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    4 Proven Ways To Use White Light Protect Protection To Your Benefit

    White light protection is a powerful boundary that surrounds you and protects you from low vibrations or other negative infiltrations. Today, we’re going to delve deeper into the white light’s spiritual meaning while also outlining the steps needed to create your own protective bubble.

    What Is White Light Energy, And How To Use It?

    A white light projection is a spiritual bubble you can form around yourself via meditation, chanting mantras, or even prayer. The circle of pure light will cleanse your aura and prevent any negative vibes from coming through.

    Every day we’re constantly faced with many individuals. Some have positive energy, which means we feel better being around them. Although, some may unintentionally bring you down because they’re having a bad day. This negativity can easily drain all the energy out of you.
    Forming a white bubble around you allows you to protect your own energy reserves. In turn, this helps you to not become affected by others. It’s easy to become influenced by the world around us and as a result, feel mentally exhausted.

    Besides using the light shield for yourself, you can also surround your loved ones with this protective safeguard. 

    Why Should We Use Light Shields?

    Most of us don’t like bringing in negative energy into our space, especially if you deal with multiple individuals daily and find yourself absorbing their energies. This is where a shield of protection can come in and offer support.

    Creating light shields will also help in solving any conflict issues in your relationship. By invoking one, you’re protecting yourself and your loved ones, while also allowing yourself to see beyond the surface emotions, worries, and entanglements.

    Below, we’ve outlined the several ways you can summon a white light shield and strengthen it over time.

    White Light Protection Visualization

    First, you must be able to visualize and feel the white light around you. There are various ways of doing this, some of which include:

    • Chatting mantras - By picking a mantra you resonate with, you’re able to deepen your mind and body connection. In doing so, you’ll experience total peace. After which, you can begin to mentally surround yourself with white light, letting it grow stronger after every repetition
    • Meditation - This simple practice will allow you to get attuned to yourself. Begin by visualizing a pure light surrounding you in a bubble. While creating this protection, you may experience different sensations 
    • Prayer - If prayers offer you a more profound connection to the divine, take advantage of that. Ask your spirit guides to surround you with a protective light as you go about your day. A white light protection prayer can be mentally done anywhere

    Practice Daily

    Like with anything, in order to become better and faster at surrounding yourself with a light shield, you must practice invoking this safeguard as often as you can. You don’t even need to be in a negative situation to reap the benefits. The beauty of this is that you can do it at any time and any place.

    Build A Stronger Shield

    Once you gain more practice creating the spiritual white light shield, begin to take it further. Over time, this energy will become even more powerful. This means that you can use it to surround your home or even the office. Eventually, you’ll be able to protect your space and the ones in it from negative vibes.

    Seal The Bubble

    It’s also important to learn how to seal the light protection bubble that you’ve created for yourself. You can do this simply through visualization or by setting an intention. Negative and toxic energy is all around us. Therefore, it’s up to us to ensure that we’re fully protected from it.


    It’s imperative to understand that while we may have good intentions, the world is filled with harmful energies and dark thoughts. A good starting point would be learning how to white light guard yourself. Spiritual white light conserves your aura and protects you from getting affected by others.

    Additionally, the beauty of the circle of light protection prayer is that you can extend it to your home and loved ones. Lastly, white light protection prayer, in short, can help elevate your practice of building a spiritual shield.