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    Cartomancy: Can Regular Playing Cards Predict Your Future?

    Want to dig into your past or discover your future? A deck of playing cards is all you need. While most people point to tarot when we discuss ‘mystic cards’, cartomancy is older than tarots. Truth be told, tarots are the anglicized version while our topic is the art of divining via a deck of cards. 

    Read on to explore the divination technique of cards along with its history and steps for use in the following article. Also uncover the meanings of common cards when trying cartomancy online or at home too. 

    History of Cartomancy 

    With the oldest deck of cards dating back to the 9th century, it’s tough to answer exactly when cartomancy first arose. The furthest we can trace it is attributed to playing cards in Europe during the 1360s. From there, it rose to greater prominence between the 18th and 20th centuries thanks to its fortune-telling abilities. 

    Texts on woodblocks from 15th century Barcelona also show evidence of fortune-telling using rhyming aphorisms. A book in German called Mainz Kartenlosbuch, which translates to Fortune Book, was popular in the 16th century whereas the 17th century witnessed the first deck of 52 fortune-telling cards and interaction with witchcraft. 

    This art of telling your fortune using cards is practiced to this very today, and those practicing it are addressed as cartomancers or just readers. 

    How To Use The Cards 

    Cartomancy in practice comes with traits of divination, which is often driven by inspiration and intuition. 

    To do so, cartomancers lay the cards out in front, after the question about the future is asked in single, three, sevens, nines, or twenty-ones. Here, the cards are not picked by the cartomancer, but by the power divination. The following describes the meanings of different spreads of cartomancy readings: 

    • Single: This is designed for getting quick answers. To do so, pick one card and decipher meanings. 
    • Three: Your Past, Present, and Future are interpreted by a spread of three cards. 
    • Nine: This is the best way to assess and recognize layers of your past, present, and future. 

    What The Card Means

    A deck of playing cards, when used for fortune-telling, can reveal answers to your biggest questions after being triggered by divine intervention. Every cartomancy reading is dependent on the suit and card values whereby the suit is a category of cards. 

    Take a look at the meanings of different playing cards below. 


    This consists of cards that draw attention to challenging tasks or events that are coming up in the future. 

    • Ace of Spades represents the time of extreme change. 
    • Two of Spades refers to an argument with a loved one or friend in the coming days.
    • Jack of Spades points to a toxic person you know who will bring you losses. 
    • Queen of Spades denotes a crude and ruthless woman who will harm your life. 
    • King of Spades is representative of a domineering man who will tamper with your current relationships. 


    As the symbol denotes, hearts in Cartomancy denotes feelings, family, and home. 

    • Ace of Hearts is indicative of fresh new beginnings, such as new relationships or marriages enroute.  
    • Four of Hearts denotes a stable and committed relationship with a near or dear one.
    • Jack of Hearts is a sign of remembering or missing your loved ones.
    • Queen of Spades shows a pregnant female or a female lover. 
    • King of Spades is representative of feelings for a caring and affectionate man such as the father.


    Be joyous because this is a card indicative of positive things coming in your near future. 

    • Ace of Clubs refers to your search for knowledge or education coming to fruition. 
    • Six of Clubs denotes that your intuition is sharp at present and you should trust your gut.
    • Jack of Clubs points towards your trustworthy new friend. 
    • Queen of Clubs is representative of a powerful woman with charisma. 
    • King of Clubs shows up when you have a powerful man as a friend. 


    Just as diamonds are almost-priceless, diamonds in playing cards indicate finances and luck in the upcoming future. 

    • Ace of Diamonds is a sign that a life-changing message is coming about your career or love life. 
    • Eight of Diamonds are indicative of surprising lottery wins and similar financial gains out of the blue.
    • Jack of Diamonds denotes that someone bearing bad news is coming.
    • Queen of Diamonds refers to meeting a party-loving woman in the future. 
    • King of Diamonds is representative of you meeting an influential and rich businessman. 


    The art of cartomancy helps people with intuition pick cards that are indicative of the answers to the questions asked about the future. As a cartomancer, the cards work as a medium by connecting you with the divine. 

    Now that you are more familiar with this type of reading after exploring the basic guide to cartomancy, try cartomancy readings online to discover more about your future outlook.