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    The Relation Between Moon Phases And Astrology

    Most of us see the moon as this beautiful natural satellite circling the earth and illuminating our night skies. However, it’s also an ancient symbol that has shaped how we track and understand time.

    Additionally, it’s believed to affect our energy fields and emotions. Some people even view it as a beacon of powerful feminine energy.

    Being born under a certain moon phase has a substantial effect on our personality. Hence, studying the different moon phase astrology cycles can be a very enlightening experience. 

    The Moon Phases And Meanings

    The moon not only controls the tides, but it also affects our intuition and spiritual connection. Its cycle repeats every 29.5 days. Each stage of this cycle influences our planet differently.

    We’re going to delve deeper into the moon’s meaning in astrology and learn how it affects your personality and life path.

    To calculate your phase, you can visit, or type ‘’what’s my lunar phase’’ in Google to visit any platform you prefer. To complete the process, all you’ll need is your date of birth.

    The Waxing Crescent

    In moon position astrology, the waxing crescent drives us to consider our goals and motivations for the month. It’s a good time for brainstorming new ideas and focusing on your future.

    Those born under this phase tend to be joyous and full of curiosity. They’re also highly motivated and self-assertive with the desire to do good in the world.

    The New Moon Phase

    The new moon's meaning represents new beginnings and goal setting. It’s a great time for reviewing and reflecting on your plans. This phase is also ideal for allowing yourself to be impulsive and embark on new ventures.

    For those of you born under this phase, you’re fond of new beginnings and making intuitive decisions. You may also be somewhat of an introvert since you try to avoid the spotlight.

    The Waxing Gibbous

    In the lunar phase of astrology, the waxing gibbous appears to be a little more than half full. It’s a good time to take stock of where you’re at in life and assess your goals to figure out what’s working for you and what you should cut off.

    People born under this phase are big into self-improvement and are very analytical. They have a skill of evaluating issues and coming to successful conclusions.

    The First Quarter

    The first quarter phase appears to be cut in half, signifying swift action. It’s a good time to reflect on any decisions you’ve made. It’s also the time to evaluate your choices and think about how they can affect any obstacles in future decision making.

    If you’re born under the first quarter, you have a great mind for pushing through obstacles and decision making. 

    The Waxing Crescent

    During the waxing crescent stage, it’s a good idea to set intentions and ambitions. It’s an ideal time for planting seeds and taking the first step towards any changes you want to make. Writing down your goals for the future is also a good idea during this phase.

    For those of you who are born under the waxing crescent, you’re very self-assertive and driven. You rely on your intuition or inner command. Your instincts usually steer you in the right direction.

    The Full Moon

    This is probably the most notable phase. It’s also known as the harvest moon. During this stage, your emotions will run high, but you’ll also be at your most confident and motivated.

    If you’re born under the full phase, you may be both highly emotional and logical. Additionally, you often have concrete ideas.

    The Last Quarter

    The last quarter symbolizes the need to forgive and let go. Be grateful for what you’ve already accomplished. During this stage, it's important to spend time self-reflecting and letting go of any mistakes.

    Individuals born during this phase tend to be very organized and have strong managerial abilities. They also have powerful ideas and enjoy creating alternative systems.

    The Dark Moon

    This phase is also known as the waning crescent. It’s a good time to take a break. It also offers an opportunity to reconnect with your inner strength, as you prepare for the next cycle.

    People born under the waning crescent are usually intuitive. Some may even have prophetic gifts. They also enjoy being part of organized groups where they feel a sense of community.


    If you desire to have deeper insights into your true personality and habits, studying both your moon phase and zodiac sign can offer a ton of valuable information about your strengths and weaknesses.

    Additionally, having your full natal chart read by one of the online psychic astrologers can help you learn even more nuances about yourself.