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    How To Design Your Home According To Your Star Sign

    Trends come and go in interior design but your personal preference should be the deciding factor when designing your home. It is easy to get bamboozled by all the home design shows and websites out there. Therefore, many people prefer to engage in the services of a professional home decorator.
    If you want to decorate according to your star sign, try to find a designer who knows what a horoscope is. They will understand your personality traits more clearly and provide you with better insights into your preferences. A psychic will usually recommend colors, fabrics, and furnishings that suit your personality traits according to your star sign. 
    Ultimately, an interior decorator that understands astrology will help you decorate your house so it will feel like a home that is truly unique to you.

    How To Design Your Home

    Read on to learn more about the elements you can incorporate into your home decor based on your star sign.


    Luxury and glamor are the keynote features of an Aries home. If it is not big, bold, and brassy then it is not for you. Ariens tend to like diamonds and jewels so drape your home in bold statement pieces and deep, rich colors.


    As a Taurus, you prefer a relaxing space to forget all of your worries and woes. Decorate the space with lots of plush pillows and cushions for comfort. The walls and furnishings should be paler shades of baby blue, powder pink, or light grey. Have a scent diffuser in your room to relax all your senses.


    Finding unique and original ideas for a Gemini’s home is a challenge. As a Gemini, you want your home to be creative and quirky with an underlying theme that will run through the whole house. As you decorate, make sure you transform your space into something original.


    Color this space in pale silver tones to create a safe and calm environment for a Cancerian to contemplate and reflect. You are attracted to all things nautical so try to incorporate those aspects into the décor. Cancer is ruled by the moon so having a huge skylight will allow you to watch the sky at night.  


    Leos usually need bold statement pieces to reflect their audacious personalities. A large mirror set in a gold frame would be an excellent wall piece to reflect the exuberance of those born under this sign. Do not clutter the space too much as Leos can be quite untidy.


    The perfectionist in Virgo means you hate messes. You need to have a place for everything and keeping it clean and organized will allow you to completely relax. Vigos like lots of space and natural light in their living rooms. So, try to use neutral colors to create a soothing and comforting atmosphere


    As a Libran, you love to entertain so make your home a place that’s inviting for both family and friends. You favor harmony and balance in a room and prefer a flexible layout that allows you to play around with different spaces. Essentially, the rooms should be multifunctional and cater to your need for options. 


    Scorpios are bold and passionate and like to take risks with colors and designs. You love dark and deep colors like black and purple and are daring enough to mix and match styles to achieve a dramatic effect. Try incorporating vintage furniture to add to the eclectic esthetic.


    Because of the free spirit and adventurous nature of a Sagittarius, outdoor elements should be used inside. An ideal home for you is a log cabin with a beautiful open fire. Decorate the rooms with natural woods and ferns. Rooms with big windows will let the light shine through and give a sense of freedom.


    Traditionally designed spaces are the perfect environments for a Capricorn to relax in. A vintage Victorian motif throughout the home with carved furniture and textured fabrics will provide elegance. Add a wall of treasured photographs in antique frames to create an ambiance you will love.


    An Aquarius is an out of the box thinker so there needs to be a quirky touch somewhere in your home. You prefer a stylish yet minimalist approach when it comes to design. Because your element is air,  an Aquarius needs to have direct light and views of the skies to feel connected.


    As  Pisces, you favor spaces with your personal touch as it allows you to fully relax. Bucking the trend and opting for a more personalized style will make your house a home. Additionally, try to incorporate fish into the design to reflect the symbol of Pisces.   


    When decorating your house, try to incorporate elements of your personality to make it more of a home. A psychic will be able to help by giving you a horoscope online. They will use the horoscope to understand the elements of your personality and suggest colors and furnishings. Together, you can find a design that will create a space for you to look forward to coming back to at the end of a long day.