try saying things like ‘’I understand how you’re feeling,’’ or ‘’you need to feel sad right now and that’s okay.’’

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    Learn How To Parent Yourself

    By learning how to parent yourself you’re essentially nurturing the little you that’s feeling lost, scared, or sad. You can acknowledge your parental side by telling yourself things such as ‘’I know what you’re going through is hard’’ or ‘’I’m here for you.” In doing so, you’re taking back control and becoming kinder to yourself.

    Our adult selves are efficient and organized when moving through life. However, we often forget about our child selves that need our attention. It may feel a little strange at first talking to yourself in this way, but imagine it being like a conversation between a friend or your child. Be the adult resource that your inner child needs.

    Japanese Healing Hold

    There are two Japanese Jin Shin Jyutusu holds that can bring some comfort when you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad.

    For the first hold, you’ll need to put your right hand on your forehead and the left hand over your heart. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. This hold can be held from anywhere from two up to ten minutes, or even longer.

    For the second method, you’ll need to place your right hand on your stomach while keeping your left hand at the heart. Same as before, try keeping your eyes closed while putting the focus on your breathing.

    You should experience an overall sensation of calmness after interchangeably holding these two positions. They can be done anytime you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or when you simply need a moment of peace.

    Being Kind To Yourself

    Lastly, we should also try to learn the importance of being kind to yourself and the practice of compassionate self-talk. By doing this daily, you’ll develop a newfound respect for yourself as well as a deeper sense of understanding.

    Simply say things like ‘’It’s okay to feel this way’’ or ‘’I’ve got you. I love you, and I respect you.’’ Comforting yourself is a powerful step to healing yourself.

    It may feel a little odd at first, especially if you’ve never done this before. However, with practice, you’ll quickly feel its incredible benefits.


    Sadness will always be a part of your life. With the current pandemic weighing on the world, it’s easy to feel even more lost and down. This Is why it’s crucial to learn how you can compassionately address your emotions. 

    Self practices such as nurturing your inner child and conducting kind self-talk can work wonders for your spirit and mood. By doing these methods, you’re on your way to gaining a deeper connection with yourself as well as have a more positive outlook on life.