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    The Pros and Cons of Using Tarot Cards to Find Love

    What is Tarot, and how can we use it to find love? 

    A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own imagery and symbolism. The 22 Major Arcana cards reflect some of life's spiritual and karmic lessons, and the 56 Minor Arcana cards represent the trials and tribulations that we experience on a day-to-day basis. The deck can be used as a tool for guidance in all areas of life, including love. We can draw the tarot cards and use them to create love spreads, which can help us in most facets of our relationships, giving us the strength to stay grounded and allow our intuition to guide us through each aspect of our romantic relationships.

    There are many different ways to use your tarot cards for guidance in all things romantic. As always, when performing a psychic tarot reading, you must find the style that suits you best and what feels the most comfortable and natural. However, to speak generally, you can ask whatever question feels right while using the cards, it doesn’t just have to be love. It may not be the case that you get a clear answer or even an answer that you like, but perseverance is key, and every interaction with the deck brings you closer to complete understanding.

    One use for your tarot reading is to gain new knowledge about yourself, which can be used to move past issues or challenges that you may be facing in a romantic relationship. Another way is to ask your cards for information on the nature of your relationship and examine any new insights that this tarot spread has given you. Tarot cards can also help romantically if you have several potential lovers in your life, and cannot decide which relationship to direct your energy towards. Put simply, you can ask your deck what you will likely experience if you were to pursue a relationship with each potential lover.

    But what are the pros and cons of using tarot cards to help satisfy your romantic life? What can the best tarot online readings do to help you find love?

    The Pros and Cons of Using Tarot For Love


    You’ll Find Your Life Partner: There are many positive aspects of using tarot to find love, the obvious one being that, if all goes well, you will find love! A new relationship, or the strengthening of an old one, can be a wonderful thing, and often you only need a little push. 

    Inner Strength: Using a tarot reading to find love can offer many extra benefits, such as finding the clarity and inner peace needed to come to a life-changing realization. Perhaps you don’t need a relationship right now, or there’s a candidate close by that you never considered! The strength to focus on making the correct decisions in order to improve your relationships, and indeed yourself, is invaluable.


    Misuse: One temptation with the love spread is, when unhappy with results, to keep re-drawing cards. Be careful not to manufacture the results you want, but also be aware of those desires. If you are resistant to a direction the cards are taking you, examine why this is. 

    Overuse: Tarot should be treated with the respect it deserves. It can be very easy to become overly dependent on tarot readings. Some users may get themselves to the stage where they draw cards for every small question or concern they have around their relationship. If you feel the cards are dominating your life too much, take a break for a few days.