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    Empath: Meaning And Types

    Individuals with supernatural abilities are all around us. In fact, you might even be one. There are many types and levels of affinities that come with being one of these gifted individuals. These affinities can range anywhere from psychic empaths to clairvoyant empaths.

    Read on to discover how many types of empaths there are and the unique qualities they possess.

    What Is An Empath?

    This is someone who feels and experiences the powerful emotions and sensations of others as if they were their own. Upon entering a room, they’re easily able to feel the entire mood of the place or tap into that environment’s history.

    There are various levels of empathy in every individual. A powerful empath won’t just feel what you feel, but they’ll also know your thoughts. Sometimes, these individuals even possess some psychic abilities

    All of us have some degree of empathic abilities. For instance, your ability could be as simple as feeling sorry for your neighbor who lost his dog. On the other hand, maybe you experience empath headaches. We’ll discuss this phenomenon further below.

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    The Different Type Of Empaths

    Many people don’t realize that there are various types of empathetic individuals out there. Therefore, someone who feels your emotions is just the tip of the iceberg. 
    Others experience a strong connection to dreams or empathy for animals and plants. 

    A dream empath receives intuitive messages during sleep, which allows them to help themselves and others. Usually, the messages appear as animal spirits, deceased relatives, or other types of symbols. These individuals clearly remember their dreams and can read between the lines to decipher their true meaning.

    A plant empath has the unique ability to understand the needs of their plants and connect with their true essence. Not only does it make them a great plant parent, but it encourages that kind of care in other areas of their life as well.

    Now that you can see that empaths are real, you can probably think of a few people that you know that might have these abilities. In fact, most of us have some unique gifts of our own without even realizing it. 

    To see if you fall into any of these categories, let’s take a look at the other types of empaths.

    Earth Empath

    These individuals can experience a deep connection with nature. They’re in tune with the entire planet and its ecosystem, enabling them to sense any changes to the weather or solar system.
    This gift even allows them to prepare for any impending natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

    Intuitive Empath

    While there are some similarities between an intuitive and an emotional empath - the key difference is that an intuitive can delve even deeper into the emotions and the thoughts behind them. They’re not only able to understand what you’re feeling; but also what caused those feelings and the unspoken terms surrounding them.

    Clairvoyant Empath

    A psychic or clairvoyant empath is defined as someone who’s able to pick up non-visual or verbal cues when someone experiences happiness, sadness, or any other powerful emotion. Others can even sense changes in your aura or energy fields.

    Physical Empath

    Physical empathy is when you experience other people’s physical pain by absorbing it into your own body. It goes a little further than normal social cues such as yawning or laughing.

    It means that you can experience your friend's raging headache or nausea as if it’s happening to you. Although, it’ll be felt in a more subtle way. For example, if your friend is experiencing an excruciating migraine, you may start to develop a minor headache. 

    This intuitive gift allows you to deeply understand what someone is going through without the other person having to say anything.

    This ability can also be uplifting, especially when surrounded by healthy individuals or gyms goers. 

    Animal Empath

    Empaths and animals are an exciting duo full of possibilities. Individuals with this gift are able to enjoy a deep connection with other creatures. They can highly sense what animals need and desire.

    These individuals can’t stand for any violence against animals and are normally active vegetarians or vegans.


    Being an empath is both an enlightening experience and a struggle. It’s especially challenging when dealing with negative emotions, physical pain, or bad energy.

    If you resonate with any of these forms of empathy or wish to develop your intuition more, then it’s a good idea to book a psychic session with a trusted clairvoyant. A psychic will give you advice and deeper insight into your abilities.